Unique Designs by Independent Artists

Smart and chic holiday cards

These savvy products save you time and money with innovative formats and free recipient addressing.

Smart and Chic Holiday Cards from Minted

These savvy products save you time and money with innovative formats and free recipient addressing.

All-In-One Holiday Cards

All-In-One Holiday Cards

Make a stunning impression when your friends and family unfold them.

Why You’ll Love Them
  • Starting at $1.17 per card.
  • Simply seal with the included clear stickers and send - no envelope required.
  • Includes a perforated photo or recipe card for your loved ones to keep.
  • FREE recipient addressing and FREE return address printing.

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Petite Holiday Cards

The same unique, customizable design as our classic cards in a savvy smaller size, 4.25" x 6".

Why You’ll Love Them
  • Starting at $1.65 per card.
  • FREE custom envelopes and FREE recipient addressing.
  • Available with hand-pressed real foil available in ten colors.

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Petite Holiday Cards
Holiday Postcards

Holiday Postcards

Share your holiday greetings with a smart and chic postcard that’s ready to drop in the mail.

Why You’ll Love Them
  • Starting at $1.30 per card.
  • Save on postage and paper — no envelope required.
  • FREE recipient addressing and FREE return address printing.
  • Available with hand-pressed real foil available in ten colors.

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The 2022 Holiday Card Collection



Holiday cards are a meaningful way to share updates about your family. They strengthen friendships and family bonds. They can also restore connections with those you’ve lost touch with. Whether you're sending them to just your inner circle or a large group, you'll love our luxe designs carefully crafted by our community of independent designers. Don't send cheap box cards when you can showcase your family with a truly gorgeous and unique holiday card. This doesn't mean you have to break the bank. There are lots of budget-savvy and affordable Christmas card options. Once you’ve selected your design, you can get into the nitty gritty details. Who should be on your recipient list this year? Consider new and old friends from all phases of life, neighbors, colleagues, and family. There's much to consider when designing a holiday card, but this season you don't have to choose between quality and your wallet.



You’ll want to choose a holiday card that best reflects your personal style. Luckily with our unique and personalized designs you have a lot of options to choose from. In terms of format, there are three especially budget-savvy and affordable Christmas card options:

  • All-in-one holiday cards: This is an affordable, chic option, starting at $1.20 per card. Best of all, no envelope is required. Simply fold the card along the perforated lines and seal with the included stickers. At the bottom, there’s a tear-away postcard that friends and family can keep to display in their home. Choose the standard cover for a slightly lighter weight and a clean tear-and-fold, but the value cover is a wonderful option too, with a bright smooth surface made of 10 % post-consumer recycled paper. Best of all, this option includes free recipient addressing and free return address addressing.
  • Petite holiday cards: Everyone knows that good things come in small packages. This is a charming budget-friendly option. Prices start at $1.52 per card and cards come in a unique size-offering of 4.25’’ x 6’’. You’ll get the same, classic designs and there are options to have your cards hand pressed with real gold, silver, or rose-gold foil. With this card you also get free custom envelopes and free recipient addressing. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.
  • A postcard: Everyone loves getting a postcard in the mail. Why wait until you’re on vacation? Make the holidays festive and fun with a holiday postcard. At $1.30 per card, you’re saving on envelope cost and postage. This option also comes with free recipient addressing and free return address printing. For that extra special touch, add real hand pressed gold, silver, or rose gold foil.


When shopping for a holiday card, you want to save money without cutting corners or looking cheap. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to stay on budget but still send luxe, unique cards created by our community of independent designers. These holiday cards are not the cheap boxed variety. No matter which option you choose, you get a personalized holiday card on high-quality paper with a great hand-feel. No one would ever guess how inexpensive it was! Here are your best ways to save:

  • Sign up for Minter More: If you love Minted, a membership will save you a lot of money in the long run. Minted More allows you to lock in our very best holiday card discount at 30% off, plus free shipping. You'll also get 20% off all items, with free shipping, year round. Did we mention this includes a limited edition gift box? The membership is $38. More details here.
  • Send a postcard instead of a traditional card with an envelope: This is a really classy way to cut costs. The postcards are elegant and fun and best of all, they save you the cost of the envelope.
  • Use the free address printing: Remember that time is money and writing everyone's addresses, especially if you have a large circle of friends and family, can take a lot of time! Time is especially short during the holidays. Spend your time with your friends and family instead!


Some people prefer saying more, others prefer to let their photographs speak for themselves. Whatever language you choose, you can always add personal touches by handwriting a special note directly on the card to close friends. Here’s some tried and true holiday language that’s sure to be a hit on these budget friendly options:

  • Keep it general: Perhaps you and your friends come from a wide variety of beliefs and religious denominations. A simple “Happy Holidays,” “Joy,” or just titling the card with your family’s last name are all classy, inclusive options. You can also opt for a warm saying, such as “Here’s to What Matters Most!” Other phrases like “Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year!” are always a safe bet. If you’d prefer, be specific about the holiday you are celebrating. “Deck the halls,” “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” or “Peace on Earth” are classic options.
  • Don’t forget to include a more personal greeting: The back of the postcard or interior of the all-in-one card is the place where you want to get more personal. On the postcard, you can write a longer note about all of your family’s updates. Remember to let friends and family know what grades the kids are in and any big (or small!) events. Did someone score the winning goal in the soccer game? Perhaps your child has taken up watercolor painting. Did you move this year? And don’t forget to mention if you’ve traveled anywhere. You’ll want to end this note with warm wishes for the year to come.

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