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Sent With Love Non-Foil Valentine's Day Quickfire Challenge

Love is in the air! We are looking to you, our talented community of artists, to continue to push the boundaries of Valentine card design and bring a broad range of styles to our diverse customer base. Your fresh, unique designs will surely inspire love at first sight!

As usual, our community will vote to tell us what to sell. We are seeking the following:

Valentine’s Day Cards to mail to family and friends. We are seeking mostly photo designs, but will also be taking a select number of non-photo Valentine’s Cards.

Classroom Valentines that children (and teachers) will hand out at school. As you design Classroom Valentines, keep in mind that our customers typically look for designs that convey friendship as these cards will be exchanged by children from preschool through Grade 5.

This year, we are separating the Non-Foil vs. Foil Valentine’s Day Challenges. For this specific Challenge, we will be accepting non-foil submissions only. Please do not submit the same design to both Challenges. If you would like to submit a foil-pressed design, please submit it here.

The wisdom of crowds.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection? You do. Our design challenges are voted on by our users and winners are picked to be sold on