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Custom Postage Stamps

Personalized Postage Stamps for All Occasions

When most people buy cards, stationery, or invitations, their focus stays on what goes inside the envelope. However, what goes on the outside is just as important. The whole experience of a letter is not complete without a postage stamp. Send letters that can be spotted from a mile away with our luxe custom postage stamps. Whether you want to use a family photo or choose an illustrative design, whether you want stamps for your wedding invitations or for day-to-day use, Minted has an exceptional selection of customizable stamps for you to choose from.

Why Use Custom Postage Stamps?

Present day, snail mail for friendly correspondence is very uncommon. For some people, the only letters they’ll send a year are holiday cards in December. If most of the physical mail you receive is bills and advertisements, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can brighten someone’s day when they see a fun and beautiful stamp poking out of their pile of boring mail. Make your friends and family excited to get snail mail instead of dreading to clean out their mailboxes. The personal touch of a custom postage stamp is an easy way to express your love and friendship to those you care about.

Additionally, owning elegant and sophisticated postage stamps might encourage you to write more letters. It’s easy to forget that you can send physical mail whenever you want, not just during the holidays or other special occasions. Sending handwritten correspondence is a heartfelt and intimate way of showing someone how much you care about them. Whether you write a letter to a parent, a partner, or a friend who lives abroad, the person to whom you write will feel touched by the thoughtfulness of your letter – and the personalized postage stamp will be the perfect finishing detail.

When you send something important in the mail — such as a Christmas card, thank you card, moving announcement, or wedding invitation — first impressions count. Your recipients will see the outside of the envelope before opening your card. Consequently, they will make subconscious conclusions about the whole letter just by looking at the envelope. It’s critical to make a first impression that will excite them about what’s inside the envelope. Personalized postage stamps are a perfect way of giving the outside of your letter a stylish character. After noticing your stamp, your recipients will be delighted to see what’s inside of the envelope. To take this a step further, you can add another luxurious touch to the outside of your envelopes with Minted’s customizable Skinnywrap™ Address Labels. Get a free digital proof for each custom Skinnywrap™ Address Label you decide to order.

There are also other reasons why you might want to order personalized postage stamps. Photo postage stamps are perfect for commemorating a memory from a major life event, remembering a fun location you visited on vacation, or memorializing any other digital picture you have. You can even take a picture of your own artwork to put on a stamp! You might also consider making unique postage stamps for friends or family members. This gift would be practical, personal, and unique. Everyone needs to use stamps, so you might as well give your friends and family beautiful ones!

Ways to Customize Your Postage Stamps

Our custom stamps come in sheets of 20. Read this list to discover the many ways you can customize postage stamps today.

  • Photo vs. Non-photo: You can find Minted customizable postage stamps that have 0 to 4 pictures. Photo postage stamps are available with many different borders. They work well for mailing save the dates, wedding invitations, birth announcements, pet photo Christmas cards, or family photo Christmas cards. Take advantage of our “Find It Fast” feature to quickly see what one of your photos will look like on many stamp designs simultaneously. Postage stamps without photos are made up of fresh and unique designs from Minted’s global network of independent artists. Examples of photo-free designs include monogram letters, nature scenes, and cityscapes.
  • Text: Some of our personalizable postage stamps have text. In those cases, text is adjustable and movable. Play around with the text boxes until your stamps look exactly how you want them.
  • Color: When searching through our custom postage stamps, you can filter by color. Do this to quickly find stamps in the colors you’re looking for. Additionally, many designs are available in more than one color. Try out a single stamp design in many colors to see which you like best.
  • Style: You can filter through our postage stamps by selecting one or more of our fourteen styles: Bohemian, Bold Typographic, Classical, Elegant, Floral & Botanical, Formal, Full-Bleed Photo, Hand Drawn, Modern, Rustic, Simple, Traditional, Whimsical & Funny, and Vintage.
  • Category: Our custom postage stamps can be broken up into four different categories:
    • Baby & Kids: This category includes birth announcements, pregnancy announcements, baby shower invitations, and kid’s birthday party invitations. For each of these three groups, you can first choose your card or invitation. Click on your favorite product, and then scroll to the bottom of its page. There you can see which customizable stamps are recommended to be paired with the product you chose. Baby & Kids postage stamps come in many forms including animal drawings, baby photos, dessert depictions, and more.
    • Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations: The majority of our wedding invitations and save the date cards have customizable stamps in the same wedding suite. This means they have stamps made by the same artist that are tailored to match your invitations or save the dates. Additionally, after you decide on an invitation or save the date card with a matching stamp, look at what else is available in the suite so that all of your wedding stationery is coordinated. This includes menus, RSVP cards, favor tags, thank you cards and more. Further elevate your wedding suite with beautiful and exclusive stationery accessories such as wax seals, belly bands, ribbon, and slip-in envelope liners.
    • Holiday: We offer holiday custom postage stamps in all themes including family picture, pet photo, holiday, Christmas, religious Christmas, or New Year. In addition, there are more simple holiday stamps that just have “peace” or “joy,” festive monogram initials, your family name in luxurious lettering, or quotes. These options work for holiday cards of any kind. With thousands of custom holiday stamps to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect personalized postage stamp to match your holiday cards.
    • Stationery and Other Occasions: Good first impressions aren’t only important for special occasions. No matter what you’re mailing, there’s no downside to using a stylish stamp. Search through customizable postage stamps that you can appropriately use for any occasion.
  • Denomination: Minted offers custom postage stamps in three denominations: 35¢ stamps for postcards, 55¢ stamps for standard mailing under 1 ounce, and 70¢ stamps for square or oddly shaped envelopes and letters up to 2 ounces. Choose the denomination that best suits your stationery needs.
  • Envelopes: Don’t forget about envelopes! Although picking out envelopes is not technically part of the customizing process, keep envelopes in mind when designing your perfect custom postage stamp. What color envelope do you want your stamps to go on? What shape? What size? Minted has envelopes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and with free recipient address printing to complement your personalized postage stamps.

How to Personalize A Stamp

How can you make custom postage stamps online today? Luckily, Minted has made this process very straightforward to maximize your customer experience. First, find the stamp you want to customize and click on its picture to take you to its product page. Then, click the green “personalize” button. Next, you will be prompted to select the postage value (denomination) and color you want on the left hand side of the page. If you chose a photo stamp, now is the time to upload the photo you want. If this stamp has one or more text boxes, you can move them around until they’re exactly where you want them. Then click “next” for a preview of your personalized postage stamp. Lastly, you can add your personalized postage stamp to your cart by clicking “add to cart” or you can save your design for later by clicking “save.”

Finishing Touches

Minted’s custom postage stamps are recognized by the United States Postal Service certified for mail originating inside of the US. At this time, custom stamps cannot be shipped to international addresses. To avoid running into any problems, please check with your post office to confirm the postage required for your mailing. Although we offer endless customizable features, the United States Postal Service does set certain guidelines about what can and cannot appear on a postage stamp. Remember to read our custom postage stamp guidelines before placing your order to steer clear of any trouble.

At Minted, this is our motto: "Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else." We are committed to delivering you 100% perfection and flawless execution no matter what product you order. For this reason, we guarantee your satisfaction.