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Complimentary Appointment

Meet 1:1 with a dedicated Wedding Concierge who will walk you through the ins and outs of customizing your stationery to get exactly what you want—no matter where you are in your wedding journey.

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Wedding Website Service ($49)

During this live working session, an expert from our Wedding Concierge team will provide an overview of your wedding website, begin uploading your information, and provide tips to make your website uniquely yours. This paid service offering includes a complimentary upgrade to a custom URL ($15 value) for the most personal website.

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meet our concierge team

Your personal concierge will work with you on all of your wedding needs.
Get to know a little bit about the faces behind the screen.

“There’s no better feeling than helping our couples find their perfect design!”

Glenda N.

Glenda has a medical background and has spent her career becoming an expert in all she does, which includes weddings. When she’s not running, hiking or wine tasting, she’s customizing the perfect design that leaves couples feeling confident, excited and relaxed about their wedding stationery journey.

Favorite Minted Design?

Delicate Florals by Baumbirdy
is my current favorite design!

Wedding Concierge team: Glenda N
Wedding Concierge team: Travis G

“I want my customers to feel like they have a champion at Minted… to feel like they can leverage my Minted knowledge at any step along the way.”

Travis G.

Born and raised in Alaska and now enjoying a snow-free existence in Arizona, Travis naturally connects with customers and encourages them to leverage his expertise at any step along their wedding journey. He’s proud of the quality of the invitations he designs, and is excited to help couples shape such a monumental event in their lives by ensuring they’re confident with their stationery.

Favorite Minted Design?

I feel like my favorite Minted design changes from week to week, especially when we are introducing so many new designs to our wedding product catalogue. Right now, I really like the watercolor floral design Cheerful Bouquet by Lori Wemple because it’s a colorful and elegant design, especially in the Bluebell or Grape colorways!

“I really enjoy sharing in the excitement that comes with planning one of the most special days in someone’s life.”

Kay R.

Kay is a musician with nearly a decade of experience in the wedding industry. She enjoys working one-on-one with couples and sharing in the excitement that comes with planning one of the most special days in their lives. She’s inspired by connecting them to artists all over the world to create a stationery design they will love.

Favorite Minted Design?

My current favorite design is
Autumn Magnolia by Nicoletta Savod.

Wedding Concierge team: Kay R
Wedding Concierge team: Madeline L

“I want my customers to feel excited and filled with creativity to continue building out stationery for their big day!”

Madeline L.

With a BA in graphic design and a background as a wedding coordinator, Madeline likes to rock climb, paint and hangout with her bunny, Bug, in addition to helping customers make their stationery dreams come true. From choosing among hundreds of designs to creating something from scratch, she brings many different visions to life and leaves couples filled with creativity for their big day.

Favorite Minted Design?

I love Layered by Kelly Schmidt - it is one I go back to time and time again and recommend to clients.

“I love helping people discover or hone in on their wedding aesthetic and create the perfect stationery to last a lifetime!”

Micaela R.

From professional ballet dancer to a part of the wedding concierge team, Micaela loves connecting with couples from around the world, and learning about different styles and trends. With attention to detail and a design-forward approach, she uses this creativity to help them discover their wedding aesthetic and create the perfect stationery to last a lifetime.

Favorite Minted Design?

This is an impossible question …
but I’m currently loving Us by fatfatin.

Wedding Concierge team: Micaela R
Wedding Concierge team: Sunshine M

“Customizing your wedding stationery should be an enjoyable and stress-free part of the planning—and I am here to assist with that.”

Sunshine M.

Sunshine has loved weddings for as long as she can remember. She worked as a makeup artist and wedding planner, then joined Minted as a way to blend that interest with her passion for art and design. Customizing wedding stationery is an enjoyable and stress-free process with Sunshine’s assistance, and she considers each consultation to be an extremely special way to contribute to a couple’s big day.

Favorite Minted Design?

Faded Palm Letterpress Wedding Invitation by Lauren Chism

  • Glenda N.
  • Travis G.
  • Kay R.
  • Madeline L.
  • Micaela R.
  • Sunshine M.

consultation FAQs

Who will I be meeting with?
You will be meeting with a member of the Minted Wedding Concierge team who has been specially trained in every aspect of our wedding business. From our product catalog to the ins and outs of crafting a host line, they are here to help.

What platform do you use to conduct virtual consultations?
Your consultation will be held via the videoconferencing software Zoom. Please make sure to download Zoom prior to your appointment at Once you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll be able to access the consultation using the appointment link sent via your confirmation email.

Do I need to be on video for my consultation?
While our concierge team will be on video for the duration of the appointment, we understand that there are many reasons why you might want to stay off camera. It makes no difference to us either way, just that you are comfortable.

What exactly will we be doing for 30 minutes?
That depends on your appointment type, but in general, we’ll spend a few minutes discussing your upcoming weddings, give a quick tour of the Minted site, and then get to showing you a few of our recommendations to get started shopping for your unique design.

What does the Wedding Website Service consultation include?
You will be meeting with a member of the Minted Wedding Concierge team who has been specially trained in every aspect of our wedding business. The Wedding Concierge will walk you through the various pages of your wedding website. You and the Wedding Concierge will work together to create your premium wedding website step by step.

What if I want to make changes after the Wedding Website Service consultation?
You can always respond via email to your Wedding Concierge to help with any additional questions you may have. After your consultation, you should be given all the skills to make any changes on your own as well.

What should I do to prepare for the Wedding Website Service consultation?
Please be sure to complete the Google form and submit payment. Both of those links will be in your confirmation email that you will receive after scheduling your consultation.

What if I want completely custom artwork on my website?
You can learn more about adding custom artwork to your website here. Please note that if you are looking for custom artwork, you should begin your process there and not with this paid consultation type.

What features will we be working on during the Wedding Website Service session?
During the consultation, you will be working on your home page, wedding party page, travel details, event details and more. We will customize the experience to meet your needs.

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