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2021 save the date trends

2021 is looking like the year that weddings will come back with a bang! All those dance moves have been bottled up for too long and are ready to be put on full display on the dance floor once again. Drum up excitement for your celebration by featuring unique save the date designs that are eye-catching, fun, and reflect the personality of the happy couple. You not only want this correspondence to inform, but also to set the tone for the big day — cueing the style, the beauty, and the fun to expect on your wedding day, especially if you have been postponing your reception due to Covid-19 precautions. Give your friends and family a preview of the party that is to come! Drawing on the work of our community of independent artists, Minted has a wealth of great save the date designs newly created for the 2021 wedding season.

In addition to settling on a unique design, you can also format your save the date cards in a wide range of styles, including magnets, postcards, and grand 6” x 8” cards for added distinction. Be sure to review our post about all the different sizes and formats available as well as additional emerging wedding trends we are witnessing. . There are countless design levers you can pull toward creating a one-of-a-kind look. Let’s now walk through the top 10 design trends we are starting to see for the year.

Intertwined, designed by Susan Moyal

Intertwined”, designed by Susan Moyal


Foil Edges

The excitement of an upcoming wedding calls for an attention to detail you may not have experienced before. Some of this year’s designs feature intricate luxe details like foil-pressed borders or a shimmering dusting of flowers that frame your card and add distinguished flair to your cards’ designs. This trend of featuring metallic foil elements more predominantly than the simple and subtle accents seen in designs from years past is a breath of fresh air. Choose from over six foil colors such as gold, silver, rose gold, or ice blue to add interest, sparkle, and shine to your save the date cards.

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Gilded Edge by Angela Thompson

Gilded Edge” by Angela Thompson


Framing Arches

When it comes to wedding save the date cards, adding visually striking elements and shapes to the design will catch your guest’s eye. This can be done through textures, colors, and experimental script stylings. It can also be done with unique framing options that highlight the happy couple. Framing arch designs are a departure from the ordinary, adding stunning, swooping features to your card. We saw this same popular look featured on our list of top 2020 holiday card trends. We also like how the arch subliminally hints at the wedding arch you may soon be married under. Fluid geometric shapes like arches and half arches are also becoming more commonplace in day-of-wedding decor.

Arch by Kelly Schmidt

Arch” by Kelly Schmidt


Big, Bold Dates

Of course, the number one reason for sending out this first wedding correspondence is for the recipient to begin to prepare, at least mentally, to attend your wedding in the future. Breaking from tradition, we have seen more and more card designs draw your focus into the details of the wedding date as opposed to the phrase, “save the date”. Say it big and bold with a large, eye-catching date that will leave no question about when your big day falls on the calendar. Having a hard time deciding on a date? You may want to review our article on how to pick a wedding date, which includes some astronomical and numerological insight.

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Verines by chocomocacino

Verines” by chocomocacino


Monogram Save The Date Designs

It can be fun creating a new logo featuring the initials of you and your fiance to broadcast on your wedding stationery, decor, and signage. Minted even provides a free easy-to-use monogram-maker tool to help you set up your custom look. Consider including this new “wedding logo” into your formal wedding communication to guests. With their traditional feel and their classic, sophisticated look, monograms are making a comeback in everything from accessories and jewelry to apparel. Ride this design trend into 2021 and incorporate it into your wedding stationery. Today’s monogram save the date cards feature complementing colors, updated script types, and fresh text arrangements.

Monogram Wreath by Phrosné Ras

Monogram Wreath” by Phrosné Ras


Neutral on Neutral

You have probably seen this color palette filling your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. There is an understated yet elegant look to monochromatic neutral-on-neutral color palettes. Whether that’s a variation of beiges, grays, or white-on-white designs, these striking, simple colors are anything but plain. Browse through our collection of original card designs and toggle through the various color options available for each design. You may fall in love with a watercolor design depicting cascading shades of brown. If you want to feature an engagement photo, you can always choose to include that on the back of your card.

Rustic Abstract by Elly

Rustic Abstract” by Elly


Bright Corals & Blush

A warmer alternative to the neutral on neural look can be achieved through the use of soft corals and blush hues. Substitute the more traditional all-white or off-white background color found on many formal invitations with a color you might come across as you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. A coral or blush color palette is a great selection for spring or summer weddings and a color your wedding florist will love including in floral arrangements.

No us without you by Pati Cascino

No us without you” by Pati Cascino



With their soft edges and graceful curves, circles are an easy way to make your wedding stationery stand out. As a symbol of unity and a way to signify foreverness, the comforting roundness of circles seems like a natural fit in save the date designs. Explore how artists use circle designs to frame your pictures, highlight important information, or add intricate patterned detail.

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Navigate by Baumbirdy

Navigate” by Baumbirdy


Unconventional & Witty Copy

Shine the light on your playful personalities and humorous nature with light-hearted messaging. Designs with funny save the date wording can set the tone for your wedding and hint to your guests that your wedding day (and the party that follows) will be an event they do not want to miss. Because wedding planning has been flipped on its head as a result of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, we are seeing more and more wedding couples poke fun at the planning challenges they have faced with greetings like “It’s Finally Happening”, “There will be a party. With people. We’ll wait.”, and “Let’s do this!” If you are one of the many couples that have had to reschedule your wedding date, we have plenty of change the date designs with playful messaging as well.

There Will Be a Party by Angela Payne

There Will Be a Party” by Angela Payne


Break The Mold (Save The Date Magnets)

If you are sold on an out-of-ordinary card format (for an out-of-ordinary wedding year) be sure to review our roundup of unique save the date ideas and consider less traditional format options like postcards, booklettes, and more. Leave a lasting impression, literally! Instead of mailing a paper correspondence, change up the format with save-the-date magnets that your guests will enjoy interacting with as they hang your card on the refrigerator. While not as luxe and sophisticated as designs printed on our thicker creamy cotton cardstocks, this loveable format is making a comeback because of it’s convenient and practical factors. Because you are limited to photos and important details all appearing on one side of the design, you will marvel at the creative ways independent artists have incorporated key details onto the front of every magnet design. Review some unique ideas for your magnets, and carry these artistic details onto your envelope through our free recipient addressing service.

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Scripted by Eric Clegg

Scripted” by Eric Clegg


Unexpected Colors

Unexpected colors, such as emerald green and natural rust are becoming more and more popular in 2021 designs. Some of this year's save the date cards feature new color combinations that go beyond the norm from others we’ve seen in past years. Your save the date mailing is a way to let your guests have a first glimpse at your wedding colors. From muted neutrals to bold and beautiful hues, there are plenty of original designs on Minted that can reflect your color scheme perfectly.

Shade Garden by Laura Hankins

Shade Garden” by Laura Hankins


No matter what styling you end up selecting for your first mailed wedding correspondence, consider incorporating similar design elements into future communication with your guests. Think wedding invitations, your wedding website, and even day-of-ceremony stationery like wedding signs and seating charts, menus, place cards, and table numbers. There are plenty of creative ways to carry a theme of circles, bright corals, or funny one-liners throughout your entire wedding planning. If you prefer the comedic theme, you could feature jokes on some of your signage, place cards, and wedding favors.

Regardless of the theme you choose, we are confident that you will discover a unique look that is freshly sourced from our community of talented independent artists. Minted is here to help with your end-to-end wedding needs.

Peony Wreath by Joanna Griffin

Peony Wreath” by Joanna Griffin