Unique Save The Date Magnet Ideas

Find plenty of inspiration for creating your own magnetic save the dates.


Just get engaged? Congratulations! Once you’ve booked your wedding venue, the next step is to tell guests to mark their calendars and make plans to attend your wedding. The best way to spread the word is to snail-mail guests a save the date card, which is mailed to folks before the wedding invitation. The save the date announces your wedding date and lets guests know they will be invited to the celebration.

“Stacked Banner” by Amy Kross

Stacked Banner” by Amy Kross; photo by @ninh_stagram

While you could certainly send a paper save the date card, you could also use this as an opportunity to get a little more creative. After all, 2020 has been an unusual year, and who knows what 2021 may hold? Our favorite twist on the tradition is save the date magnets. Minted’s magnetic save the dates can be affixed to a high-traffic spot in the home, like the refrigerator, which means guests will be reminded of your upcoming wedding pretty much every time they visit the fridge for a snack. This way, your celebration will stay top of mind, instead of being buried in a stack of mail or potentially lost. Even more: Your magnetic save the date will also make a lovely wedding keepsake.

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12 Creative Magnetic Save the Date Ideas

1. Go Big with a Full-Bleed Photo

If you and your partner took engagement photos together, spend some time going over the images together until you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite shot. Then, show off the beautiful picture of the two of you by displaying it on your magnetic save the date. Choose a design that features a full-bleed image, which means that the photo will extend or “bleed” to the edges of the magnet so that the image completely covers the design and does not show a border or white edge. A full-bleed photo is the best way to highlight your engagement photo and put your love on full display.

2. Feature a Photo Collage

If it’s too hard to pick just one engagement photo, not to worry—another great option is to choose a save the date magnet design that features multiple images so you can feature all of your favorites. This design by Minted designer Baumbirdy features a collage of four images at different angles; the black border is reminiscent of the old-school photo booth strips.

3. Consider Vintage Florals

If your wedding aesthetic is romantic with some vintage flair, we love this illustrated design by Minted artist Nazia Hyder. The hand-drawn floral illustration looks straight out of an antique botanical-specimen handbook, while the rose-colored background feels fresh and full of romance. This magnetic save the date would be the perfect complement to a springtime wedding at a botanical garden or on the manicured grounds of a private estate.

4. Highlight the Date

Put your wedding date front and center in a big, bold typeface so your guests can’t miss it. This magnetic design by Minted artist Brooke Chandler is a great option if you want to make sure your big day is circled on everyone’s calendars. Plus, the black-and-white design is versatile and will work for many different wedding aesthetics, from classic and formal (even black-tie!) to something more modern and contemporary, like a ceremony held in an art gallery or downtown loft.

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5. What About the Handwritten Look?

For an extra-personal touch, choose a design that looks as if you hand-wrote it yourself. This design by Minted artist Annie Montgomery is a charming way to ask guests to preserve your wedding date and feels much more from the heart. It’s perfect if you’re having a small, casual wedding with, say, fewer than 50 guests and a laid-back, intimate atmosphere. If you are thinking of going this route, be sure to read through our guide on planning a micro wedding and review our micro wedding packages.

6. Mimic a Champagne Label

Champagne and weddings go hand in hand, so why not mark the occasion with a save the date magnet designed to resemble a bottle of Veuve Clicquot? This design by Minted artist Lauren Chism was modeled after Veuve Clicquot’s famous yellow champagne label and is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding celebration.

7. Keep It Simple and Minimal

If you’ve decided to go with a clean, minimal aesthetic for your nuptials, choose a magnetic wedding correspondence that echoes a similar pared-down look. This design by Minted artist Jack Knoebber features an edited palette of blue and gray, sans serif typography, simply worded language, and elegant use of negative space that really proves that sometimes, less is more.

8. Inspire Wanderlust With a Destination Wedding Postcard Look

Planning a destination wedding? We understand that travel concerns and restrictions surrounding the coronavirus are sure to add some challenges, but that will only make you appreciate your wedding that much more. Give your guests a glimpse into your dreamy wedding location by mailing a 6” x 4.25” save the date magnet that depicts your destination. A postcard-inspired design like this one by Minted artist Erin Niehenke will certainly compel guests to book their airplane tickets, stat!

9. Highlight Arches and Curves

All things arches are on-trend in the interior design industry. We first saw this design styling bubble to the top of our 2020 holiday card trends, and this styling has made its way into the wedding world, too. This modern take by Minted artist Shari Margolin features narrowly spaced arches and curves, paired with a pale celadon color, for a fresh take on your first wedding correspondence.

10. Showcase The Beauty Of Patterned Tile

Add a pop of color to your mailed announcement with this lively Spanish-tile-inspired magnet. The tiles were originally hand-painted by Minted artist Katharine Watson to give the save the date an intricate, tactile feel. The magnet design is also available in other colors, including slate grey, emerald green, and ruby red (which is actually more of a terra cotta tone).

11. Shine The Light On Your Host City

If you and your partner can’t wait to introduce guests to your favorite city—which also happens to be your wedding location—then we love the idea of choosing a magnetic save the date design that highlights your locale. This design features your city in big letters, with the other important wedding details printed in a smaller, more subtle font.

12. Sparkle On The Fridge With Luxurious Foil

Give your wedding stationery some serious shine by selecting a foil-pressed magnet design. This highly detailed save the date features all of the couple’s wedding details framed by a beautiful wreath of foil botanical blooms and leaves. Here, the design features rose-gold foil but it is also available in silver and gold. This stylish design will definitely catch their eye every time they pass by.

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If you’re considering save the date magnets for your wedding but are a little worried about the quality, rest assured. Minted’s magnetic designs are printed on thick cardstock and feature the same crisp picture quality as our paper cards. The magnets are also available in all of the beautiful, rich colors we are known for, including our signature gold, silver, and rose-gold foils. The cardstock has a luxurious matte finish with a magnetized backing, which means your cards will not have that rubbery, plastic-y feel that you might associate with other magnetic designs.

Minted’s save the date magnets are postcard size (4.25” x 6”) and feature rounded corners, which make it easier to adjust and remove. All of our magnets come with envelopes for mailing. Standard white envelopes are complimentary, or you can upgrade to a colored envelope for a nominal fee and select from an array of beautiful envelope hues to coordinate with your design. Send them to guests using first-class postage (currently $0.55); however, the best way to confirm the postage required for your mailing is to take a completed correspondence, sealed in its mailing envelope, to your local post office.

Finally, take advantage of our free recipient addressing service. At the very least, you will save tons of time by not having to address each envelope by hand. All you need to do is upload a spreadsheet containing the mailing addresses of your wedding guests and those addresses will be beautifully printed on your envelopes. Choose from a variety of stylish address-printing options to give your envelope the style and character it deserves. All you’ll have to do is affix a stamp and drop it in the mailbox.

Minted Envelopes


As you browse through the different save the date examples available, be sure to consider the following:

  • You and your partner’s names
    • Be sure to use your maiden name since you aren’t married (yet!).
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding location
    • Just the city and state is fine; you don’t need to list the specific venue or address at this point.
  • Wedding website URL
  • A note that the formal wedding invitation will follow
    • Include a short line such as “Invitation to follow” to let guests know to expect the wedding invitation in the mail in the coming weeks.

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