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38 cute and unique save the date ideas

Get inspired by these creative ways to get your guests to mark their calendars for the big day.

Save the dates are your guests' first glimpse into your wedding style, theme, and overall vibe, so they're a good opportunity to make a great first impression. That's why it's important to send unique save the dates that reflect who you are as a couple and the kind of wedding you're planning so guests can mark their calendar and get excited.

So if you're looking for creative and cute ideas, we've rounded up 30+ of our favorite save the date ideas. If you, unfortunately, had to postpone your wedding to a future date, we also have a roundup of trending change the date styles and designs. Keep reading to find ideas ranging from magnets your guests can stick on their fridge to edible sugar cookies (guaranteed to be the sweetest piece of mail they'll receive all week!). We've also found plenty of funny save the date ideas that will have your guests laughing as they add your wedding date to their Google calendar. And we've even put together a little roundup of DIY save the date ideas that we promise are quick and easy to pull off on your own (even if you aren't the DIY type!).

Our Paradise

"Our Paradise" by Elly

Whether you decide to go the traditional route, or you want to mix it up by mailing something different like a keepsake, we've found unique save the date ideas for every type of wedding style.

Don’t forget about Minted’s custom wedding design services that we offer! If you see a particular idea or design below that inspires your own artistic interpretation, we can help turn the idea into a reality. We will connect you with a dedicated Minted designer to mold your unique save the date idea from scratch. Fill out our simple online questionnaire that asks for information about your waiting, colors and design vision, and a link to any pinboards on Pinterest that may have caught your eye or other layouts that you appreciate. With the information you provide, our team can start drafting up your custom save the date design.




A totally ingenious way to remind guests of your upcoming wedding is by sending save the date magnets. Guests will stick the magnet on their refrigerator and be regularly reminded to get excited about your upcoming celebration. If you are leaning toward this option, we encourage you to read through our recently-written post on our favorite magnetic looks.

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"Glacier" by Wildfield Paper Co



Terrazzo—a type of stone material marked by its playful, confetti-like patterns—is currently a darling of the interior design world. The trend has also made its way into wedding stationery, which means your terrazzo save the date will definitely make a major design statement.

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"Terrazzo" by Amy Payne


Funny Save the Dates

If you're looking for funny ideas, this is one of our faves. Skip the formal language and give guests a glimpse into your personality by wording your save the dates so they truly sound like you. Funny phrases and wording like "Free cake!" or "Open Bar!" will make guests laugh and will also get them excited for the wedding to come. You may like reading through our funny wedding vows ideas too! Here are some other funny ideas and phrases to consider:

  • Good food. Great music. Bad dancing.
  • Open bar!
  • Free drinks!
  • There will be a party. With people. We’ll wait.
  • Come for the beer. Stay for the wedding.
  • Booze, food, and bad dance moves.
  • Take-Two! (for a change the date card)
  • We could use another year of dance practice. (for a change the date card)

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Free Cake save the date

"Free Cake" by Erin L. Wilson



Have monograms ever fallen out of fashion? They have been used for millennia for everything from royal correspondence to official currency printing and have recently been reimagined in bold, minimalist styles. Give your first wedding correspondence a personalized pop of prestige by featuring a custom wedding monogram that incorporates the initials of you and your fiancé(e). Take advantage of Minted’s free monogram-making tool to craft your wedding logo today.

Wide Shot

"Wide Shot” by Heather Cairl



Give your save the dates the Midas touch by adding shimmery foil to your design. Metallic foils—available from Minted in gold, silver, rose gold, ice blue, black, and bronze—are applied to designs using a process called gilding, which gives your cards a glamorous, lustrous finish. Be sure to read our full post on the history and evolution of foil press.

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"Breathtaking" by Olivia Raufman


Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

AK Graphics

by AK Graphics



Save The Date Cards

Kristie Kern

by Kristie Kern



Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

Itsy Belle Studio

by Itsy Belle Studio


simple space

Save The Date Magnets

Christy Hy Lee

by Christy Hy Lee




With so many save the date options on our list, it’s hard to pick just one! Let your guests know you're having a destination wedding by opting for a design that resembles a cute postcard. If you are planning a beach wedding, we love this vintage postcard design depicting a colorful sunset over the ocean that will surely boost the anticipation for your wedding.

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At Last

"At Last" foil-pressed by Susan Asbill



Chances are some of your wedding guests won't know the ins and outs of you and your fiancé's relationship. One cool save the date idea is to use this correspondence as an opportunity to share a little bit about your love story. This timeline-style design lists important date markers in your relationship like the day you first met, the day of the marriage proposal, and the upcoming wedding date (you could also customize the dates to include other memorable moments—your first "I love you," your first kiss, etc.). If regulations around the coronavirus pandemic have caused you to reschedule or change your wedding dates, this could also be a creative way to highlight how dates have changed.

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Brush Script

"Timing" by Megan Cash



To give an ultra-luxe look, opt for a letterpress-printed design. This printing method presses ink into thick card stock using plates, which results in a deep, richly inked impression. Letterpress printing is labor-intensive but an amazing save the date idea for achieving a wonderful handmade quality that your guests will be able to see and feel.

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Brush Script

"Brush Script" by Eric Clegg



For a more affordable option, we love postcard-style save the dates. These petite-size cards (4.25" x 6") do not require envelopes (making them a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional cards) and can be sent using postcard-rate stamps, which are cheaper than standard first-class postage. For additional unique formats and sizes, review our full roundup of save the date card sizes.

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"Lovingly" by Abi de Leon

San Diego

Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

Ashlee Townsend

by Ashlee Townsend



Grand Save the Date Cards

Wildfield Paper Co

by Wildfield Paper Co

Salt Lake City,UT


Save The Date Magnets

Zani van Zyl

by Zani van Zyl

Cape Town,

Garland Arch

Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

Laura Hankins

by Laura Hankins



Terra-Cotta Tiles

For their destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, one couple mailed out terra-cotta tiles that were printed with the wedding-day details. The elegant tiles were mailed to guests in linen-wrapped folios to protect them during transit. Now, that is a creative save the date idea that incorporates the wedding location into the guest communication perfectly.

Yonder Design

Photo: Yonder Design



You won the lottery when you found each other, so send this clever save the date concept to guests so they can share in your good fortune. After scratching off the paint with a coin (you could even mail a penny inside each envelope!), guests will hit the jackpot and the winning numbers—your wedding date!—will be revealed.

Soulmate Stationery

Photo: Soulmate Stationery



If you and your partner are a pair of book lovers, then this is a cute save the date to get guests to bookmark your wedding date. Designed to resemble classic Penguin book covers, these bookmarkers are printed with all the important wedding details, along with meaningful dates in the couple's history together. For the creative crafter, this has the potential to be a fun DIY option.


Photo: Destination Stationery



These adorable calendar cookies are the sweetest (and tastiest!) way to get your guests to mark their calendars. If you don’t think your baking and piping skills are up to par, swing by a local baker or pastry shop to see if you can commission a batch of cookies to be designed just for you. They may be able to individually package each dessert as well.

Save the date sugar cookies

Photo: Sugar Chic Design



Getting married out of state? Clue guests in on where the celebration is taking place with cute state-shaped save the date postcards. This idea works especially well if you are getting married on a Hawaiian or Caribbean island as well!


Photo: Noteworthy Paper Press



These vinyl record-themed save the dates hit the right note and are perfect for a music-loving couple. This particular design was inspired by Etta James' song "At Last" (a classic wedding song!) and was letterpressed three separate times on thick cardstock to achieve the saturated ink colors and vinyl record-like grooves.

Swell Press

Photo : Swell Press



These wood save the date magnets are 100% fridge-worthy and are perfect if you're throwing a rustic-themed wedding that will incorporate other wooden touches and details. They can also be repurposed as cute Christmas ornaments to remember the celebration for holiday seasons to come.

Red Cloud Studio

Photo: Red Cloud Studio



Did you meet your fiance in a particular city and are now getting married in that same city? Play up the love that you mutually share for the city with a hand-drawn outline of the skyline you have come to appreciate. The red heart is a nice finishing touch!

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Love in the City - Chicago

"Love in the City - Chicago" by Erin Deegan



Another idea is to skip mailed cards altogether and simply email guests a link to a video that features a sweet animation of you and your fiance, along with the save the date details. This is a great DIY idea if you or one of your close friends is skilled in graphic design.

Inês Da Fonseca

"Maria and Jorge" animated video: Inês Da Fonseca



It's always nice when your wedding mailings are dual-purpose: These letterpress-printed drink coasters were inspired by the couple's rustic farm venue (how cute are the intertwined carrots?!) and were mailed to guests as a stack of four coasters, tied together with twine.


Photo: Wide Eyes Paper Co.



These laser-cut palm leaf designs are perfect for a destination wedding held somewhere warm and tropical, such as this couple's wedding venue, which was located in Baja, Mexico. If you are hosting a desert wedding, (in, say, Palm Springs) you could easily opt for a cactus cutout instead. Finding a vintage-themed stamp depicting similar flora for the envelope would be the icing on the cake. Continue the botanical theme by featuring potted ferns, succulents, or cacti as centerpieces at your reception.

Amber Moon Design

Photo: Amber Moon Design



We're loving this retro throwback to the classic kids' toy. To get their wedding guests excited about traveling to Minnesota for their wedding, the couple put together a reel of the state's best sights. On each slide was a line or two of text, which conveyed details about the wedding so guests could mark their calendars. Now that is a unique save the date idea no guest will forget. Review our list of other clever vintage wedding ideas.

Bryan Gardner

Photo: Bryan Gardner



This save the date design also doubles as a wedding keepsake: The vellum overlay is printed with all of the wedding details, while the card below is a 5" x 7" art print that guests can frame and display at home. Experiment with different ways to creatively use both layers. For example, the translucent vellum layer could feature an engagement photo that sits on top of a more traditional flat card with all your important wedding details.

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"Classy Type” by Hooray Creative



Invite guests to watch sparks fly on your wedding day. These custom matchboxes are personalized with your wedding details. One side invites guests to block off their calendars, while the back can be customized with your names, wedding date, and wedding location. Mail the matchboxes to guests in a small box filled with shredded, crinkled kraft paper for a cool save the date idea.

Tea & Becky Paper Co.

Photo: Tea & Becky Paper Co.



These quirky save the date cards are perfect for the couple with a passion for coding or all things technical. If planning a wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area, often referred to as Silicon Valley, this concept seems like a perfect fit. Order some blank computer disks online and have custom labels printed with your wedding details displayed.

Floppy Disk image via Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia.



This laser-cut presentation unfolds to tell the story of this couple's love story. Relationship milestones such as their first date, where the marriage proposal happened, and their upcoming wedding in Washington, D.C. are all recreated in watercolor scenes. This concept truly is a work of art!

Creme de Papier

Photo: Cheree Berry Paper



For a chic, minimalist look, we love these acrylic save the dates. The wedding details are subtly printed onto a transparent piece of acrylic in white ink. These too could be repurposed as Christmas ornaments or coasters by close family members and friends.

Creme de Papier

Photo: Creme de Papier



If you're feeling super inspired about your wedding locale, then you'll want to get your guests excited about traveling there, too. What better way to give guests a lay of the land and a little glimpse of what's in store than with a clever, fold-out map-theme. You could also work with the Minted wedding design services team to have a custom map featured on your wedding stationery.


Photo: Phil Chester



This couple wanted a creative save the date idea that would also serve as a memorable wedding keepsake, but didn't want to have their names plastered all over it. They came up with mailing out custom enamel pins, which were affixed to a card that shared wedding details and directed guests to their wedding website.


Enamel pin and photo: Rachael Gibilterra



Sweeten the day by mailing each of your guests a custom tea bag they can brew at home. Include custom details on the packaging of the tea regarding your wedding date. If planning a wedding in Hawaii, consider sending a flavor featuring crushed hibiscus. Think about how the flavor selection can pair with your wedding theme.

Tea Bags

Image source: Pinterest.



If you're looking to share more wedding details in your initial correspondence, opt for a multi-page design, which will give you plenty of room to share favorite engagement photos and helpful wedding details, like travel information. Minted's booklet-style save the date is especially useful if you're planning a destination wedding; if that's the case, treat your save the date as more of a pre-wedding invitation than just a notice that you're having a wedding. Include a general wedding-weekend timeline, along with any hotel and accommodation information so guests can begin making plans to attend.

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Destination by Leslie Hamer

"Destination” by Leslie Hamer


If you're the DIY type and love to get your craft on, then check out these creative save the date ideas that look totally professional but are 100% made by you.



How cute are these DIY save the date calendars? Print them at home on card stock and circle your wedding date with a colorful pen. Lastly, tie a golf pencil with twine to the card as a little nudge to get guests to mark their calendars and get excited about your upcoming nuptials.

Something Turquoise

Photo: Something Turquoise



Have your wedding details turned into an old-fashioned rubber stamp (we suggest finding a local stamp-maker). Choose an ink color and card stock that complements your wedding look and stamp away!

Rubber stamps

Photo: Briding on a Budget



If you're planning a destination wedding, these printable luggage-tags are just the ticket. Styled to resemble vintage luggage labels, these downloadable tags are editable so you can edit the text and include your wedding information. Tie them with a piece of twine before mailing them off to guests.

luggage tag

Photo: Something Turquoise



This printable save the date gives guests a primer on some of the dance moves they'll need to show off at the wedding—so perfect if you're going for a black-tie, Great Gatsby vibe. The printable is available for the fox-trot, cha-cha, salsa, and waltz.

dance steps

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings



For an interactive take, we love this save the date card idea. Carefully blow up latex balloons and write your wedding details on them using your best penmanship. Release the air and attach the balloon to a printable save the date card that encourages guests to inflate the balloon for all the wedding details.

DIY balloons

Photo: Something Turquoise



Remember the old-fashioned custom of tying a piece of string around a finger to help you remember something? This DIY idea is a clever take on the practice: Print out the printable and make your mailer double-sided by printing the wedding details on the back. Punch out two small holes and thread baker's twine through before mailing. Colorful twine is a must!

Brittany Watson Jepson

Photo: Brittany Watson Jepson



This can be a nice personalized touch to add to the front or back of any card design you end up sending. Purchase an ink pad in the color of your choice and roll your thumb and your partner’s thumb in the ink. Leave a pair of thumbprints on your card that forms the shape of a heart and sign your names next to each imprint.

Thumbprint Heart image

Image source: Pinterest.



Show your cute side with this interesting save the date idea. Find a nearby photo booth and stage a sequence of engaging photos where you and your fiance hold signs broadcasting your wedding date. Depending on your personality, you can opt to include props such as wigs, funny glasses, or hats. Print out a photo strip for each guest and slide them in an envelope.

Photobooth image

Image source: Pinterest.

And there you have it! We hope this list of 38 unique wedding save the date ideas has sparked your imagination and given you some direction on what your first piece of mailed wedding correspondence could look like. At the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing that any stationery design you come across on Minted is unique in its own right. We source all our original designs from talented independent artists from across the globe. Review our new collection of designs!

Yours Forever

Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

Pixel and Hank

by Pixel and Hank



Foil-Pressed Save The Date Cards

AK Graphics

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Elegant Fete

Petite Save The Date Cards

Brooke Chandler

by Brooke Chandler


On The Horizon

Save The Date Magnets

Kaydi Bishop

by Kaydi Bishop