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7 modern looks for your change the date cards


We have seen first hand how the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the wedding industry on its head. If you were planning for an upcoming spring or summer 2020 wedding, you might be challenged to rethink your event. From rescheduled wedding dates and venue substitutions to delayed wedding dress fabrication, there are countless wedding planning tasks that are most likely being re-examined and re-organized.

Through these ever-changing times, Minted is here to help with our recently-curated selection of modern and stylish change the date cards for your wedding. Effectively communicate your revised wedding details with your entire guest list and keep them updated in a chic and stylish fashion. As we continue to practice social distancing, it will bring a smile to your guest’s faces to receive a touching social correspondence in the mail regarding your new wedding details. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular styles to choose from when selecting your wedding postponement or change the date cards.

change the date

“Meet Us In Miami” by Laura Hamm


Creative Greeting

Get creative with how you word the greeting on your change the date card. Your guests will understand that you probably have your hands full trying to alter wedding plans while sheltering in place. Spark a smile with a witty greeting. We have seen some clever verbiage come through in some of our recent orders. Some ideas include:

  • “Let’s Try This Again”
  • “#Postponed”
  • “Save our New Date”
  • “Let’s Try This One More Time”
  • “It’s Back On!”
  • “We Still Do!”
  • “Guess Who’s Back, Back Again”
  • “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”
  • "'I Do' ReDo"
  • "More time to work on your dance moves."
  • "We’re rolling with it"
  • "Swap the date"
  • "Things change, our love hasn’t"
  • "Same party, different date"
  • "Same love, new date"
  • "Plot twist!"
  • "Our love story will still be told"
Save the Date

“Baseline” by Alethia Frye


Full-Bleed Image

Take advantage of some of those engagement photos you may have had professionally taken in the past. In these times when face-to-face encounters with close friends and family are limited, your wedding guest will appreciate seeing a big bright photo of their favorite engaged couple. We have many card designs that allow your image to stretch the entirety of the card surface and play backdrop to your new wedding details. Choose from both portrait and landscape card orientations based on the image you wish to highlight. We even have aesthetically-pleasing templates to choose from for the back of the card that will allow you to feature additional photos. Perhaps you could share a recent image showcasing what you and your fiance(e) have been up to during your shelter-in-place orders.

Save the Date

“Save the Date” by Remioni


New Date Spotlight

Make your new wedding date impossible to miss. Sort through our wedding change the date card designs that put your revised wedding date front and center through artistic manipulation of text size and text styling intended to capture your recipients’ attention. As with all our card designs, we provide you with the easy-to-use tools to adjust the font styling and sizing so you can put an emphasis on the information most important to you. Also, cycle through background color themes to match any wedding color pairing you may be working with.

Save the Date

“Hepburn” by Toast & Laurel


Dramatic Foil

Hit them with the wow factor! Perfect for the elegant black tie or white tie wedding, lean on the design prestige derived from metallic foil elements juxtaposed with a dark black, green, or navy background. Choose from luxurious foil press color options including gold, silver, bronze, rose gold, glittery gold, glittery silver, ice blue, and more! Even if you don’t select a flashy foil design for your wedding postponement card, you can always opt to have certain text elements on the card printed in foil like your new wedding date, the wedding couple’s names, or the wedding venue.

Save the Date

“Modern Quality” by Stacey Meacham


Cascading Photos

We love this design that features three stacked images with a single word printed over each image that spells out “Our new date”. In the clean space separating the images add in important details like the new wedding date or host city. Artistic elements like the silhouette of natural foliage protruding out of the top and bottom image add to the dimension of this design and make it a great fit for a bohemian or rustic wedding theme.

Save the Date

“Whispers” by JeAnna Casper


Bold Text

For a more minimalist or even comedic approach (based on the greeting and language selected), aim for an all-text design for the front of your card. Look through our designs that creatively spell out all your important details. In fact, one of our designs actually spells out the full wedding date and year letter by letter in its entirety. As we mentioned earlier, you can always edit the back of your change the date card to include a photo timeline, photo collage, or even a full bleed image.

Save the Date

“Bad Dancing” by Amy Payne


Inspirational Watercolor

Leverage the creative talents of Minted’s community of independent artists continually contributing unique one-of-a-kind designs to our assortment of wedding correspondence. This particular design can be brought to life through different color pairings like green, red, blue, and crimson. The veins of gold foil that saturate the watercolor blends seem to replicate a stained glass appearance.

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Save the Date

“Modern Tide Pools” by Erin Deegan


In addition to our favorite styles and trends for wedding change the date cards, we reached out to wedding professionals and planners across the nation that we work with to share their key tips regarding rescheduling a wedding. See what they had to say below:

Who should I send change the date cards to?

“If you had already received all your RSVPs and then needed to postpone your date, remember to re-invite your entire guest list and not only those who had responded "yes" to the original date. Imagine how you would feel if you weren't able to make it on the original date, but could have made it on the new date, but didn't get an invite! It would be an unintentional slight to those who would have wanted to be there.” - Alicia Mariconda, Alicia Margaret Events

How do I communicate a wedding date change?

“Notify your guests. Chances are, you've been getting questions from your guests. It’s important to share an update with your loved ones who are likely wondering what is going on! As soon as you know, let them know you are rescheduling your wedding and you’ll be in touch with more information soon. You can share this news via your wedding website, phone, email, text, or even DM on social media. Ask a close family member or your Maid of Honor to assist you with tackling the guest list. As soon as you have a new date, you should confirm with your guests immediately. This will allow them to change any pending travel plans. There are many ways to help them save the new date, including some beautiful options from Minted.” - Kristine Cooke, Simply Charming Socials

Should I cancel my wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic?

“Postpone, don't cancel! Most wedding vendors are absolutely on board with assisting with reschedules for no fees. Many will even help you still be officially married on your original wedding date & reschedule your full wedding celebration at a later date.” - Sabrina Lee, Lillie Jane Designs

When should I start planning or changing my wedding during the coronavirus pandemic?

“Act quickly, but smartly! Many venues have limited availability for the remainder of 2020 and into Spring 2021, and of course, there are the recently engaged couples who are also looking to book their wedding venue. Don’t rush into a decision until you have all the facts, but if you have any inkling that you want or need to move your wedding, do not drag your feet or you’ll be left with limited options.” - Kristine Cooke, Simply Charming Socials

If you enjoyed these timely tips from seasoned professionals, you may appreciate our more general post on wedding advice collected from a pool of wedding planners.


So you have completed the heavy lifting of selecting a new wedding date, locking down your venue, and picking out a new wedding correspondence to send out to all your wedding guests. Congratulations, that’s not easy! Now, let’s make sure that all the important information is included in your change the date cards and nothing is missing.

  • Names of the wedding couple
  • Text/greeting that relays that the date has changed
  • New wedding date and year (be sure to include 2020 or 2021 if you are pushing your wedding out to next year.)
  • Location
  • Wedding website (where you can include up-to-date details)
  • “Formal invitation to follow” - If you plan on sending formal invitations down the line, you should include this text to let guests know that no immediate action or RSVP is necessary at this time.

Minted understands that this is a stressful time to be a bride or groom. Planning a wedding is challenging on its own, but when you factor in the ever-changing landscape surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it can become increasingly daunting. We encourage you to read through our full post on wedding planning during the coronavirus for insight and help along the way. Regarding design questions and requests for any of our wedding products, we have customer service agents and design associates standing by to assist your every need in a timely and professional manner. We are here to help!

Save the Date

“It’s a Date” by Joyce Pinheiro