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wedding invitation ideas in every color

Planning a wedding and a well-coordinated theme is no easy task. It all starts with getting guests excited about your wedding months in advance, and wedding stationery can play a huge role in that effort.

So how do wedding couples decide on their color theme? In some cases, they may start with a favorite color combination and use that to inform other elements of their wedding like decor, bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, signage, signature cocktail selections, and more. In other scenarios, the venue location, wedding date, and reception theme (rustic, beach, vintage, boho, etc.) can steer the decision-making. Because your wedding invitations are your guests’ first glimpse into your celebration, it can be an elegant touch to highlight your planned color scheme on the invite. In this post, we will look at wedding invitation ideas based on color to help you focus in on the design you may want to use for your wedding stationery. Of course, you may also be inspired by browsing through Minted’s latest collection of Pinterest boards.




This might be the one time we say getting the blues is a good thing! Known as the most popular of all the colors, blue is beautiful in every shade from navy to baby blue. Because of its versatility, blue works in countless wedding color palettes and might just be the “something blue” you were looking for.

Themes Where Blue Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Winter Wedding: We often associate blue with cold and ice, so carry a winter theme forward with dramatic blue wedding invitations.
  • Beach/Lake Wedding: The color blue comes to mind when thinking about ocean waves or lake tides lapping against the shore, making it an ideal color selection for beach wedding invitations.
Glistening Stardust, designed by Angela Marzuki

Glistening Stardust”, designed by Angela Marzuki

  • Modern Formal: Instead of the classic black and white formal wedding, add a modern twist and opt for a navy and white theme.
  • Night/Rooftop: If your wedding celebration will involve some stargazing, bring that romance and elegance into your wedding invitation colors with navy blue cardstock accented by gold or silver foil press elements.

Let It Snow

Wedding Invitations

Anastasia Makarova

by Anastasia Makarova

Moscow, RU

Shimmering Waves

Wedding Invitations

Kelly Schmidt

by Kelly Schmidt

Vancouver, CA

Blue Tides

Wedding Invitations

Erin Deegan

by Erin Deegan

Pacific Grove, CA

Beaded Edge

Wedding Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY



The epitome of sophistication and class, black is usually associated with elegance and authority. Black is the darkest color and with it brings a mood of mystery, sensuality, and formality that explains why things like the “little black dress” and black tie events are so alluring.

Themes Where Black Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Black Tie Wedding: For the most formal type of wedding, black plays an integral role. Honor this theme in your wedding invitation colors, too, with clean black text and accents.
  • Gothic Wedding: Black is a large part of the dark and moody color palette in these opulent, mysterious weddings. If you have secured a castle venue, you may want to explore how dark tones can add to the historic vibe.
Classic Monogram, designed by Stacey Meacham

Classic Monogram”, designed by Stacey Meacham

  • New Year’s Wedding: If you and your partner are planning to tie the knot around January 1st, you may be inspired by the more traditional New Year’s celebration color palette of black and silver.
  • Vintage/Roaring 20s Wedding: When you think of flapper dresses and Great Gatsby-inspired celebrations, the color black always comes to mind. An art-deco-themed invite with geometric rose gold foil accents will hammer this theme home.

Ornate Deco

Wedding Invitations

GeekInk Design

by GeekInk Design

Redlands, CA

Handsome Border

Wedding Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY

Beautiful Bouquet

Wedding Invitations

Jennifer Postorino

by Jennifer Postorino

Scottsdale, AZ


Wedding Invitations

Genna Blackburn

by Genna Blackburn

Detroit, MI



Often associated with royalty, luxury, and power, purple represents wealth and extravagance. The color purple rarely occurs in nature and because of this, it is seen as coveted and sacred. Visually, it is an uplifting color that sparks the imagination, a sense of magic, and new levels of creativity.

Themes Where Purple Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Vineyard Wedding: Deep purples are often associated with wine and the crushing of grapes, so carry your theme forward with invitations in deep purple with complementing greenery, as a nod to a vineyard.
  • Royal Wedding: If your wedding theme involves palace nuptials or entering via horse and carriage, carrying a royal theme through with dark purple wedding invitations gilded in gold foil will only add to the prestige.
Fall Floral, designed by Alethea and Ruth

Fall Floral”, designed by Alethea and Ruth

  • Destination Wedding: Lively tropical foliage can sometimes include memorable shades of purple. Carry a violet or lavender color theme forward as you narrow in on destination wedding invitation ideas.
  • Fairytale Wedding: Whimsical themes often include light purples, so weave this fairytale look into your wedding invitations through the use of soft watercolor.

Laurels Frame

Wedding Invitations

Itsy Belle Studio

by Itsy Belle Studio

Buckley, WA

Gilded Garden

Wedding Invitations

Snow and Ivy

by Snow and Ivy

Detroit, MI

Tropical Foliage

Wedding Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY

Natural Elegance

Wedding Invitations


by iamtanya

Miami, FL



Red is known as the color of extremes: passion, love, danger, and anger. On the positive side, because it’s a color full of emotion, it’s energizing and sparks emotion and motivation. Red is the color closely associated with Valentine’s Day, roses, and hearts. Interestingly, the phrase “red-letter day”, which means to have a noteworthy and memorable day, dates back to historic times when key dates on a calendar or locations on a map were written in red. Follow this timeless tradition and highlight your noteworthy wedding day with red invitations!

Themes Where Red Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Holiday Wedding: If you’re planning a December wedding that will incorporate a Christmas tree, holiday wreaths, and pinecones, invites with red berries and holiday branches are a natural tie-in.
Gilded Concrete, designed by Poi Velasco

Gilded Concrete”, designed by Poi Velasco

  • Rustic Wedding: Burnt reds come to mind when thinking about a barn wedding that features an old tractor parked out front. Think about how this color palette might complement your rustic wedding invitations.
  • Valentine’s Wedding: If your wedding celebration will be on the day of love, bring in the quintessential color of the day with red and pink wedding invites.
  • Fall Wedding: The changing color of autumn leaves usually involves countless shades or red, orange, and gold. Weave these colors into the decor and stationery used to celebrate your fall wedding.
  • Nod to Chinese Culture: Red is the most popular color in China and symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness. Perhaps one or both members of the wedding couple want to pay homage to their Chinese culture and roots by featuring the symbolic color through their wedding stationery.

Petal Surround

Wedding Invitations

Susan Moyal

by Susan Moyal

Toronto, CA

Double Happiness Seal

Wedding Invitations

Guess What Design Studio

by Guess What Design Studio

Honolulu, HI


Wedding Invitations

Jackie Crawford

by Jackie Crawford

Durham, NC

Autumn in New York

Wedding Invitations

Melissa Egan

by Melissa Egan



Silver or Gold:

Play to colors featured on your wedding bands. Gold and silver are not only precious metals but also the only colors on our list that actually hold monetary value. As a color, silver is seen as sleek, sophisticated, and modern. It works well paired with most other colors to illuminate and reflect their energy. Gold is the color of wealth, luxury, and beauty. The color is also associated with the highest standard. Consider how the gold medal is the highest honor for an athlete in the Olympics and phrases like “good as gold,” and “the gold standard.”

Themes Where Silver or Gold Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Ballroom Wedding: If your wedding celebration is an extravagant ballroom affair, bring that elegance into your wedding invitations with designs that include dramatic silver or gold foil elements.
Gilded, designed by Carrie ONeal

Gilded”, designed by Carrie ONeal

  • Garden Wedding: Combine two beautiful items found naturally on Earth. We are talking about colorful flowers juxtaposed with reflective silver or gold. Enjoy an amplification of beauty with this unique wedding invitation idea. You can further build on this theme with silver flower vases for your centerpieces or gold napkin rings at each place setting.
  • Winter Wonderland: We often associate silver with snowflakes and ice, so carry that theme forward with beautiful silver mountain wedding invitations.

Lush Garden

Wedding Invitations

Qing Ji

by Qing Ji

Springfield, VA

Luxe Pinstripes

Wedding Invitations

Jill Means

by Jill Means

Lodi, CA


Wedding Invitations

Yulia Evseeva

by Yulia Evseeva

Saint Petersburg, RU

Mountain Side Sketch

Wedding Invitations

Jessie Steury

by Jessie Steury

Saint Joe, IN



Universally, pink is recognized as a color of love, friendship, and affection. Pink can be associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and a general air of playfulness. A great color for a spring affair, you will have choices galore for wedding flowers in different shades of pink, red, and white.

Themes Where Pink Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Poolside Wedding: We often associate bright pink with flamingo pool floaties and days by the pool sipping tropical drinks through fluorescent pink straws. Bring that playful color and look into your wedding invitation selection.
  • Backyard Wedding: Lush pinks and shades of fuchsia come to mind when imagining backyard rose gardens or full floral centerpieces, making it an ideal color choice for a backyard wedding invite.
Beaded Edge, designed by Hooray Creative

Beaded Edge”, designed by Hooray Creative

  • Bohemian Wedding: A wide range of pinks are often used in boho chic wedding decor, so it seems only natural to pull that color palette over into your wedding signage and stationery as well.
  • Easter/Spring Wedding: It might seem cliche to feature pastel colors during an early spring wedding, but we have seen it pulled off to Instagram perfection.


Wedding Invitations

Nicoletta Savod

by Nicoletta Savod

Long Island, NY

Ethereal Wash

Wedding Invitations

Everett Paper Goods

by Everett Paper Goods

London, GB

Shade Garden

Wedding Invitations

Robin Ott

by Robin Ott

Orrville, OH

Gilded Shore

Wedding Invitations

Grace Kreinbrink

by Grace Kreinbrink

Denver, CO



White is the color of innocence, representing purity and new beginnings (which is why it has become such a popular and traditional wedding dress color in Western cultures). As a color, white also conveys cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. Because it is the lightest color and very easy on the eyes, it is the go-to option for interior designers hoping to make a space feel larger or more comfortable.

Themes Where White Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Simple/Micro Wedding: For the wedding couple that isn’t looking to max out their wedding budget and aiming to keep the guest count relatively small and intimate, a simpler white invitation might help carry that desire across to invited guests.
A Thousand Years, designed by Design Lotus

A Thousand Years”, designed by Design Lotus

  • White Tie: What is more formal than a black-tie affair you ask? Well, a white tie event of course! With all the white bowties, white vests, and white waistcoats, it only seems fitting to feature bleached white wedding stationery.
  • Traditional/Religious: Let’s face it, certain colors are much flashier than others. If you are looking to stick to traditions or focus more on the religious significance of matrimony, you may want to feature a more conservative invite with the attention being placed on detailed calligraphy as opposed to decorative or colorful design elements.


Wedding Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY


Wedding Invitations

Kimberly FitzSimons

by Kimberly FitzSimons

Pelham, NY

The Minimalist

Wedding Invitations

Lulu and Isabelle

by Lulu and Isabelle

Zurich, CH

One and Only

Wedding Invitations

Design Lotus

by Design Lotus

Boise, ID



The very color of life and renewal, green symbolizes nature and the environment. It is also traditionally associated with money, ambition, and freshness. For the wedding couple looking to feature green at their wedding reception, understand that the color tends to have a relaxing effect that can nurture harmony. Sounds like just the right atmosphere for a reunion of your closest friends and family!

Themes Where Green Wedding Invitations Might Make Sense:

  • Forest Wedding: Dark green forms a natural association with the woods. Build excitement around your outdoorsy wedding venue sheltered beneath giant redwoods or set amongst an aspen grove through your first wedding correspondence to your guests.
Pristine, designed by Robin Ott

Pristine”, designed by Robin Ott

  • Tropical Wedding: Palm fronds and giant monstera leaves are emblematic of an ideal tropical oasis. Tickle their excitement around your tropical beach wedding with invites depicting lush green plants.
  • Christmas Wedding: If getting married around December 25, you can softly lean into the traditional red and green holiday look, by exclusively playing up the color green. Consider stationery designs that include depictions of garland or wreaths.

Palm Wedding

Wedding Invitations

Kaydi Bishop

by Kaydi Bishop

Medford, NJ

Mountain Wedding

Wedding Invitations

Anastasia Makarova

by Anastasia Makarova

Moscow, RU

Wedding Rings

Wedding Invitations

Laura Bolter

by Laura Bolter

Lenexa, KS

Tropical Love

Wedding Invitations


by Elly

Singapore, SG

No matter what wedding invitation idea and color scheme you have floating around in your mind, know that Minted has a unique design to match your vision. Easily transform any of our invites into your preferred tint or hue. If you can’t find a design that perfectly aligns, work with our design services team to create a custom look from scratch based on your direction.