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If you’re looking to have a wedding with a whimsical and romantic feel, look no further than the “boho” theme. Boho is short for bohemian, which typically describes a way of life that is free-spirited and creative. It is no wonder brides are drawn to bohemian wedding ideas, with decor ranging from geometric altars to reception areas with plush lounge furniture and rugs. Other trends include celestial accents of crystals and quartz or the inclusion of natural elements like feathers and pampas. We have seen these common decor ideas combined with other looks recently, such as rustic-boho, boho-chic, and beach-boho. In this article, we will review ideas for decor, venues, flower arrangements, wedding invitations, cake looks, party favors, and more that will surely inspire your boho wedding plans.

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Boho Wedding Venue Ideas

  • Hilltop: If you fancy a location with a great view, host a hilltop ceremony. This will best serve you in the warmer summer months. A sunset wedding may also tie the universe together for you as a couple. Draw energy from the rare time of day when the sun sets and the moon rises! Logistical things to consider include options for transportation up and down the hill for the elderly, and what your Plan B will be if weather changes. A reception atop the hill will be beautiful, filled with lanterns and fairy lights to keep the mystical vibe going.
  • Walled Outdoor Courtyard: A walled courtyard gives you the best of both worlds: the feeling of being enclosed, but with an outdoor vibe as you won’t have a roof. Think of an enclosed pool deck, a rose garden, or a funky open area behind a chic warehouse. The walls, doorways, possible windows, and tiled flooring provide great space for a ceremony and mingling while the open-air provides a way to stare up at the sky. When searching for the perfect venue, be sure to print our checklist of questions to ask.
  • Palm Springs & Joshua Tree: This Southern California desert location, complete with beautiful cacti, Joshua trees, adobe buildings, and the juxtaposition of burnt reds, browns, and greens sets the perfect background for a wedding. Whether you explore getting married in the desert, in the National Park itself, or at a hotel or resort property in Palm Springs, this area was made for boho-chic and will be easy to pull off. The earthy core of this Southern California region will be accentuated with macrame, crystals, incense, dream catchers, flower crowns, and more! While summer months can be a bit hot, this is a great fall wedding venue option.
  • Beneath a Treehouse: One of the most bohemian wedding theme ideas to consider is a wedding below or near a stunning treehouse in the forest. Follow the ceremony with a mystical reception under the canopy of surrounding trees. You may be able to find the perfect treehouse on a site like Airbnb. We love this idea for a more intimate micro wedding. String lights from the treehouse and have a DJ set up among the trees for an enchanting experience.
  • Backyard: Have a heartwarming backyard wedding using rusting wedding decoration ideas to make it truly special. Lay down elegant carpets and rugs, assemble day beds, create comfortable nooks, and arrange lanterns to create a beautiful private setting. Guests will enjoy the intimacy that comes from a creatively constructed backyard celebration. Work around the existing trees, pool, flower beds, and so on, so that the homespun part of the backyard weaves perfectly into the theme. If you are considering a backyard affair, you may want to review our list of other unique affordable venue options.

Boho Wedding Colors

  • Coral and copper
  • Rust and sage green
  • Burgundy and gold
  • Brown and yellow
  • Navy and burgundy
  • Lavender and burgundy
  • Blue and blush
  • Hunter green and gold
  • Plum and sage green
  • Lavender and lilac
kosmos by Phrosne Ras

kosmos”, designed by Phrosne Ras

Boho Wedding Invitation Ideas

  • Stars, Constellations, and The Night Sky: Boho-chic weddings tend to have a celestial tie-in, and if you’re doing an evening or night wedding, it is an even better reason to use invites that reflect this. Minted has wedding invitations featuring the sparkly night sky, illustrations of the constellations, a beautiful depiction of the Northern Lights, and other designs featuring real foil that you can customize so the colors match your wedding theme.
  • Cactus: If you decide to host a Palm Springs wedding or are considering a similar quintessential desert backdrop like Joshua Tree, Minted has rustic bohemian invites for you too! Designs include customizable prints with a big desert sky and cacti illustrations in the foreground that depict the beautiful outdoors you love so much.
Westward by Paper Sun Studio

Westward”, designed by Paper Sun Studio

  • Feathers and Flowers: The mythical woodland look of boho weddings comes from nature, so opt for invites that depict that! Choose invites depicting a ceremonial triangle arch with pampas and flowers, beautiful wildflower bouquets, invites framed by feathers, and whimsical invitations weaving feathers and flowers together in a wreath formation.
  • Mosaic Tiles: Cue guests into your vintage bohemian wedding theme with wedding correspondence depicting a bold mosaic-style design. Bonus points if you feature some Spanish cuisine and tapas to match.
  • Added Design Details: Explore intricate patterns as a way to achieve a Bohemian chic look through your invites. Think intricate lines, herringbone, stripes, ikat, and more. And while these patterns are beautiful on their own, enhance the final presentation by featuring some elements in rose gold or silver.
Ornamental Edge by Alethea and Ruth

Ornamental Edge”, designed by Alethea and Ruth


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Boho Wedding Attire

  • Wedding Dress Options: A boho bride is typically adventurous and free-spirited, so the traditional white dress can be cast aside for a lace or crocheted dress in a thick cream or pale pink. If there is a vintage dress in your family that is handed down from your mother or grandmother, that’s even more special!
  • Braided Hair With Flowers: One of the key ingredients of the signature boho look is the bride’s hair. Have your hair braided at the nape of your neck with flowers tucked into it, or have the top half braided and the rest of your hair falling down around your shoulders. Tuck the flowers in around the braid.
  • Feathers: For a fun and carefree addition to your look, wear feather earrings or weave feathers into your hair.
  • No Shoes: Consider walking down your wedding aisle barefoot to stay on theme.
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Have the bridesmaids wear mismatched dresses in the same color theme. Consider long-sleeved gowns in the color of your choice as a great option for a fall or winter wedding that may be held outdoors.
  • Groomsmen Attire: Consider having the groomsmen wear suspenders, bow ties, and rolled-up sleeves. Ditch the jackets for a more avant-garde look.
Photo credit: @thepoffs

Photo credit: thepoffs (@thepoffs)

Boho Flower Ideas

  • For the Bouquet: When it comes to incorporating bohemian wedding ideas into the bride’s bouquet, the options are endless, and it is as much about the flowers as it is about the texture. Play with flowers such as astilbe, ranunculus, spray roses, fresh greenery, dahlias, thistle spray flowers, poppies, peonies, and more! The wedding flowers you use will depend a lot on the season. Don’t be afraid to incorporate feathers and other items of meaning into your bouquet too. Consider tying the flowers together with colorful string, velvet ribbon, silk, or anything else that is chic and funky.
  • For Centerpieces/Decor: Because the rustic bohemian theme is so grounded in nature, incorporating flowers and greenery into your decor is key. Use mismatched bottles with pampas in them surrounded by candles for a minimalist look. Choose to use succulents in round wooden containers on each table. Play with the idea of vibrant bouquets of dahlias, roses, and hydrangeas in a vase on a rustic block of wood. When it comes to centerpieces and decor, you cannot go wrong with using eucalyptus or moss down the middle of tables for an enchanted look. As you aim to perfect your floral look, be sure to review these important questions to ask a florist.
Sanaz Riggiot

Photo by: Sanaz Riggio

Boho Decor Ideas

On your wedding day, you want the bohemian experience to shine, and day-of decor at your venue is what will really make or break the theme! Here is your opportunity to get really creative and unique. Review these bohemian wedding theme ideas as you nail down the details that will make your wedding truly special.

  • Triangle Arch: Instead of a traditional wedding altar, go for something a little different, like a wooden arch in the shape of a triangle. For an unforgettable “I Do” backdrop, you can choose to use a triangle arch draped in macrame, wrapped with colorful ribbon, or decorated with flowers.
  • Unique Ceremony Seating: Rather than setting up traditional rows of matching neutral chairs, mix and match vintage upholstered chairs with velvet couches and rattan chairs. The resulting look is homespun, rule-breaking, and elegant. For a great winter idea, hang blankets over armrests and on benches to help keep people warm.
Laurie Ashley

Photo by: Laurie Ashley

  • Energetic Escort Cards: In keeping with the boho theme of celestial oneness, use crystals as escort cards. Etch your guests’ names into the crystals and hang them from a tree or you can place the miniature crystals atop each guests’ paper escort cards on a table. This will make for beautiful decoration and a fun keepsake for guests. In case you are struggling with seating arrangements, we have a great guide on creating your seating chart.
  • Hanging Decor: You may decide traditional centerpieces aren’t for you, in which case, work with your florist and opt to hang them from the ceiling. As long as it’s feasible in your venue, hang flowers, lanterns, vases, fringe backdrops, garlands, and more from the ceiling, beams, poles, and trees. This creates a wonderland type of vibe on the dance floor.
  • Mobile Bar: All great bohemian wedding ideas should be accompanied by a spectacular bar. One look that is particularly charming is a horse trailer or camper trailer that has been converted into a bar, perfect for a cocktail hour and reception. Decorate the outside of the trailer with florals similar to those used throughout the wedding, and create signage featuring specialty cocktails. Minted has wedding signage options that are easy to customize.
Shannon Yen

Photo by: Shannon Yen

  • Create a Lounge: To help everyone stay cool in the hot summer months, design lounge areas for your happy hour reception that include sheltered bohemian couches, mix-matched fabric chairs, and marble side tables all sitting atop layered rugs. This hippie chic vibe is easier to achieve than you imagine.
  • Redefine the Guest Book: If a traditional guestbook doesn’t speak to you, pick something you’d really like to have people sign that you know you’ll cherish. Some specifically Bohemian wedding ideas include things like pieces of driftwood, guitars, and banjos.
  • Geode Cake: If you haven’t seen these trending wedding cakes, look no further than Instagram. Boho wedding decoration ideas like this will have guests stopping in their tracks to admire your cake as a work of art. Set it up on a prominent table at your venue for people to admire!
  • Herb Confetti: As the bride and groom exit the ceremony, guests will be wishing them a life of prosperity and joy. Rather than throwing rice or confetti, give guests a package of herbs (rosemary and lavender) to throw. Not only is it unobtrusive, but it’s also biodegradable and smells wonderful.
  • Wedding Swing: Nothing is quite as iconic as an elegant bridal swing decorated with greenery and flowers. Perfect for taking photos of the happy couple initially, it can then be used as the ideal spot for guests to take photos together. This wedding decor idea captures the free-spirited idea of bohemian charm perfectly.
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Boho Party Favors

  • Incense: Screenprint muslin pouches with an illustration or pattern that is meaningful to you (or feature a monogram) and fill the pouch with incense. You can present these to guests at their table settings as part of the overall table design.
  • Sage: Incorporate an ancient spiritual practice into your reception by offering guests a sage bundle as they leave. Similar to incense, the smoke that comes from burning sage cleans and purifies the energy within a space.
  • Crystals: What guest doesn’t want to walk away with a crystal to remember an amazing day? Give your guests healing crystals as a boho wedding favor. Line each crystal up on a table covered in lace or macrame illuminated by lanterns so they can pick out one that speaks to them.
  • Potted Succulents: Succulents are sweet and will look pretty in a wooden container, copper pot, or ceramic cup. Use succulents as part of the table decor at the beginning of the night and then encourage guests to choose one to take home before they leave.
  • Dream Catchers: Not only are dream catchers visually appealing, the sentiment when gifting them as a wedding favor is very sweet – you’re protecting people from nightmares and bad dreams. Choose a wide variety of dream catchers and hang them from a tree, wall, or overhead beam so that as people walk out they can select one to take home. It will make not only a great favor but also serve double duty as a themed decor throughout your reception.
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