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Mindy Weiss

When it comes to styling an event, A-list planner Mindy Weiss is the best of the best. Browse her special holiday curation, and take a look at wedding stationery and decor, inspired by five iconic settings, to bring your celebration to life.

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“I got my introduction to the wedding business through designing custom wedding invitations, so this collaboration is close to my heart.” —Mindy Weiss

The curated holiday collection

Mindy has curated cards, gifts, and hosting essentials to help newlyweds
and holiday lovers alike celebrate the season.

Café Society

A rich color palette and gilded accents are the backdrop for a look that’s traditional
yet far from ordinary. Create that old-world feeling with these pieces.

Photography by Gabriella Poirier

Sea Salt

Take a neutral palette as soothing as ocean sounds, layer in seashells and natural decor, and enjoy
a look that goes together swimmingly to create a rustic celebration.




Opening Night

When you’ve chosen an inspiring, well-designed backdrop or a cultural landmark for your celebration, you’ll
want to set the tone with dramatic stationery and follow it up with grand accents.