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The wedding planning is over (whew!) and you’re back from your honeymoon—now there’s one last thing left to do: Send wedding thank-you cards. Every gift and every guest should be acknowledged with a heartfelt note. And though this may seem like a daunting task, we’ve created this guide to help you stay organized. Keep reading for our best tips on how to write a thank you card.

Wedding Thank-You Card Etiquette

With all the rules and etiquette surrounding weddings, expressing your gratitude to your guests is probably the most important. Here are some guidelines for who to send thank you cards to, and when to send them.

1. Send a thank you note to every guest, even if they didn’t give a gift. Simply thank them for being with you on your special day.

2. Send your thank you notes for gifts received before the wedding within two weeks, and within two months for gifts that arrived on or after your wedding day.

3. Cards should be handwritten. Take the time to write a personal note—even if it’s brief—to show your gratitude.

4. Don’t forget to thank your vendors. Like most of us, wedding vendors appreciate recognition for a job well done, and they will love having your thank-you note as a testimonial for future customers.

How To: Write Your Wedding Thank-You Cards

Follow these steps to stay organized and send your thank-you cards on time.

1. Order thank-you cards in advance. You’ll also need them for engagement party and bridal shower gifts, in addition to wedding gifts. Be sure to order plenty; to create a cohesive look, order thank-you cards and postage stamps that match your wedding invitations. (Note: Avoid sending thank-you cards with your married name before the wedding.)

2. Stay organized. Ask your maid of honor to help keep track of gifts at the pre-wedding parties and at the wedding (or enlist the help of another pal on the wedding day). Use a copy of your master guest list to record gifts received next to each guest’s name.

3. Save time with Minted’s free address printing. Upload your guests’ names and addresses into your free online address book, and the company will address all the recipient envelopes for you.

4. It’s a good idea to send thank you notes right away so you don’t forget or end up with an overwhelming amount to get through.

5. Use our wedding thank-you wording template and sample thank-you notes below to help you find the right words for every gift-giving circumstance.

Wedding Thank-You Card Wording

Use our thank-you note template and samples as a starting point for what to write in a thank you card, then add personal touches and your unique voice to make them your own.

1. Start with one of these thank you greetings and mention the specific gift.

  • Dear Aunt Sue,
    Thank you for the stand mixer, it made our day when we opened it.
  • Hi Jess and Kendall!
    We are so grateful you were able to be there for our wedding.
  • Dear Mr. Thompson,
    Thank you for the generous wedding gift.
  • Dear Karen,
    We sincerely appreciate your contribution to the SPCA on our behalf.

2. Mention how you will use it or what it means to you.

  • We can’t wait to whip up a batch of Mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies!
  • It meant a lot to us to share our special day with you.
  • We are saving up for our big move to LA and we appreciate your support.
  • The organization is important to us, and we’re so grateful you remembered our wishes.

3. Add a personal message.

  • We’ll see you at the annual barbecue at Uncle Bernie’s cabin.
  • We had a blast dancing with you at the reception!
  • I am so grateful to have such thoughtful and caring coworkers.
  • Can’t wait to catch up over dinner soon.

4. Say thank you again.

5. Sign off.

  • Sincerely,
  • Yours truly,
  • Many thanks,
  • With love,