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wedding vows for her

There is no better feeling than standing at your wedding in front of your best friend—your soulmate, your spouse-to-be, the love of your life. If you can beat the nerves, your wedding vows will enhance this special feeling, and share the love you feel with your new husband or wife, and all the friends and family who have gathered to celebrate your marriage.

The best way to feel confident reading your wedding vows is to be prepared—and that’s where we come in! We’ve provided our favorite inspiration for wedding vows for her to read, both one-liners and complete vows. Whether you copy directly or use these as a jumping off point is up to you—do whatever feels right.

Female wedding vow

Wedding Vows for Her Samples – One-Liners

"I pledge to be your ever faithful, honest, and loving wife."

"With the words we are about to speak, let us be joined forever in holy matrimony."

"You are my best friend, my confidant; marrying you is truly my every desire fulfilled."

"I vow to be a loving and devoted wife, without judgement, without scorn, but always with an open heart and mind."

"I am proud to be your loving wife, ecstatic to discover what is next in our lives, and thrilled that our every day will be together on this adventure."

"We are best friends, with unending happiness, always having the best time, let's solve life's mysteries together one embrace at a time."

"I know I'm not perfect, but I love that you treat me like I am."

"Give me this moment and I will give you forever."

"If I have done anything right in my life, it will be giving my heart to you, as your loving wife."

"I promise to love you unconditionally, to be devoted above all others, and to find in you, my husband/wife, a light that to me is home."

Bride's wedding vow

Wedding Vows for Her Samples – Complete Vows

“I pledge to remain your companion and friend, I promise to be with you always, to care for you, and to love and cherish you no matter how far apart we may be. I will always show an interest in the things you do and your ideas. I will be with you in your heart, and keep you safely in mine. When you are happy, I will be happy with you. When you are sad, I will make you smile. I will encourage you to continue growing as an individual as we work toward our mutual goals. I stand with you as your friend and wife and acknowledge that your choices are valid ones. I promise to give you love, honesty, trust and commitment, and, in general, keep your life interesting as we grow old together.”

“______, I take you to be my husband/wife from this point forward, to join with you and to share all that is to come, to be your faithful wife, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond. This will be a commitment made in love, kept in faith, and eternally made new.”

“I promise to grow with you and support you,

I promise to be patient, understanding, and kind,

I promise to listen and share,

I promise to create, to explore, to laugh, and be curious,

In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, I promise to love you,

I will make sure there is always coffee,

I vow to be my best for myself, for us, and for our future together.”

“I stand before you as a woman with no reservations, choosing to spend the rest of my life with a man/woman for whom I have the utmost respect and love. I long to grow with you in mind and in spirit and to live together all the days of our lives.”

“‘I do’ really means, ‘I will.’ I will dedicate myself to you. I will take your hand in a spirit of adventure. I will respect your decisions even when I might not agree with them. I will stand by you. I will love you and cherish growing old with you.”

“Take me as your wife and I shall take you as my husband/wife. Together we will have and hold each other, know each other's secrets, learn each other's every need, and try everyday to fulfill the promise that we make to each other today.”

“Marriage isn't easy, it's hard work. Marriage is days and nights of exhaustion, of crying jags, of losing sleep, losing heart, and losing people. What makes love possible—what makes marriage a joy—is going through all of this together. I vow to take whatever life throws at us and face it with you.”

“You are my husband/wife, you are my best friend and one true love, I vow in front of these, our friends and family, and under God, that I will be a faithful and loving wife to you for all time.”

bride holding written wedding vows

Photo: Wendy Laurel