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top 20 wedding games your guests will love

Your wedding will be one of the biggest celebrations you host in your lifetime. Wedding receptions provide a unique venue where both family and friends gather together, and no party is complete without a fun game or two. Wedding games are the perfect way for people to strengthen bonds and to form new ones. Whether you’re interested in outdoor games, indoor games, games children can play, or wedding table games - we have you covered with this list of 20 fun wedding reception activities.

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Giant Connect 4

Also known as “four in a row,” this is a two-player game where each player chooses a color and takes turns dropping circular playing coins into a suspended grid. As the pieces fall, the goal is to form the first vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of your own coins. While this game is traditionally an indoor board game, it has more recently become available in giant form. Purchase a life-size set online that has your wedding monogram on it and playing pieces that match your wedding theme for a perfect outdoor lawn game idea. It’s also very kid-friendly.

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This rustic lawn wedding game idea is a fan favorite at all kinds of parties, so why not bring it to your wedding? Set up two cornhole boards in the grass and assemble a team of four guests. Through a points system, teams get a variety of points for every bean bag that lands on the board or falls through the corn hole. The team that wins two games first wins it all! Customize your boards for your wedding by having your last name or initials and wedding date painted on the boards. (Pro tip: Create your very own monogram with the Minted monogram maker). And finally, remember to choose bean bags that are in your wedding colors.

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When it comes to barn or farm weddings with an outdoor reception, games like horseshoes are a classic. To play horseshoes, you’ll need four shoes and two stakes. If you’re playing by official rules, the stakes should be 40 feet apart. You can play with two people or two teams. Each game is divided up into innings and there are quite a few rules that you can check out on the NHPA website. Or, if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine we recommend you make them up as you go along!

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Another fun outdoor wedding game that will keep guests of all ages entertained is croquet. It can be played by two, four, or six players at a time and the goal is to hit your ball (with a wooden mallet) through six hoops in the correct order until you finally hit the center peg. The team that finishes the course first wins. Elevate the game at your wedding by displaying a customized board summarizing the rules. Include an ice chest full of drinks and a blanket for people to take a rest and socialize on.

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Who doesn’t love a little team building? Indoor wedding reception activities like constructing a puzzle with those at your table is a fun way to work together. When guests arrive at their dinner table, they may discover a large bowl full of puzzle pieces (anywhere between 40 and 100 pieces is best). Include a note on the bowl that advises the table to complete their puzzle and the first table to complete it will win a prize. The unique and fun twist on the activity is that completed puzzles will showcase a picture or collection of pictures depicting the wedding couple.

Delightful Date, designed by Baumbirdy

Delightful Date”, designed by Baumbirdy

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Spring Dream

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Moody Greens

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Giant Jenga

This is one of the most versatile games to play at a wedding, as it’s perfect for all ages and can be played indoors or outdoors. Think of the table-sized game of Jenga, but reinvented as a giant timber tower of blocks! Gather as many players as you’d like and take turns taking one block from any level of the tower and positioning it at the very top of the tower. The game ultimately ends when the tower falls. Personalize your set of blocks by painting them colors that fit your wedding palette, or incorporating a pattern that fits your style.

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Image source: Pinterest


Roll With It

Rather than enduring the “clinking of glasses” as everyone tries to get the wedding couple to kiss while they are eating at the reception, allow guests to play an alternative wedding kissing game. Purchase an inflatable D20 — a 20-sided die — and have the would-be glass clinker roll the large dice to test their luck. If they roll a number between 15-20, then the wedding couple must plant a kiss on each other. Roll anything lower and the clinker has to kiss something! It’s a fun game for everyone, especially later in the night after a few drinks have been poured.

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Image source: Pinterest


Kissing Menu

Another wedding reception kissing game involves the creation of a “kissing menu.” Place this menu on every reception table and list every option like it’s an entree, describing what the guest will have to do to get the newlyweds to kiss. For example, “The Song Bird: Have your table sing us a love song”. Sit down as a wedding couple and brainstorm some clever “menu items” that will keep your guests engaged. This is fun for all ages and really easy to execute.

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Money Dance

This is a traditional wedding game seen at a lot of wedding receptions, and one you can incorporate into yours! Different cultures and families have their own variations of how the game is played. For the most part, guests offer to pay the newlyweds money to dance with them or shower the couple with money. Set up a porcelain piggy bank next to the dance floor and have the DJ or band make a special announcement when the game is officially on. It will usually only last the duration of one song.

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Photo Challenge

This COVID-19 friendly wedding game will have your guests on the lookout for the best photo-worthy moments (such as the first kiss, first dance, and stunning shots of the venue). Have them take photos on their phone and post photos on Instagram or Facebook with your wedding hashtag. Or, for the less tech-savvy crowd, provide a few communal polaroid cameras for guests to shoot some pics on. While on your honeymoon, you can review all the photos that have been shared and vote for your favorites. Update your wedding website with some of your favorite pictures and declare the winner for all to see!

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Oversized Lawn Bowling

Oversized outdoor wedding games like big bowling sets are perfect lawn games for guests of all ages. Players can mingle and chat between their turns while still engaging in healthy competition. The goal is to knock down all 10 pins. Each player gets two rolls down the “grass lane” to see how many pins they can topple over. Have a chalkboard where guests can keep score and feature a sign that reads something like “Stack Your Own Pins.” Personalize the bowling balls with your wedding monogram and wedding date on them for a fun keepsake to be brought out at future lawn parties or backyard barbecues.

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Coloring Station

If you’re looking for easy children’s games at a wedding, decorate each child’s place setting with a coloring book and colored pencils. If you have a dedicated children’s table in your wedding seating chart, you can cover the entire table in butcher paper so they can draw directly on the table! It will keep them entertained for hours and it’s a mess-free activity.

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Lego Centerpieces

Keep children occupied at a wedding with Legos! Adorn each child’s place setting with a bowl of Legos (or if you’re doing a kids table, you can put one big bowl in the center of the table) and they’ll stay entertained building structures and bonding with other children at the table.

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Bride and Groom Trivia

Wedding reception activities like this are the perfect indoor game that can be played at each table as conversation starters. Create a list of questions about the bride and groom (things like where was the bride born or what is the groom’s favorite restaurant) and have a list of questions printed for every table. This will create camaraderie by table and healthy competition! At the end of the reception, have the MC share the correct answers. Those who get the highest scores win a prize!

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Mad Libs

When your guests arrive at their reception table, surprise them with a table game. Create custom Mad Lib place cards that will take them back to a game they probably loved as a kid. On one side of the card ask for nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Once complete fill in the Mad Lib story on the front. Guests can then share their stories with others at their table or snap a photo of the completed Mad Lib and tag the wedding hashtag so all can see.

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Wedding Shoe Game

Some wedding reception games also serve as a great icebreaker. Have the bride and groom seated in chairs back-to-back and have them remove their shoes. The groom then holds one of his shoes and one of the bride’s, and the bride holds one of her shoes and one of the groom’s. The MC reads off questions so the reception guests can hear them and the bride and groom raise the appropriate shoe in response. For example, “who likes to exercise more?”. It is a fun-loving way to kick off a reception to remember.

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Wedding Wheel

This indoor or outdoor wedding game is sure to produce lots of laughs. Have a large spinning wheel created with various prompts on it, like “give a stranger a hug” and “show us your dance moves” and set it up in your wedding reception area. Encourage guests to keep it spinning all night long. This idea is great because it does not require anyone to officiate or pause the events of the night to run.

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If the bride and groom are big karaoke fans (or their friends are) then set up an area for some singing and carousing at the wedding reception. Select song options that may fit with your wedding theme. For example, if you have a beach wedding, opt for a song list featuring tunes from the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, and other tropical-sounding beats. If hosting a rustic affair in a barn, then country hits from Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, and Rascal Flatts are a must!

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Photo Booth / Photo Backdrop

While this idea isn’t really a “wedding game”, it sure is a fun activity your guests will appreciate. Rent a photo booth from a company or set up a DIY station for a backyard wedding reception. Or, instead of a “booth”, fashion a themed backdrop that speaks to your wedding theme or features the names of the wedding couple. This may be a perfect idea to brainstorm with your florist as you are interviewing them. Include a table with an assortment of cute and quirky props that guests can engage with. Guests will have fun social media content to use with your wedding hashtag.

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Sack Races

If it’s good enough for the Brady Bunch, then it may just be a hit at your wedding reception too! This is another outdoor wedding game that will work great if you have a decent amount of space. Perfect for kids and the young at heart, have a sack of hay bags at one end of the grass and a marker at the other end that is the “Finish Line.” Have as many contestants as you’d like line up and hop across the lawn to the finish line. Whoever gets there first wins. A race at the end of the night when guests may be feeling the effects of their drinks could be a fun spectacle to watch!

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