Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding Games

Looking for things to do at a wedding reception? Wedding reception parties provide a unique venue where both family and friends from different times in your life get together to celebrate a single event. Fun wedding games are both a great way to break the ice to help your guests get to know each other and will keep everyone enjoying themselves the whole night long.

Whether you’re interested in wedding table games, outdoor wedding games, traditional games, or games to keep the kids happy, having the right wedding reception activities will help make sure your big day is a success.

Wedding Table Games:

At the reception, your guests may be seated at tables with other guests they don’t know. Here are a few suggestions to help everyone get acquainted and spark a little “table bonding”.

  • Bride and Groom trivia. Have a sheet with questions asking if a piece of information corresponds with the bride or groom. At the end of dinner, pick the papers up and have the MC announce the winning table!
  • Classic board games and puzzles. Have a few that guests can bring to their tables at their leisure. Choose a theme or the couple’s favorite games. You could even create jigsaw puzzles using photos of the couple!
  • Trivia. Test your guests’ knowledge of random history, pop culture, or science by making each table be a team or pair people off!
  • Board games. Like the puzzle, have a station with a selection of board games for your guests to pick up and enjoy!
  • Mad libs for wedding advice. Give your guests a way to impart their knowledge in an easygoing and creative format that will make you laugh later.
  • Dare or dare. Mix things up a bit and get people off their feet to see just how far each person at your table is willing to go.

Outdoor Wedding Games:

If you’re having a summer wedding or have planned the event outside on a lovely day, then here are some games to play at a wedding that will let you enjoy the weather while not getting your fancy clothes dirty.

  • Ring toss / horse shoes
  • Giant Jenga
  • Croquet
  • Corn hole
  • Bocce Ball
  • Lawn Bowling

Traditional Games:

  • Wedding Wheel. A wheel covered with different actions that,you have to complete!
  • The Wedding Shoe game. Both the bride and groom take their shoes off and hold one of their own and one of their partner’s shoes. Sitting back to back, guests ask questions such as “Who is more likely to be late” or “Who is messier”, and both newlyweds raise the shoe corresponding with their answer.
  • The Kissing Game. A longstanding wedding tradition is that when someone at the reception dinner clinks their glass, the bride and groom are expected to kiss. However, this game can be a tad disruptive for the happy couple so here are a few alternatives that will let the newlyweds actually have enough time to eat. Instead of just having guests’ clink their glasses make it so they have to:
    • Sing as a table to a song with the word “Love” in its title
    • Kiss someone
    • Dance on stage for 30 seconds
    • Or, if you prefer, just make a note to your guests about the tradition beforehand and say you’re not interested!

Games for the Kids:

  • A Word Search. Good for kids or adults, word searches are perfect ways to keep them occupied.
  • A Coloring Station. Put out some crayons and coloring pages and see what beautiful pieces are made!
  • A piñata. Who doesn’t love candy? Piñatas are a sweet and colorful way to keep everyone’s kids, and many adults, entertained.
  • An Oragami station. Put out some paper and instructions and have the little ones help you making your 1,000 cranes for good luck!

Other wedding activities include: a photobooth with props to take fun wedding photos as keepsakes, a Guess Who? game with guests’ faces, and, a bit later in the night, you can even try spicing things up with carefully selected wedding drinking games. If you want some ideas for the future, you can even set up a date night jar for guests to slip their suggestions into!

Best of luck planning!