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how to create a wedding hashtag

Brainstorm the best wedding hashtag by following our guide.

You've hired a professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding's major moments but they can't possibly be there to capture everything that goes down. That's where your wedding guests come in—each guest likely has a camera in their pocket or purse (a.k.a. their smartphone), and having a designated wedding hashtag will make it easy to collect all those awesome Instagram and Facebook photos from the wedding in one place. This way, you'll have wedding guests' candid shots in addition to the pro ones you'll receive from your official wedding photographer.

To get some inspiration on how to create your own wedding hashtags, we've put together this guide with some favorite hashtag examples, as well as some tips on how to create your own wedding hashtag.

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

1. Jot down some wedding and relationship details.

Start by writing down the following:

  • Your and your partner's full names
  • Wedding date and year
  • Wedding venue
  • Wedding location
  • Theme/style of your wedding
  • Other significant dates (the day you met, the day of your first date, etc.)
  • Nicknames
  • Names of pets
Wedding schedule sign

"Watercolor Wisp" by Ariel Rutland

2. Start brainstorming.

Play around with different words and phrases that combine your names and wedding details. Write every idea down, no matter how silly or nonsensical they may seem—one ridiculous idea might lead to a really clever one, you just never know. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • If you'll be sharing a last name, a good starting point is to think of ways to incorporate the surname.
  • Embrace puns! They're the lifeblood of wedding hashtags (yes, even the corny ones). An idiom dictionary or phrase-finder might also help you brainstorm some good puns.
  • Play with alliterations—having a repeat in letters and sounds makes a hashtag sound much catchier.
  • Go for rhymes and word play; a rhyming dictionary like RhymeZone might yield some good ideas.

3. Don't use hard-to-spell words.

Keep your hashtag as simple to spell as possible—the last thing you want is to have photos from your wedding tagged under a misspelled hashtag (you'll never see them!).

4. Crowdsource your hashtag.

Enlist help from your wittiest friends and family members to brainstorm wedding hashtags. Once you've narrowed it down to a few favorites, you could post a poll on Instagram or on Facebook inviting your network to weigh in on their favorites. If you're still stumped for good ideas, you might want to hire a hashtag professional (yup, that's actually a thing). Send the folks over at The Wedding Hashers your names and wedding details and they'll send you three custom wedding hashtags for $20.

5. Capitalize the first letter of each word.

This way, guests will be able to clearly see where each word begins and ends, which will help a ton with readability. (However, your hashtag will work the same way, with or without capitalization.)

6. Check to see if the hashtag is available.

Once you've narrowed down a potential hashtag, do a quick social-media check. Browse Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see if there are already photos or posts tagged with it and, if so, how many pictures. If only a few photos come up and they don't seem wedding-related, go ahead and use it. But if another wedding has already used the same hashtag, it's best to edit yours (try adding the year at the end) to avoid getting the wedding photos mixed up.

7. Spread the word.

The main point of having a wedding hashtag is for guests to use it, so it's important to spread the word. Print the hashtag on your wedding-day stationery (ceremony programs, menu cards, etc.) and display a few hashtag signs at the wedding so guests won't miss it. Go back and tag any wedding-related Instagram posts you've already put up with your new hashtag and be sure to use it on any future posts going forward. For more creative ideas on where to display your wedding hashtag, see our section on that topic below.


Use these wedding hashtag templates as a starting point to create your own.

If you'll be sharing a last name:
#TeamSurname or #TeamSurname2021

Ways to combine your names:

6 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Make sure your guests are clued in to your wedding hashtag by prominently displaying it at the wedding. You'll want to choose spots where you're guaranteed that guests will see it—for example, on the welcome sign or printed in the ceremony program. Here are some creative ways to display your wedding hashtag to encourage your guests to do it for the 'gram.

1. On the Welcome Sign

Display your hashtag on the welcome sign so everyone will see it as they arrive at the wedding.

Wedding welcome sign

"Botanical Frame" by Kate Ahn

2. On the Wedding Directional Signs

These arrow-shaped signs help point guests to all of the various wedding festivities and remind them of the wedding hashtag so guests can add it to their posts.

3. On the Guest-Book Table

The guest book table is another spot that will see a lot of wedding foot traffic. Display a stylish sign inviting guests to sign the guest book, with an added reminder of the wedding hashtag at the bottom.

Mirror with wedding hashtag

Photo: Jose Villa

4. On the Cocktail Hour Sign

Following the ceremony, point guests to cocktail hour and sneak in another wedding hashtag reminder.

wedding dinner table set up in backyard

"Florista Modernista" by Petra Kern

5. On Guests' Place Cards

Printing your hashtag on each guest's place card or escort card ensures they will definitely see it.

Place card with hashtag

Photo: Kayla Yestal

6. Drink Stirrers

We'll drink to this clever idea: These hashtag drinks stirrers are a cute way garnish everyone's cocktails and remind them of the wedding slogan.