How To Make A Wedding Registry In 2024

This article contains everything you need to know about how to make a wedding registry in 2024, including when to publish it, best wedding registry items–and even what not to include on your registry.

Many couples create a wedding registry because it allows their guests to easily choose gifts for the newlyweds without worrying about if it’s something they want or need. But with new wedding website options and various ways to set up a wedding registry, what exactly do you have to do to make one?

This article contains everything you need to know about how to make a wedding registry in 2024, including when to publish it, best wedding registry items–and even what not to include on your registry.

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How Does a Wedding Registry Work in 2024?

Wedding registries are essentially a wishlist of items that the couple would like to receive as gifts for their wedding. Guests can then purchase items from the registry, and the couple will receive them either before, or on their wedding day.

There are a few different ways that you can go about creating your registry. You can:

  • Create them in-store
  • Make one online with online registry websites
  • Make them online at different stores and connect these to your wedding registry website

We’ll be covering how to make them online. If you’d like to make it in store, you can often speak with customer service on location.

How to Make a Wedding Registry

1. Determine what you want

This is the first step in making your registry. Do you want home goods? Are you looking for appliances? Do you feel like you have everything you need so are looking for some unique ideas?

Knowing what you want and need will help you determine where to register. These are some tips for how couples can get ideas for what they want in their wedding registry:

  • Ask friends and family: What were their favorite gifts they’ve got? Or ones that they’ve given?
  • Search through registry examples: Browse ideas on Pinterest, Etsy, and our wedding gift guide.
  • Create a list of items you need: Wedding gifts don’t have to be fancy plate sets and beautiful vases. Need new camping gear? Add it! What about a dog bed? Go ahead! Make it about what you want, not what you think should be on a wedding registry.
  • Include big-ticket items: Groups enjoy contributing to more expensive gifts, so even if it feels like something is out of a standard guest’s price range, including a few more pricey gifts allows friends to choose something together.
  • Skip to the next step: If you’re stuck, first choose some stores to register at and then look at their products for inspiration.
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2. Decide where to register

Once you know what items you want, it’s time to start looking at stores. Many different stores offer registry services, so take some time to research your options and find the one that best suits your needs.

Choose how many stores you want to register at. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one store. In fact, registering at multiple stores may be beneficial. This way, guests can choose where they want to shop and how much they want to spend. Keep in mind that some stores offer completion programs for registries. If you don’t receive all the items on your registry, the store will give you a discount on the remaining items.

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3. Make your registries

Once you’ve chosen where you want to register, it’s time to start adding items! This is the fun part. You can add anything that fits within your budget and meets your needs. Be sure to include a mix of items at different price points so that guests have options.

You can also add items not available in stores, such as honeymoon experiences or donations to a charitable cause. Deciding how many registries to have is up to you, but we recommend having multiple for a variety of options and accessibility for your guests.

4. Add them to your wedding website

A great wedding website allows you to share information about your wedding with your guests. It’s also a great place to put all the important details, such as your registry information, hotel accommodations, and even your wedding day timeline.

If you have a wedding website, you can add a registry page to your website. For example, Minted allows you to build your registry somewhere else such as Macy’s, Amazon, or Target, and then add the link to your wedding website. This gives you more freedom to choose where to build your registry and it also makes it easy for guests to find your registry and see what you’ve added.

Under the gift registry tab on your Minted website, you can enter basic information about places you have registered, like store name and short description (or address if in-person). Then you can add an image and the URL to your registry on that site if it’s an online registry.

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5. Share with your guests

The final step is to let your guests know about your registry! There are a few ways you can go about this, but the easiest and most effective way will be including the URL of your wedding website (and therefore registry) on any save the dates, bridal shower invitations, or wedding invitations you send out. That way you know every guest you’re inviting has the information.

It’s actually considered an etiquette faux pas to include your wedding registry on the invitation as well as on invitation enclosure cards. (Why? Mentioning a gift registry on the invite is like saying “Please come to our wedding. Now, about those gifts we’d like you to buy us…”) Rather, list your registry information on your wedding website, along with links to the stores you’ve selected items from.

Some people might also choose to share your registry information on social media, via text message, or in a wedding announcement.

The goal is to make it easy for your guests to find your registry and know what you want. Consolidating your registry and website makes it easy for both you and your guests to keep track of it all.

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How to Create a Wedding Registry on…

Here is how you can create a wedding registry on the following websites before including them on your wedding websites.

How to Make a Wedding Registry on Amazon

  • The first step is to create an Amazon Wedding Registry. You can do this by going to Amazon’s wedding website and clicking on the “Create Your Registry” button.
  • You’ll need to sign in with your Amazon account or create a new one.
  • Once you’re signed in, you can start adding items to your registry.
  • To add an item, simply search for it on Amazon and then click the “Add to Registry” button.
  • You can add items from other websites using the “Universal Add to Registry Button.” This button allows you to add items from any website, not just Amazon.
  • Add the link to your Amazon registry within your wedding website.
Making a Wedding Registry on Amazon

How to Make a Target Wedding Registry

  • You’ll need to create an account on Target’s website and then sign in to the Target wedding registry part of the site.
  • Start adding items to your registry by searching for them on Target’s website and clicking the “Add to Registry” button.
  • Using the “Universal Add to Registry Button,” you can also add items from other websites. You can find this button on Target’s registry page.
  • Ensure to share your registry on your wedding website for your guests.
Making a Wedding Registry at Target

How to Make a Walmart Wedding Registry

  • To create a registry, go to Walmart’s wedding registry website and click the “Create Registry” button.
  • Then, you’ll need to sign in with your Walmart account or create a new one.
  • Once you’re signed in, you can start adding items to your registry.
  • To add an item, simply search for it on Walmart’s website and then click the “Add to Registry” button.
  • You can add items from other websites using the “Universal Add to Registry Button.”
  • Don’t forget to share your Walmart wedding registry!
Making a Wedding Registry at Walmart

Some extra tips on making your wedding registry:

  • Research stores ahead of time and decides which ones you want to register with.
  • When using a site like Amazon, take advantage of memberships to get free shipping on your registry items.
  • Choose a mix of items at different price points so that guests can choose what they’re comfortable spending.
  • Most stores offer a completion discount for couples who can check off everything on their registry. This is usually around 15-20% off, so be sure to take advantage of it!
  • Be sure to include a mix of items at different price points so that guests can choose what they’re comfortable spending.
  • If you’re having a destination wedding, include items on your registry that will be helpful for your guests as they travel. This could include things like luggage, travel adapters, or portable chargers.
  • Have fun with it! Register for things that you’ll actually use and enjoy. This is your chance to get everything you need for your new life together.

Other Websites Where You Can Make a Wedding Registry

Once your registry is complete you can add these items directly to your Minted wedding website.

Popular Items Couples Include on Their Wedding Registry

While you can include anything you want on your wedding registry, there are some items that are more popular than others.

Kitchen appliances

  • Stand mixers
  • Blenders
  • Toasters
  • Coffee makers
  • Food processors
  • Slow cookers
  • Air fryers
  • Instant pots


  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Tablecloths and runners
  • Kitchen linen sets

Cookware & dinnerware

  • Pots and pans
  • Baking sheets
  • Knives
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Flatware

Bed and bath

  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Comforters
  • Pillows

Home decor

  • Vases
  • Frames
  • Pictures
  • Lamps
  • Chairs
  • Area rugs
  • Throw blanket sets

Outdoor & sports items

  • Grill
  • Smoker
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cooler
  • Beach towels
  • Patio furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Picnic basket set
  • Golf clubs
  • Tennis racket set


  • TV
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Camera
  • Smart home devices


  • Power drill
  • Toolset
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver set
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Ladder
  • Power drill

Some other non-conventional gifts include:

  • Honeymoon fund or new-home fund: This is a fund people create online where guests can add monetary gifts to help support the couple’s new home or honeymoon dreams.
  • Charity donations: Some couples include charities of choice that they wouldn’t appreciate donations from as a gift.
  • Gift cards: Any store you and your partner love? Though it’s not thought of as quite as traditional, gift cards can still be given as thoughtful wedding gifts.
  • Wall Art: If you have been wanting to decor your wall with an original piece of art, art prints or canvas paintings, you can also put links to items you have in mind on your website. Minted’s wedding website has a Registry page that you can drop links and add content/images as you like, or let guests know that you like Minted’s Fine Art Prints and ask for a gift card to decorate your home.

Wedding Registry FAQs

What NOT to put on a wedding registry?

You can really include anything you want on your registry. While some more traditional wedding hosts and guests might prefer to leave off gift cards and cash from registries. You also might not want to include:

  • Personal items like clothing, jewelry, cell phones, and anything else that will just be used by one part of the couple
  • Overly expensive items. While it’s a good idea to include some more expensive items, you want them to still be affordable for groups, and too many of them are limiting for your guests.
  • Very inexpensive items. You don’t want guests to have to pick and choose multiple gifts just to end up at an appropriate gift giving amount.
  • Memberships and subscriptions, since it is a recurring charge in place of a one-time gift

How many items should be on a wedding registry?

This will depend on how big your wedding is: if you’re inviting 50 guests your registry will probably be smaller than inviting 200.

A safe rule of thumb is two gifts for each guest depending on the price point of the items you’ve chosen. Having a variety of items at different price points will give guests plenty of options to choose from.

That being said, if you prefer money contributed to a honeymoon or house fund then having less gift items will encourage guests to give either to that and cash or check.

How far in advance do you make a wedding registry?

You can make your registry as soon as you start planning your wedding. Some people even have their registries made upon their engagement, so well wishers can choose gifts from there for engagement parties and showers.

Having the registry started by the time you send out your save the dates to your guest is a good plan, and it should be completed by the time the wedding invitations go out. Of course you can always add more items, so starting early can make things easier!

Minted Wedding Website

Do wedding registries cost money?

No, wedding registries themselves do not cost money, though the wedding website and domain you purchase might cost money. Minted offers free wedding websites with matching designs with the wedding invitation suite. Upgrade your website for $15 to customize the domain URL.

Some stores may charge a fee if you return an item that guests purchased off your registry. You should check with the store before making any returns.

How expensive should your wedding registry be?

This is completely up to you and your fiance! Some couples prefer to keep their registry relatively inexpensive, while others go all out. It all depends on your budget and what you think your guests will be comfortable spending.

Remember, a few big-ticket items are okay, but think about all the budgets of all your guests when choosing registry options.

Final Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry

Now that you know how to make a wedding registry, here are a few final tips:


It’s always safer to include more gifts on your registry than not enough. This gives guests all the options they need to decide what to get you. And for any guests that prefer to give cash or funds, that is always a nice option to include too.

Choose items you want

This is your chance to get everything you need for your new home, so take advantage of it! Make a list of items you’ve always wanted for your new home, down to the little things, like a new set of bath towels or a water filter for your fridge. Ensure you do this with your partner!

Wedding Registry

Review your registry

As you get closer to your wedding date, you may find that some of the items on your registry are no longer available. Be sure to review your registry every few weeks and remove any items that are no longer available. As you also start to receive gifts, be sure to update your registry, so guests know what has been bought and what is still available. You can also add new items as you think of them!

Don’t limit gifts to a registry

While having a registry is important, don’t forget that gifts don’t have to come from it. You can ask for cash for your honeymoon, photography sessions, charity, or a down payment on a house. If you have friends or family members who want to gift you something, not on your registry, let them! It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Choose the best wedding website

If you’re planning a wedding this year, be sure to choose the best wedding websites that are easy to use and navigate–and add registries too!

Minted has everything you need to create the perfect page for your registry and make it easy for couples to find what they want. You can even find unique and personalized items that match your wedding’s theme. Start making your wedding website and registry today!

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