Wedding Planning Guide

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You’ve received a wedding invitation in the mail. You’ve checked their wedding website, RSVP’d yes, and set up your travel plans. Next step: choosing the perfect wedding gift.

There are a lot of outdated rules and traditions when it comes to wedding gifts and it can be confusing to navigate. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to the what, when, and how of wedding gift-giving. Let’s get started!

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Adventures Wedding Card

Adventures by Hannah Williams

Kitchen Essentials

1. Engraved salt and pepper shakers

Engraved salt and pepper shakers are a great example of a winning wedding gift — they’re practical, budget friendly, and feature a thoughtful touch of personalization.

2. Cookbook set

Whether they are great at cooking or never go near the kitchen, the time will come when the newlyweds will be in need of some cooking inspiration. That’s where this cookbook set comes in. We love the idea of picking a cookbook for each meal type (or each season for more advanced chefs) as well as a cocktail recipe book.

3. Grilling utensils

Engraved salt and pepper shakers are a great example of a winning wedding gift — they’re practical, budget friendly, and feature a thoughtful touch of personalization.

4. Monogrammed glasses and coasters

A special set of glassware is a classic wedding gift. Take it up a notch by giving the couple a set of martini, beer, or wine glasses etched with their initials or new last name. (You’ll earn bonus points for adding in a few matching personalized glass coasters, too!)

Martini Glass (10oz)

by Kim Stealey

Glass Goblet

by Kim Stealey

Engraved Coasters

by Kim Stealey

5. Cutting board and cheese serving board

You can never have too many wooden cutting or serving boards, and all of these would make a beautiful edition to the newlywed’s collection. Something personalized with their last name is sure to become a treasured heirloom, while a board that puts craftsmanship on full display is great for couples that love more minimalist decor.

Bamboo Cutting Board

by Kim Stealey

Paddle Cutting Board

by Kim Stealey

Cutting & Serving Board

by KHEM Studios

6. Bar essentials

This kit of mixology essentials — which can be personalized with their last name — has everything the newlyweds need to make evenings spent at home feel just a little bit more special.


BARBOX by Dana Salloum

7. Custom wine box

Take the classic bottle-of-wine gift to the next level by pairing it with a custom wine box. Each of these offers a little something extra — from a storage box designed to keep wine safe to be opened on future anniversaries, a box that turns into an at-home wine bar, and a box complete with champagne glasses, to a leather-covered kit fit for a sommelier.

Keepsake Wine Box

by Artificer Wood Works

Leather Wine Box Set

by Kim Stealey


by Dana Salloum

Wedding Wine Box

by Artificer Wood Works

8. Espresso maker

Is one or both of the newlyweds coffee-obsessed? If so, an espresso maker is a wedding gift that they’ll be over-the-moon to receive. (Just be sure they have the counter space for it!)

9. Craft beer subscription

If the newlyweds love to brewery hop wherever they go, they’ll be so excited to receive a craft beer subscription box. Consider printing or writing out a note explaining the details of the subscription and putting it in a beer mug (or two!) for the couple to use as they enjoy their monthly selection of craft brews.

10. Tea towels

Everyone could use another tea towel in their collection, and these wedding-themed tea towels are sure to bring a smile to the newlyweds’ faces every time they use them.

You Wash and I'll Dry

by Maya Malik

Wedding Cake

by Glory Haus

Eat Well Travel Often

by Maya Malik

Just Married

by Glory Haus

11. Dutch oven

If you’re looking to splurge a little bit on the newlyweds but want to make sure to get them something they’ll use for years to come, go with a top-quality dutch oven. They’re traditional wedding gifts for a reason!

12. Vintage ramekins

A set of ramekins is a feature in every grown-up couple’s kitchen, so we love the idea of sourcing a handful of vintage ramekins that match the newlyweds’ decor style.

13. Outdoor pizza oven

Bring that fresh pizzeria experience to the newlyweds’ backyard with a wood- or gas-fired outdoor pizza oven. From learning to use it to experimenting with different combinations of toppings, the two of them are sure to spend many nights together enjoying fresh pizza made the way the pros do it.

14. Specialty tea box

Add a gourmet touch to the everyday by giving the couple a specialty tea box. This tea bento box is inspired by the rich culinary culture of Japan and contains a sampler of delicious teas like genmaicha green tea, Bombay chai tea, and lemon crème black tea.

Tea Bento Box

Tea Bento Box by Tae ODorisio

15. Artist-designed table linens

Are the newlyweds now in rotation to host Thanksgiving or the holidays? If so, giving them a set of table linens is definitely a good idea. We especially love ones that feature unique prints, like our collection of linens designed by independent artists from around the world.

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Home Essentials and Decor

16. Custom framed prints

Turn a memento from the couple’s wedding day, engagement, or life together so far into a beautiful piece of art with a custom framed print from Minted. If you don’t have access to a high-quality photo, you could also give the couple a Minted gift card and encourage them to turn their favorite snap from the wedding day into a framed print.

17. Robot vacuum

Robot vacuums are a must for couples moving into a larger space together or who are constantly battling pet hair. Though they can be pricey, it is a great way to help keep their house feeling like a home!

18. Tapered candles or votive candles

A handcrafted tapered candle or votive candle is the perfect budget-friendly gift. Go for a set in colors that match their wedding or home decor vibe, or opt to customize a candle with their initials and wedding floras for an extra thoughtful gift.

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19. Unique candle holders

If you’re giving the couple tapered candles, it's a great idea to also get them a set of candle holders to use to display them. Let what you now about newlywed’s home decor style help you choose the perfect one — go with wavy lines and organic shapes if the couple loves boho interiors or choose a more architectural pair for couples with sleeker taste.

Black Terrazzo

by Pretti.Cool


by massimo cappella

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20. Cheeky pillows

These personality-packed pillowcases are a lighthearted gift for newlyweds that love a funny slogan or matching t-shirt — just be sure to also include pillow inserts to go with them!

Pillow Covers

by Maya Malik

Pillow Covers

by Maya Malik

Pillow Covers

by Maya Malik

Pillow Covers

by Maya Malik

21. A pair of fine art prints

For a subtle and very sophisticated way to help the couple remember that they are better together, give them a pair of fine art prints. Minted has a huge selection of fine art pairs created by our global network of independent artists, so you’re sure to find a set of prints that the newlyweds will love.

Luminous Smoke No. 1

by Julia Contacessi

Luminous Smoke No. 2

by Julia Contacessi

Sunny and dots I

by Jaqui Falkenheim

Sunny and dots III

by Jaqui Falkenheim

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22. Mirrors

Decorative mirrors with an artisanal vibe are a beautiful way to add texture and visual interest to gallery walls, which make them great gifts for newlyweds looking to upgrade their space.

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23. Personalized keepsake box

There are so many mementos from the wedding day that the couple will want to hold on to, so a beautiful wood box personalized with their last name is a gift they’ll love. In the card you send along with the gift, be sure to encourage them to pull it out every year on their anniversary to relive all the special moments, too!

Personalized keepsake box

Keepsake Box by Wayfaren

24. Gift card to home improvement stores

If the couple is embarking on becoming newlyweds and new homeowners, a gift card to a home improvement store is sure to come in handy. Just be sure to look up the closest one to them so it will be easy to put to use.

25. Tool set

We’re willing to bet the hand-me-down tool set the couple has been using since college is due for an upgrade. Their wedding is the perfect time to give them the gift of their own set of tools — and potentially give them a lesson in how to use them if they’re new to DIY or homeownership.

26. Plants, planters, and vases

Vases are a fun way to play with color and personality at home, so keep your eye out for a funky or colorful vase that feels just like the couple while gift shopping. Or, if you know the newlyweds love to bring greenery indoors, you could buy them a beautiful handmade planter instead of a vase.

Modern Spice Planter

by Alison Jerry

Scala vase and propagator

by massimo cappella

Gravity bubbly bud vase

by massimo cappella

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27. Gardening tools

If the couple finally has a backyard to call their own, getting them set up with a basic lineup of gardening tools — think gardening gloves, a trowel, a shovel, a garden fork, and a pair of snips for pruning — is the perfect wedding gift. For a thoughtful touch, you can also include a few packets of flower, herb, or vegetable seeds along with a note that you can’t wait to watch their love grow.

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Honeymoon Essentials

28. Couples Spa Day

Help the newlyweds unwind after the stress and excitement of the wedding with a gift card for a day spent together relaxing at the spa.

29. Matching PJ sets

A classic pair of PJ’s monogrammed with the couple’s initials or new last name is a cute way to help them feel even more special on their honeymoon. (And let’s be honest, a beautiful honeymoon suite calls for a fresh pair of PJs!)

30. Luggage and luggage tags

If the couple is constantly jetting off together, or are planning a blow-out honeymoon, a fresh set of luggage is a great way to support them on their travels. If you don’t have the budget to splurge on a set of suitcases, a pair of personalized luggage tags makes for an equally thoughtful gift.

Date night activities

31. Board games

Not every weekend can be full of fancy dinners out — and the couple will likely be craving a bit of time at home after the wedding madness anyways. A few fresh board games is a great way to keep date nights at home feeling fun.

30. Embossed leather dice and card set

A set of dice and cards wrapped up in a beautiful embossed leather case is a great gift for couples that have a competitive streak, or that love to host casino night at home.

33. Relationship-building card decks

Their wedding marks the start of something new for the couple, so help them remember to always stay curious about each other by giving them a deck of cards full of thoughtful questions designed to bring them closer.

34. Custom puzzles

Turn their engagement photo or even just your favorite snap of the couple into a fun shared activity with one of Minted’s custom puzzles.

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35. Vintage and new books

Have two readers on your hands? Get them a vintage set of their favorite series or a first-edition copy of the book they spent all night talking about on their first date. Or, encourage them to discover a new joint favorite by giving them a book-of-the-month subscription for the year.

36. DIY flower press kit

Whether the couple is hoping to preserve the bride’s bouquet or are two wild flower-obsessed hikers, this DIY flower press kit is a great wedding gift.

Botanical Heirloom Flower Press Kit, Oak

Heirloom Flower Press Kit by Em and Me Studio

37. Hot air balloon ride

Send the couple a date they’ll never forget by giving them a hot air balloon ride adventure. (Just be sure to double check neither of them are afraid of heights before splurging on this unique wedding gift!)

38. Wine tasting voucher or wine membership

If the couple is heading to wine country for their honeymoon, let them go wine tasting on you! Or, if you know the couple has a favorite local winery, pay for a year’s worth of a wine membership so they can go again and again.

39. Masterclass gift card

This is the perfect gift for the couple who has everything. A Masterclass gift card will help the newlyweds discover a new hobby or deepen their knowledge of one of their favorite topics, all while spending quality time together.

40. Concert tickets

Was one of the couple’s first dates a concert? If so, giving them tickets to go see that band (or their new favorite band) is a super thoughtful wedding gift that they are sure to love.

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Wedding Gift Etiquette

You should give the couple a gift if you received an invitation to their wedding, even if you can’t attend. However, if the couple expressed that they prefer not to receive any gifts, you aren’t expected to give one. If you’re close to the couple and still want to give them a present, consider making a donation to a favorite charity in their name or giving them a gift in person after the honeymoon.

If the invitation, wedding website, or a member of the wedding party doesn’t expressly state ‘no gifts’, use these tips for gifting success.

1. Buy from their registry

This will ensure the gift is something they’ll actually use and will prevent any duplicate gifts. Check the couple’s wedding website or ask a close friend or family member for their registry information.

2. Contribute to their honeymoon fund

Many couples already own the basic home essentials, especially if they already live together. So instead of a traditional wedding registry, many brides and grooms are opting out of a traditional registry and instead setting up a honeymoon fund that allows guests to help contribute to big-ticket items.

If you notice they have a honeymoon fund set up, consider it the couple’s way of indicating that they would appreciate money in lieu of a gift. You can either add to their online fund, or give them a check or cash in a nice wedding card.

3. Spend what’s right for your budget…

…and what’s appropriate for your relationship to the couple.

As a general rule of thumb, here is a breakdown of how much you should budget for the wedding gift:

  • Coworker, distant friend, distant relative: $50–$100
  • Friend, relative: $100–$150
  • Close friend, close relative: $100–$200

If you are attending with a plus one, these numbers can all be doubled. And, if you aren’t close to the couple or the registry gifts are out of your price range, consider going in on a group gift with several friends or coworkers.

4. Don’t bring your gift to the wedding

If you decide to give a physical gift, skip bringing it to the wedding (especially if there’s any travel involved). Instead, send your gift directly to the couple, the hosting parents, or to the return address on the invitation. That way, you won’t risk your present getting lost in the shuffle at the wedding (especially if it’s a small envelope) and the couple won’t have to haul it home.

5. Send your gift to the couple within three months of the wedding (or before it)

There’s a popular myth that you have up to one year to send the couple a gift. But imagine if you got married and didn’t receive a gift after a few months — wouldn’t you assume it wasn’t coming? To avoid any confusion, send your gift soon after you receive your invitation or within three months after the wedding.

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