25 Engagement Photo Poses

We have compiled a list of engagement photo poses to help get you started! It is important to make your photos truly reflect your and your partner's personalities. Think about your hobbies or favorite date activities!

We have compiled a list of engagement photo poses to help get you started! It is important to make your photos truly reflect your and your partner's personalities. Think about your hobbies or favorite date activities!

Whether it is for your engagement announcement, wedding stationery or for your gallery wall at home, engagement photos should exude genuine emotions and capture the essence of your love story. Let the pictures tell the tale of your journey together and serve as a beautiful reminder of this special milestone.

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1. Holding Hands

A simple hand-holding shot is a classic. Opt for a wide lens effect to capture the entire landscape, a horizontal shot of the two of you, or zoom into the hands extra close to preview your beautiful rings. If you are zooming in, don’t forget to take some time cleaning your rings and making sure nails, hands, and bracelets are also in tip-top shape.

If looking for a truly memorable shot, try to get your hand-holding photoshoot scheduled during golden hour (the hour at sunrise and sunset when the sun is positioned low in the sky). Your photographer can make it appear that golden rays of light are coming from your grasp.

Holding Hands

2. Sharing a Kiss

Give your guests a preview of your first kiss as a married couple by sharing a tender kiss in your engagement photo pose. A sweet kiss will show how much you care for one another and will also be fun to shoot! You can even place your left hand on the face or shoulder of your fiance to show off your ring for an added bonus.

Sharing a Kiss

3. Embracing

One of the most timeless and intimate poses is the tender embrace. Stand close to your partner, embracing each other gently, allowing your love to radiate through the photograph. This pose beautifully captures the connection and closeness you share, highlighting the affection and comfort in your relationship.

A warm embrace can be shared in many different ways. Experiment with poses standing up, sitting down, facing each other, and facing the same direction. Regardless of the positioning, hold one another tight in each other’s arms. While embraced, choose to look at one another, look at the camera, or look away from it. One thing to remember when taking photos together is to refrain from wearing patterns that will clash with one another.


4. Profile

A profile shot allows you to look at one another while still having a portion of your face showing in the photo. Stand close to one another with your foreheads or noses touching, and gaze into one another's eyes. This can be a very natural and comfortable position. Tell a joke or talk amongst each other to spark natural smiles or laughter. Your photographer will be snapping countless numbers of photos, so they are sure to catch the perfect candid shot.


5. With a Pet

Including your furry friends adds an extra dose of love and joy. Including your pets in this special milestone allows you to celebrate the bond that completes your family. It is a great way to loosen the mood and have something to interact with besides each other. The best way to achieve one of these engagement poses is to have your pet on the ground with one person crouched down on each side of it. You can look down at your pet or at one another. Dressing your pet up with a bowtie will up the cute-factor!

With a Pet

6. Walking

Another classic engagement photo pose is to capture you both walking. Grab each other’s hands and begin walking at a normal pace. As you walk, change your positioning from time to time to allow the photographer to get the most natural shot. A few ideas include walking towards your photographer, walking sideways with one person leading and looking back at the other, or walking away from the photographer into the sunset. Try conversing with each other or sharing some laughs for some candid shots. Be sure you are always looking at the eye level of the camera and avoid looking down which will block your beautiful faces and smiles.


7. Reenactment of the Engagement

If you had a photographer (or even a friend or family member) capture the proposal, then using one of those shots is a perfect idea to share on your save the dates. If you did not, another great pose is to reenact the engagement. Have whoever proposed get down on one knee and hold the hand of the other person. If you are getting proposed to, reenact your reaction when it happened the first time. Were you smiling from ear to ear? Were you so shocked that one of your hands covered your mouth? Make sure to take a bunch of angles to get the perfect shot!

Reenactment of the Engagement

8. Far Away Scenery Shot

If you want to play up the city you live in or an outdoor setting you both enjoy, choose to take your engagement photos somewhere with an incredible backdrop. This could be on the beach, on a nature trail, or in a city with skyscrapers in the background. You can choose to pose however you like, but the most common would be walking hand in hand. Have your photographer stand at a distance in order to get the backdrop to take up the majority of the frame and to have your bodies be a small portion of the full shot.

Far Away Scenery Shot

9. Playful Piggyback

If you want to go for a more silly and playful pose to show off your personalities, hop on your fiance’s back for a piggyback! You can walk around while in the piggyback position or spin around. Regardless of the movement, be sure to keep each other laughing and smiling to give off an authentic feel. Make sure to hold on tight, we do not want any injuries!

Playful Piggyback

10. Head-on-Shoulder

A sweet and simple pose is the classic head-on-shoulder pose. You can do this sitting or standing, and it is a very natural positioning to lean your head onto the shoulder of your partner. If you want more direction, there are two options to consider when doing this pose. You can both face the camera with one person slightly behind their partner, holding onto their arm and leaning their head onto a shoulder. Second, your partner could face backward and reach your hand underneath his arm and lay it on his shoulder while you lean your head onto his shoulder.


11. Showing Off The Ring

You just got engaged! Why not show off the new shiny ring in your photos? This is another great engagement pose if you are shy about being the focal point of the photo. You can achieve this pose by holding hands, placing the hand with the ring on your fiance’s shoulder, or even pushing your hand out in front of you so it is closest to the camera. The key element to remember is to make sure your photographer takes a close up of wherever your hand is, focusing in on the ring.

Showing Off The Ring

12. Hug From Behind

This engagement pose allows you to be embracing one another, but both facing the camera. Experiment with sitting down, standing up, and mixing up who is doing the hugging from behind. The person in the front can lift their hands up to hold the arms of their partner behind them. It is a sweet touch to have the person in the front turn their head to the back so the couple can lock eyes. You could also both look at the camera if you prefer.

Hug From Behind

13. Lifting Up In The Air

This pose is commonly seen in the leading romantic comedy movies. Being lifted up in the air is a fun romantic pose that looks great on the front of a save the date card, especially if you are planning a beach wedding! Wrap your arms around one another tight and have the person who is being lifted pop one or two of their legs up in the air. Don’t be afraid to share a kiss! If you want to make this look even more natural, run and jump into your partner's arms.

Lifting Up In The Air

14. Sitting on the Ground

Test taking your photos while sitting down to change up the dynamic a little bit. When you sit down it gives the photographer an opportunity to get your full body in the shot while still being close up. Sit side by side, in the lap of your partner, or even back-to-back.

Sitting on the Ground

15. A Non-Face Photo

Another pose that is great if you are shy in front of the camera is a pose that does not show your face. The simplest way to achieve this is to have your backs facing the camera and you can either hold hands or rest your head on your partner's shoulder. This look kind of hints at what your love looks like when nobody is watching.

A Non-Face Photo

16. Twirling

If you are a playful, free spirit, a twirling pose is the one for you. It makes for a light but heartfelt pose that can really show off your personality. Hold one of your partner’s hands and have them lift it up high in the air while you twirl underneath. Have the photographer play some music to get the rhythm going! If you want to take this pose to the next level you can wear a long flowy dress that will create a beautiful shape when you spin.


17. Back-to-back

One of the easiest engagement photo poses to try is a back-to-back look. If you want to go for a more cool and sophisticated pose, stand back-to-back and keep a more serious face. Switch off who is facing the camera and who is looking straight ahead. The back-to-back pose also works very well if you are both sitting down on the ground.


18. Dip

If you and your partner love to dance, the dip is a great pose to take for a spin. To get the most natural-looking shot, we recommend actually dancing into the lead up to the dip. As the dip is executed, maintain eye contact with each other and strike a graceful pose. The person being dipped can extend their free arm or hold their partner's shoulder or neck. Experiment with different arm positions and poses to find what feels comfortable and visually pleasing. Coordinate with your photographer to capture the dip pose from the best angle. This pose offers an opportunity for a breathtaking shot that captures the romance and connection between you. Ensure the lighting, composition, and framing are aligned to create a captivating image.


19. Classic Portrait

Stand next to one another and either wrap your arms around each other or hold hands. Be sure that both of your heads are turned to face the camera and that you are smiling. The photographer should zoom in to focus primarily on the couple and crop out any distracting elements in the background.

Classic Portrait

20. Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss pose is a tender and intimate gesture that beautifully captures the love and connection between an engaged couple. This pose is most easily achieved when you are standing facing one another and the person who is taller is kissing the forehead of the shorter partner. Remember, the key to a successful forehead kiss pose is to relax, be present in the moment, and let your genuine emotions shine through.

Forehead Kiss

21. Sitting Apart

If you are not super into PDA and want a more edgy pose, one that will look great on your save the dates is a pose where you sit far away from one another. This allows for the background to compliment your post. Position yourselves on opposite ends of a bench or another seating option, facing each other. This arrangement creates visual interest and captures the space between you, while still maintaining a connection. Maintain eye contact as you sit apart, allowing the chemistry and love to be felt through your gaze. This adds depth and intensity to the photo, emphasizing the emotional connection. Encourage natural interactions between you as you sit apart. Laugh, share a secret, or exchange loving glances. These candid moments capture the authenticity and warmth of your relationship.

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22. Side-by-Side

The side-by-side pose is a very comfortable and natural one. It also alludes to when you both will be standing side-by-side during your wedding ceremony. Stand close to one another while positioning your bodies so that they both face the camera, hold hands, and look at one another. Wear coordinating outfits that will complement each other while standing so close to each other.


23. Facing Each other

Replicate the pose usually reserved for sharing wedding vows. Stand with your bodies facing in towards one another so that the camera sees your profile. Stand far enough away from each other so that you can reach both your hands out and hold your partner’s hands. Take a few photos while smiling at each other, and then try to have a conversation so that you can break out into some natural laughter so you photographer can get a candid shot.

Facing Each other

24. Popping Champagne

Grab a bottle of champagne and pop it together for a celebratory engagement shot! One person should hold the champagne and open it themselves, while the other stands close by. Be sure to not shake the bottle too much or else it was spray all over the both of you. Of all our recommended engagement poses to experiment with, this one should be saved towards the end of your shoot just in case you accidentally get some champagne on your clothing.

Popping Champagne

25. Cheersing

Use the champagne that you just popped to pour yourselves a drink and take a photo while cheersing. Make sure you pack two champagne flutes. They can have stems or be stemless, whichever you prefer. To celebrate your engagement and the success of your photoshoot, make an actual toast to get a natural reaction while cheersing.


We hope this list of engagement photo poses will help give you some inspiration for your engagement photoshoot. We encourage you to experiment with a wide variety of poses because you never know what image will turn out the best. The engagement poses you don’t feature in your wedding stationery could then be displayed in a photo collage at your wedding or in your first holiday card as a married couple!