31+ Best Bridal Shower Games

Planning a bridal shower? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the best bridal shower games to make your wedding shower the most memorable.

Are you hosting or planning a bridal shower? That means you’ll be needing some bridal shower game ideas.

When planning wedding shower games and activities, first check with the guest of honor about the style and tone of the event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering of close friends and family or a couple’s shower with a mixed guest list, choose activities that suit their style and are appropriate for the venue and the guest list.

So while the celebration is focused on the happy couple, here are some unique bridal shower games to make your event fun for everyone!

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1. How Well Do You Know the Bride/Groom

There are printable bridal shower games available online and this is one of them. You can just come up with your own questions to ask the bride.

Write down all of the questions and answers before the start of the shower. Ask the guests each question and see who knows the bride the best.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

This one is easy! The guest of honor starts by sharing two true statements about herself and one false, and guests try to guess the false statement. Do this for the entire party, or table by table depending on the size of the event.

3. Movie Love Quotes

Check everyone’s cinematic memory skills. Come up with a list of famous love quotes from romantic movies and then have everyone guess which movie the quote is from. Make individual cards or just an open question for anyone in the room to jump up and answer.

Whoever gets the most right can win a nice bottle of wine or other favor.

4. Bridal Shower Discovery

Come up with a list of things that describe each of the guests, like their favorite hobby or places they’ve been. Assign a list to each guest and have everyone go around and find someone that fits the description.

This is even more fun if most of the guests don’t know each other well, it is also an opportunity to get to know friends or family members a little bit better before the wedding.

5. Guess Their Age

This game is a great way to wax nostalgic and show off the couple’s questionable style choices from years past. Gather photos of the bride and groom at various ages. Guests guess the ages in each photo or arrange the photos in chronological order on a pinboard.

6. Fold-and-Pass Poem

This is perfect for guests with a creative side. Start by writing the first line at the top of a piece of paper. Fold the paper over so the first line can’t be seen and pass it to the next guest who writes the next line. Read the completed poem aloud!

This is a fun way to write a toast or tell a story about the couple. Send Minted the completed poem and we’ll turn it into a completely custom art print as a memento.

7. Why Do We Do That?

Come up with a list of wedding traditions that everyone does and no one really knows why. Research the origin of each and write out the answers in an answer bank. Call out the traditions one by one and see who gets the most answers correct off of the answer key.


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8. Gift Bingo

Give the guests something to do while the bride opens her gifts. Create bingo cards with blank grids and the word LOVE or BRIDE across the top. Guests fill in their grids with gifts they think the bride will receive.

As she opens her gifts, the first guest to complete a row gets a prize.

9. Ring Game

Purchase cheap plastic rings for each guest in attendance and pass them out when they arrive. Then, pick some forbidden words such as “wedding” or “bride.” If anyone says any of the forbidden words they get their ring taken away.

Whoever hears a forbidden word gets to take the ring from the person who said it, and the guest with the most rings at the end of the shower wins!

10. Pin the Bouquet on the Bride

Hopefully, there are some artistic guests for this game. Draw a life-size picture of the bride and hang it up. Then draw features such as hair, nose, hands, etc. Then each guest will be blindfolded and have to try to put the feature they were given in the right place on the drawing.

11. Arts and Crafts

Host a group crafting session and create paper flower bouquets, pressed flowers, or fresh flower crowns.

12. Whose Memory?

Everyone at the shower should write down a memory they have involving the bride. Put all of the memories in a basket and have the bride read them out loud. Let everyone try to guess whose memory it is.

13. Telephone Toast

This game is fun for mixed groups and guests who may not be well acquainted with each other. Arrange the guests in a circle around the room or table. The first guest starts by whispering a short toast for the couple to the guest next to them. That guest whispers it to the next, and the next, until the message reaches back to where it started.

The first guest then says the reinvented toast out loud, and their original toast. This game is sure to get some laughs.

14. Kiss the Groom

Break the blindfold out and get ready to laugh for this one. Get a picture of the groom enlarged and hang it on a wall. Have the bride put a nice thick coat of red lipstick on and blindfold her. Now she has to kiss the photo and try to land that lipstick on his lips.

Some brides even choose to have their guests give it a shot–but that’s up to them!

15. Tying the Knot

This one could be a bachelorette party game as well, but it’s PG enough to play at a bridal shower and get lots of laughs. Guests have to race to tie as many cherry stems in a knot with their tongue as possible within a time limit.

16. Wedding Movie Charades

Charades is a classic game, but you can make it bridal-shower-appropriate by only doing wedding and romance-based movies and books. It is easiest to split the party in half and just have two teams.

Write out some classic wedding movies or romance novels that the crowd is sure to know. See which team knows their stuff – or at least which one has better actresses.

17. Telephone Toast

This game is fun for mixed groups and guests who may not be well acquainted with each other. Arrange the guests in a circle around the room or table. The first guest starts by whispering a short toast for the couple to the guest next to them. That guest whispers it to the next, and the next, until the message reaches back to where it started.

The first guest then says the reinvented toast out loud, and their original toast. This game is sure to get some laughs.

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18. Bible Bingo

Just as it sounds, take people, places, images or words from the bible to set up the bingo board. If the whole party is Christian this will be a competitive game.

19. Church Wedding Word Scramble

Take some words that are relevant to a church wedding and mix the letters up. Then see who can unscramble them the fastest. You can also do just bridal-shower-related word scramble!

20. Where Were We?

Display around ten photos of the bride and groom together. Have everyone guess where each photo was taken and offer a prize to whoever gets the most right.

21. Bridal Shower Trivia

This bridal shower classic can be tailored to the guest list. Prepare a list of questions to see how much the guests know about the bride or couple. You can include the list of questions in the shower invitation suite so everyone can come to the party with a filled card.

22. How Well Do You Know the Groom?

Just like “how well do you know the bride,” ask the groom a series of questions and write down all of his answers. Then at the shower, see who can answer the most questions correctly.

23. Nominate A Guest

Write some questions down and put them in a hat. The bride will choose a question, answer it then nominate a guest to answer the same question.

24. Would She Rather

For this one, guests will be given a question with two possible answers and they have to choose which one the bride would rather. It’s a fun way to get to know the bride better and see who knows her the best already.

25. Celebrity Wives

Get a picture of a celebrity wife for every guest at the shower. Don’t show them the picture, just tape it to their forehead.

All the other guests will have to describe the celebrity in the picture. They can ask questions along the way.

Wedding Shower Games with the Bride and Groom

A wedding shower involves the bride and groom, while the bridal shower is for the bride. The wedding shower involves both wedding parties and lets the couple spend more time with each other and their families before walking down the aisle. Try out these games to shower the couple!

26. Couples Trivia

Ask the couple a series of questions about each other before the shower. During the shower, ask the question to the guests and then share each of the couple’s answers.

27. The Shoe Game

Sit the bride and groom back to back in the center of the room. Then have them take their shoes off and exchange one shoe each. At this point, both bride and groom should be holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s. Now someone will ask a series of questions that will describe either the bride or groom. Instead of calling out the answer to each question, the couple will simply raise the shoe of who they believe to be the question is describing.

28. Scavenger Hunt

Get your guests moving and even head outside. Hide gifts or pieces of paper with fun facts about the guest of honor and give the guests clues to find them. For an adventurous twist, make it a city-wide photo scavenger hunt with landmarks from the couple’s relationship.

29. Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with a custom backdrop, silly props, or a chalkboard for guests to write messages to the bride. You can even create a photo gift of all the pictures from the party as a bridal shower keepsake.

30. Over or Under

Guests will be given a series of facts about various timelines regarding the bride and groom’s relationship and the wedding. They have to then choose whether the fact is either true or if the timeline given is over or under.

31. Wedding Song Match

Get some wedding photos from relatives of the bride and groom and ask them what their first dance or wedding march was. At the shower, post the pictures and play one of the songs. The guests have to match the song to the couple.

Bridal Shower Game FAQs

Do you have to play bridal or wedding shower games?

Of course not! Bridal shower games are purely an option. While they can be fun and give the guests a chance to bond, they are by no means necessary. The guest of honor can decide if they’d like them included on the day.

What can you do at a bridal shower besides games?

Instead of (or in addition to) games, try fun group activities like the scavenger hunt, flower bar, paint & sip, cooking class, or any arts & crafts event.

How many games should you play at a bridal shower?

On average, a bridal shower runs three hours long. If you want to spend 30 minutes to an hour playing games, pick two to three to play. Some games take longer than others, and some can be done during other parts of the event, such as the “gift bingo” during gift opening.

Host the Bridal Shower of the Year

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