Wedding Planning Guide

bridal shower games

Hosting a bridal shower? When planning the wedding shower games and activities, check with the guest of honor to establish the tone of the event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering of close friends and family or a couple’s shower with a mixed guest list, choose activities that suit their style and are appropriate for the venue and the guest list. While the celebration is focused on the happy couple, here are some unique bridal shower games to make your event fun for everyone. Hint: Use Minted’s personalized stationery for these fun bridal shower games, and give the guest of honor matching thank you cards as a gift.

  • Bridal Shower Trivia: This bridal shower classic can be tailored to the guest list. Prepare a list of questions to see how much the guests know about the bride or couple.
  • Couples Trivia: Fun for couple showers with mixed guest lists to girls-only affairs. Ask the couple a series of questions about each other. Each responds with their own answer and what they think the others’ response will be. If the groom is not attending, you can get his answers ahead of time. Guests can take turns asking questions.
  • Guess Their Age: This game is a great way to wax nostalgic and show off the couple’s questionable style choices from years past. Gather photos of the bride and groom at various ages. Guests guess the ages in each photo or arrange the photos in chronological order on a pinboard.
  • Gift Bingo: Give the guests something to do while the bride opens her gifts. Create bingo cards with blank grids and the word LOVE or BRIDE across the top. Guests fill in their grids with gifts they think the bride will receive. As she opens her gifts, the first guest to complete a row gets a prize.
  • Fold-and-Pass Poem: Perfect for guests with a creative side. Start by writing the first line at the top of a piece of paper. Fold the paper over so the first line can’t be seen, and pass to the next guest who writes the next line. Read the completed poem aloud! This is also a fun way to write a toast or tell a story about the couple. Send Minted the completed poem and we’ll turn it into a completely custom art print as a memento.
  • Telephone Toast: This game is fun for mixed groups and guests who may not be well acquainted with each other. Arrange the guests in a circle around the room or table. The first guest starts by whispering a short toast for the couple to the guest next to them. That guest whispers it to the next, around the room until it reaches back to where it started. The first guest then says the reinvented toast aloud, and their original toast.
  • Two Truths and a Lie: Break the ice by letting each guest take a turn. The guest of honor starts by sharing two true statements about herself and one false, and guests try to guess the false statement.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Get your guests moving and even head outside. Hide gifts or pieces of paper with fun facts about the guest of honor and give the guests clues to find them. For an adventurous twist, make it a city-wide photo scavenger hunt with landmarks from the couple’s relationship.

Here are some more creative ideas for DIY bridal shower activities:

Once you’ve finalized your plans, create a complete look for the celebration with matching bridal shower decor.