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Stylish Reception Cards for Your Wedding


Minted wedding reception cards are an important component in a full wedding invitation suite. The wedding invitation can invite guests to both your ceremony and reception, or you can include a stand-alone wedding reception insert card to explain more about the reception. Reception cards may include information about the location, timing, attire, and transportation logistics for your post-wedding ceremony event. Our reception cards are flat and measure 5.5” by 4.25”. Both the front and back of the card can be fully customized with every detail you want to include. We have a wide range of chic styles, so you are guaranteed to find one that complements your other correspondence and wedding theme.


The wedding ceremony symbolizes the moment a couple is wed and bound for life to each other. Sometimes couples will choose to have the wedding ceremony be a more private affair with close family and friends. After the ceremony, couples will hold a reception or party, sometimes at a separate venue, to celebrate this milestone with their friends and families. Depending on the preferences of the couple and the size of the wedding ceremony venue, some couples may choose to only include a subset of their guest list to the ceremony, and include a larger group for the reception.

For example, if you are getting married in a chapel with limited seating capacity, you will need to invite a smaller group to the ceremony. A great way to do this is by separating your ceremony and reception invitations into two pieces, and this is where the reception card comes in handy. You can include both pieces for guests invited to both events, and just the reception card for those not included in the ceremony.


There are a few key elements you should consider including on the reception card for your wedding to make sure that your guests are well informed and organized. One of the many keys to hosting a successful wedding is clear communication. Below we have outlined important information to include:

  • Venue: You will want to give the name and address of the venue. If the reception is at a family or friend’s home, you should list the host’s name along with the address. For example, “Please join us for a reception at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, parents of the bride.” If you are providing transport from the ceremony venue to the reception, you should provide that information. You should also detail out any information about parking at the venue.
  • Time: Make sure to note what time the reception will take place, especially if it is not immediately following your ceremony. If you are keeping to traditional formal language on your invitation, you will want to maintain that style on your reception card, for example: “Please join us for a reception at five o’clock in the evening.” If you are taking a more informal casual tone in your invitation, you may say something like, “Join us at 5 pm for a reception.”
  • Wedding Website: You should include the URL to your wedding website, where you can include any information that may not fit on the reception card. Tell the guests what additional information they can expect to find at your wedding website, such as, “Please visit our wedding website,, for details on room blocks we have reserved at hotels in the area.”
  • Food and Drinks: Tell guests whether dinner or drinks will be served at the reception. If you plan to serve a formal sit-down dinner, say something like, “Cocktail hour will begin at five o’clock in the evening, followed by a sit-down dinner and wedding cake at six-thirty.” If you are serving a more casual meal, you can let guests know this, too. Sample wording could include, “We will have a champagne toast at 5 pm along with small bites.”
  • Reception Activities: Here is where you can tell guests what to expect in terms of entertainment at the reception, whether there will be dancing, a live band, or some other special activity. If there is a certain dress code, such as black tie, you should note that here, too.


Every design on Minted is created by an independent artist and has been sourced through our signature design competition process. Members of Minted’s artist community live all over the world. Minted enables them to focus on their creativity and craft, while Minted’s best-in-class team handles all of the production, printing, and fulfillment. Our artist community is very diverse, and this ensures we are always bringing you the freshest designs in a broad range of styles and mediums. You are sure to find a design that complements your invitation suite and perfectly fits your style.


Whatever your wedding style may be, you will find the perfect design on MInted. We have a huge range of styles, from classic and traditional, with elegant script typography and minimal decoration, to feminine, intricate florals and fresh botanicals. If you are looking for something more modern or bold, we have an assortment of bold and typographic designs featuring clever geometric patterns.

Minted makes it easy for you to sort through our impressive collection by providing useful style filters located at the top of this page. Use the ‘style’ filter to discover designs in the style that appeals most to you. Or you can shop by color to find something in the perfect hue. If your wedding theme focuses on a particular season, such as a formal winter wedding, you can use our ‘season’ filter and narrow down by summer, spring, fall, or winter-themed reception card styles. Whatever your wedding vibe, there is a design on Minted that will work for you.


Transform any of our reception card designs to succinctly match your wedding style. Take advantage of Minted’s easy-to-use customization tools and professional design services. Everything from color, fonts, text positioning, paper type, and card shape can be fully customized. You can even add genuine hand-pressed foil to your personal details for an elevated look. Below we have gone more in-depth into design features that can be manipulated.

  • Color: We offer up to eight unique color themes for each design. These color themes represent the most on-trend color combination, as well as classic and traditional color pairings. Before you even begin the customization process, you can filter for the color you’re looking for on our category page, to narrow down the options. Then once you click on the design page for a specific card, you can preview the different color options. If none of the artist-created color pairings are exactly what you are looking for, you have the option to create a fully customized color story with the help of a Minted design associate.
  • Text Customization: Choose from a broad selection of fonts to print your important wedding details. Along with font style, you can easily change the color, size, and positioning of your text on the wedding reception cards. Manipulate all the text features with the click of a mouse. Browse through some text template options for the back or your card design as well.
  • Card Shape: Think outside the box! Our range of card silhouette shapes includes 7 different styles. For a simple and understated look, consider rounded corners or our classic frame. For something with a little more personality, we have bubble scallop, oval frame, noted frame, and vintage frame options. Customizing the shape of your reception card is a fun way to signal the fun times that will be had at the event.
  • Paper Type: Minted has three different paper types to choose from that range from a smooth cotton texture, shimmery pearlescent finish, and material made of 100% recycled goods.
  • Back of the Card: As a finishing touch, review how you would like the back of your card to appear. Choose to have a clean white backer, a solid color, highlight a coordinated pattern, or select a text template that allows you to include additional details for your guests. The choice is yours!


Once your reception cards have arrived in the mail, gather the remaining elements in your wedding stationery suite. The largest piece will likely be your invitation, so let this be the base of your stack. Then, place your reception card and RSVP card along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope. This will make corresponding to your wedding invite a breeze.

To tie everything together, you can choose an elegant ribbon in a color that coordinates with the rest of your suite. Another way to tie the look together is with a matching belly band from Minted. Wrap the belly band around the stationery elements and seal it closed with the included sticker. Give your wedding invitation bundle the prestigious look it deserves.

When it comes to the envelope to package everything up in, Minted has many enhanced options to impress. First off, choose an envelope color that will generate the memorable first impression you are aiming for. Next, consider a flashy gold, rose gold, or silver envelope liner. Lastly, Minted offers free recipient address printing with matching envelope artwork to ensure the look on your envelope is just as artistically sound as the material it holds.

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