DIY Wedding Program How-To

Your big day is just around the corner, and Minted is here to help you put the finishing touches on your celebration.

Print & Cut, Fold, and Assemble

Follow these simple steps to create and assemble your DIY Wedding Programs.

  1. To get started download our Program Insert Page template, and enter your program copy. This standard 8.5"x11" Word document is divided into 2 columns. Each column is an individual insert for your program.
  2. Now you are ready to print. If you are printing in color we suggest running a few tests first. Each printer is different, and to ensure that the color you have on your screen is the same color that will print may take a couple of tries.
  3. Time to cut. We suggest using a paper cutter, but a steady hand and scissors will do the trick. To save time and to make sure everything is perfectly straight, visit you local copy center. Many copy centers have a machine that will cut large stacks of paper at the same time and typically charges less than $1 per cut. Three cuts are necessary: Lengthwise in the center and .75" on the left and right margins.
  4. Assembly is a breeze. Fold your printed and trimmed Program Insert Page in half across the middle, lining up the top edge to the bottom edge and crease firmly.
  5. Now, insert the Program Insert Page into your Minted Program cover.
  6. Bind the cover and insert together by using a 10" piece of ribbon. Loop the ribbon around both the cover and insert and tie a simple knot or bow to secure.

What you'll need:

Word Template:

Download it here.


You will need to print your program text on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. We know that the details matter to you, so skip the standard office copier paper and opt for something with a little more weight. Resume paper is a great option and readily available at office supply stores. Look for brands such as Strathmore or Cranes that have a weight between 24 - 32lbs.

Where to buy:




Each program will need approximately 10" of ribbon, give or take an inch depending on how you want to tie the knot or bow. Get creative with your ribbon choice, 1/4" double-faced satin is a great option for a formal wedding, while twine or colored baker's string is perfect for a more rustic affair. Fabric and craft stores such as Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts and Michaels have a vast selection of ribbon in an endless amount of color to coordinate with your design.

Where to buy:


Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts