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Minted x West Elm Round 4 Art Challenge

We're excited to announce the fourth year of a very successful partnership with West Elm, sourcing from the Minted community a collection of beautiful art for West Elm. West Elm is a widely admired brand in the home decor space, known for their contemporary and eclectic style. And most importantly, West Elm shares our passion for discovering and supporting independent artists and makers.

Both Minted and West Elm will select winning art prints from this challenge. West Elm will select 50 pieces from this challenge, and 10 of these pieces will be exclusive to West Elm. West Elm's exclusive pieces will be sold for a period of time in a West Elm store or featured in one of West Elm's catalogs. All of West Elm's other pieces will also be sold on Minted.

The wisdom of crowds.

Who decides which artists get into the Minted collection? You do. Our design challenges are voted on by our users and winners are picked to be sold on