Thank You Cards Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards


No matter the occasion, a thank you is always the perfect finishing touch. To say thank you is to show the ones we care about how much they mean to us. The words themselves are simple, yet are so touching to those around us. Whether you are thanking your baby shower guests, gift givers, or perhaps those that congratulated you on your recent graduation, there is no better way to share your appreciation than with beautiful thank you cards. A luxurious paper thank you note will show those you care for that you appreciate them enough to spend the time creating a physical representation of your gratitude. No matter the style thank you note you choose, Minted will show your gratitude flawlessly.


Thank you letter etiquette and thank you card wording can be confusing, so here are some tips to make you a savvy thank you note sender:

  • First, always keep a set of thank you stationery on hand so you can easily extend your gratitude whenever needed.
  • Second, all thank you cards should be hand written, even if the note itself is brief, as a hand written letter will feel more personal to recipient.
  • Third, try to send your thank you cards as soon as possible and always reference the actual act or gift you are grateful for. This will show the recipient that you truly remember and appreciate their efforts.
  • Fourth, include detail about how you will use their gift, or how their act of kindness helped you.
  • Fifth, if you are going to be seeing them soon at another event, mention that you look forward to talking with them there.
  • And lastly, mention once more how thankful you are before signing off.