3 Unique Guestbook Ideas

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

chandelier guest book

Let’s be honest, after you get home from your wedding and flip through the guest book once, who really goes back to it again and again to read the signatures? Not many, i’m assuming. So, why not put a tiny bit of extra effort into a project that you will love to look at and display in your home? Here are 3 unique ideas and how to re-create them for your own wedding.


DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

By Jeran McConnel of Oleander and Palm

Easter is just around the corner and I’m ready for pretty spring pastels. This year I was so inspired by Minted’s Modern Marble Party Decor, that I wanted to carry the trend over to egg decorating. There are so many options when it comes to marbling, but most methods involve hard-to-find, obscure products or messy, oil-based paints. I wanted to make my eggs with simple, inexpensive ingredients that are also kid-friendly. Read on for the how-to…


DIY Brass Leaf Napkin Ring

By Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

I am totally in love with the foliage trend. Leaf prints and watercolors and bouquets of only ferns and foliage are hitting the ground running this Spring. I wanted to make some simple napkin rings that could bring a little more of the trend to the table. Like brass wall art from the seventies, these brass leaves glam up even the simplest of spring brunches. I am making a set for Easter this year and probably a few extra for friends. Making these brass napkin rings is as easy as cutting paper, really.

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wallpaper trends.

By Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.
As I start planning out my next home decor project, I’ve become quite enamored with some of the latest in wallpaper trends. Even if you’re not willing to commit to wallpapering an entire room, using a fun pattern here or there as an accent wall or to a piece of furniture is sure to brighten up a room. Here are just a few wallpaper designs that have caught my eye.
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The Lettersmiths : Jill De Haan, Simon Walker, & Andrew Frazer

By Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus

Handlettering is everywhere you look, from pinterest to home catalogs. I enjoy this vast trend from the subtle to drastic differences, each unique to each designer/artist. I want to share with you three of my favorite lettersmiths. The suffix, -smith connotes a meaning of specialized craftsmen and all three of these individuals are experts in the field of hand lettering.


Wedding Trends: Industrial Lush and The Square Types

Few things are more wonderful than a romantic love story. From the moment a couple meets at a mutual friends house warming party to their very own modern wedding party, we’re entranced.

This chic pair combines their love of solid design, industrial spaces, understated glamour and lush greenery with pops of color for an experience that begins with The Square Types and lasts far beyond their wedding day.

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easy floral centerpiece

By Melanie of You Are My Fave

Thursday marks the first day of spring, hooray! Even if it doesn’t feel very springy where you live, you can bring a little bit of the season inside with this easy floral display. The best part is it’s long lasting so will make it all the way to your Easter brunch…


A Talk with Minted Artist Jorey Hurley

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Last week, we were very lucky to have Minted artist, illustrator, and author Jorey Hurley visit us here at Minted HQ in San Francisco. Jorey sat down with Mariam, our CEO and Founder, for a Fireside Chat to talk about Jorey’s work, her inspiration, her Minted experience, and her new book, Nest, with Simon & Schuster.

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Let’s Go for a Color Dip

By Amy Ehmann of  Design Lotus

Dip Baby Dip… I can’t seem to get that 90s song out of my mind – looking at all these fun color dipped projects. I don’t think there can be a more fun and easy way to add a pop of color to just about anything you own. Boring keychain? Drop it in some neon pink paint and you’re suddenly on trend. Ugly plain wood utensils? No problem. Let them go for a dip in your favorite shades and voila! Instant style.


Using Radiant Orchid On Your Wedding Day

By Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

radiant orchid wedding

The first day of spring is almost here which means 2 things. Wedding season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to start planning how to infuse the color of the year into your wedding day. When trying to use one trendy color in your palette, I love when brides choose to use a variety of shades rather than trying to match a single color for everything. Not only does it give your decor some variety, it makes your life a lot easier through the planning process. Read on for a few ways to incorporate the color of 2014.