By Celisse Muller, Customer Care Lead at Minted

Not quite pink, but not quite purple either, Radiant Orchid was announced as Pantone’s 2014 color of the year:

“While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.


DIY Easy Foil Coasters

By Jenny Batt, of Hank and Hunt

I love paper coasters and use them for everything. I also love metallics like gold and copper foil. I’ve foiled before, and if you have tried you know it can be tricky and messy. I am a fan of the short cut and instant gratification so I wanted to try something simpler and quicker. Double stick tape saves the day and makes it super simple to decorate anything, like these bar cart staples, drink coasters, with fun foiled shapes. In seconds you can take a plain paper coaster to a fun and modern one with no dry time. These would make great hostess gifts or just to keep on hand for any impromptu party.

You will need foil transfer sheets, double stick tape, paper coasters and scissors.

Step 1: Choose your favorite foil color, I found these packaged sheets in gold, copper and silver and snag some paper coasters from your local stamp and craft shop.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut geometric shapes out of double stick tape. You can cut simple dashes or these diamonds by taking a piece of tape and cutting an angle. Press tape on coaster in a random pattern.

Step 3: Once you have  decorated your coaster with your tape pattern it is time to add the foil. Each foiling sheet has a right side (pretty foil color) and a wrong side (grey striped). With the copper/metallic (right) side face up, press the foiling sheet on top of your coaster.  Rub with your finger firmly until all the foil has adhered to all of the tape on the coaster. Miss a spot? Simply recover the spot with an unused part of the foil sheet and press until filled.

Step 4: Gently peel off the foil sheet, revealing your awesome foiled design.

Step 5: Repeat with remaining coasters, hooray!

This technique could be used in so many ways. Try it to make easy stripes, sheets of foiled wrapping paper, decorate the rim of a cake stand and more. I want to try my hand at exciting shapes with double sided adhesive sheets and cool fonts. Whatever you use it for, this is by far the easiest way to foil anything.

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Together Again: Minted + West Elm Art Challenge

Together again! We are very happy to say that we’re continuing our Minted + West Elm Collaboration with a second art print challenge. We have loved working with West Elm not only because they are at the forefront of modern, eclectic home design and decor, but especially because they share our fundamental passion for supporting independent artists.

Our first challenge was such a success that we jumped at the change to work with West Elm again. Learn more and submit to our second Minted + West Elm Art Challenge here by Monday, February 3 at 10am PT. Keep reading for more details!


New Year. Less Clutter

By Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.

For the new year, many resolutions include some kind of reorganization of our lives. The first thing that comes to my mind is going through the clutter accumulated from the past year and tidying up our living spaces. Here are just a few of my favorite shelving setups.

These reclaimed open wood shelves are a gorgeous way to showcase and organize your most beautiful belongings. This display can be seen at Twig & Twine in L.A.’s Silver Lake.


DIY Animal Envelopes

By: Merrilee Liddiard, of Mer Mag

These simple little animal envelopes are just the thing to drop your friend, teacher, (or Valentine!) a little note in! And the best part, they are super easy to make.


  • envelopes (the ones with the “V” shape closure works best for these)
  • paint, markers, or whatever decorative art supplies you like
  • Colorful or patterned paper for the ears
  • glue stick (or an adhesive of sorts)

  1. Begin with an blank envelope, closure side facing you
  2. Paint on features, using point of envelope as your animal’s nose
  3. Paint on additional features such as cheeks, or whiskers, freckles, etc.
  4. From your colored or patterned paper, cut out ear shapes. Here w went with triangles for a cat or fox look. Glue them to the underside of the envelope.
  5. Fill your animal envelope with a special note and even candies for a friend or teacher.
  6. Make more! These are so easy and fun to make, you’ll love coming up with different animals such as our little doggie friend below!