What I’m Thankful For: Jackie Mangiolino

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Jackie Mangiolino of Sincerely, Jackie
Where you’re based: Bellmore, New York
How long you’ve been with Minted: Since November 2009 (5 years!)
My favorite thing about the holidays is… the smells! Cookies baking, fresh pine trees, Christmas ham, and cinnamon in the fireplace. The smells bring me back to childhood.
Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving unless… there’s a mini-crisis. One year my mother-in-law had a knife accident and almost lost a toe; another year my dad’s boat almost sank; and another year, there *shudder* wasn’t enough turkey. There’s always something totally unexpected that happens and makes for great future stories.
Stuffing—love it or loathe it? I love it. What’s not to love?!

Thanksgiving, to me, has always been a holiday representing gratitude and coming together. Growing up, my grandparents would host a feast for the entire family, which was no small feat with all four of their children and 12 of their grandchildren. My grandfather started the meal by saying a few words of thanks, and he would always get choked up when he thanked our troops and service men and women. It was a simple but powerful sentiment that reminded us all of just how free and fortunate we really were.

My grandparents no longer host Thanksgiving dinner, but my husband and I deeply cherish the tradition and meaning behind the holiday. For years my husband and I would dream of having a home where we could host Thanksgiving and bring our families together. Well, that year has come and this week my husband and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people in our new home! Our hearts are filled with immense gratitude, and we cannot wait to begin our own tradition of giving thanks.  —Jackie

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Printable “How to Holiday” List

The holidays are definitely a busy time of making, eating, and going places. Instead of trying to remember everything on your to-do list off the top of your head, let’s make things official (and a little more fun!) with a fill-in list. A “How to Holiday” list, to be exact, ready for you to print and hang up. Grab the download below.

holiday bucket list
fill-in holiday list

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My Thanksgiving Table: Renee Pulve (+ DIY Leaf Place Cards)

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Renee Pulve of Smudge Design
Where you’re based: Westlake Village, CA
How long you’ve been with Minted: 4.5 years
My favorite thing about the holidays is… Christmas music.
Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving unless… there are leftovers!
Stuffing—love it or loathe it? Love it—and it better be Stove Top!

This Thanksgiving, I’ll be hosting a small and intimate gathering at home. Here’s a sneak peek into what I’ve got planned. —Renee

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DIY Wedding: Personalized Keychain Favors (With Tassels!)

By Lauren Saylor of  A Fabulous Fete

Wedding place card

If you’re getting married sometime soon, you may be experiencing a bit of Pinterest fatigue. There are so many great wedding ideas out there, but it can be difficult to come up with something unique to share with your guests. My solution is always to think of something you love and then personalize it! Adding each guest’s name or even a meaningful quote is the kind of personal touch that will keep them talking your wedding long after it’s over.

For this DIY wedding favor, I decided to make personalized keychains inspired by vintage hotel room keys. You know the ones with large metal discs stamped with the room number and perhaps an added tassel? Here’s how to create your own that are personalized with your guests’ names.

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DIY: Thanksgiving Turkey Macarons

While they may not be ready to assist with Thanksgiving dinner prep just yet, your littlest guests can help decorate the table with these DIY turkey macarons. This project is simple enough for kids big and small—they’ll have a ton of fun making (and eating!) them while the turkey’s still in the oven.

DIY turkey macarons

DIY turkey macarons

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Recipe: Classic Cranberry Sauce (With Printable Gift Label!)

This holiday season, in addition to our regular Julep contributors, we’re also sharing stories from our Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

Name: Susan Brown
Where you’re based: Menomonie, WI
How long you’ve been with Minted: Since 2011
My favorite thing about the holidays is… having our son and his fiancé home for a few days.
This year, I’m thankful for… good friends, good books, and gold foil!
Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving unless… my family fights over the dark meat.
Stuffing—love it or loathe it? Love it (especially mine!).

There is little that signals the approaching holidays better than the bright red cranberry bogs along Wisconsin’s highways. Since Wisconsin is the biggest producer of this versatile berry, it seemed only natural to share this simple Thanksgiving recipe for fresh cranberry sauce with you. And if you’ve never made this tasty, tart sauce before, I hope it will become a tradition in your family, too.I like to make an extra-large batch of cranberry sauce and spoon it into small canning jars to give as a parting gift. That way, when I’m passing out Thanksgiving leftovers for guests to take home, I include a jar so everyone can enjoy turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce the next day.  —Susan

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Minted + Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Giveaway!

At Minted, we’re all about celebrating your children’s milestone moments, which is why we love our friends at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. They carry the cutest baby and kids’ products—everything from nursery bedding and felt-animal mobiles to play room tents and furniture. Their products are the perfect complement to any Minted party and I had so much fun dreaming up three themed celebrations (featured below): a race car-themed birthday party, baby’s first year, and a birthday party campout.

We also teamed up with them to offer an amazing $500 giveaway exclusively for Julep readers: one lucky winner will score a $250 gift card to Minted + $250 gift card to Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. Click through below to find out how you can win!

Celebration #1: Race Car Birthday Party
1. The perfect party invitation: “The Right Track” by Kelli Hall for Minted.
2. A vintage race car for your littlest driver: Roadster Scoot from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.
3. Turn the drinks table into a fuel station with these free Juice Box printables by Kelli Hall for Julep.
4. Top simply frosted cupcakes with these black-and-white checkered flags.
5. Cherry-flavored lollipops make the perfect party favor.
6. This garage-themed playhouse from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child is guaranteed fun.


Design to Dish: Harvest Pumpkin Muffins

By Melissa of  Lulu the Baker

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons. It happens during the fall, my favorite time of year, there are a million delicious things to eat, and it’s a simple holiday focused on family, love, and gratitude. I’ve always wanted to host a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner filled with mouth-watering food and beautiful details. Some of my favorites—including my grandmother’s delicious pumpkin muffins recipe (perfect for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning!)—are featured below.

thanksgiving breakfast harvest pumpkin muffins

I decided to go in a slightly new direction with the recipe for this post. When we think of Thanksgiving, we always think of dinner, but what about breakfast? For lots of us, Thanksgiving means house guests, and who wants to make a huge breakfast right before making a huge dinner? At the same time, something quick and easy like cold cereal isn’t quite special enough for a holiday or for out-of-town company. These delicious pumpkin muffins are a happy medium: they are quick and easy to make, and taste amazing. If you make the full recipe, there will be enough muffins to feed the army of relatives camped out in your living room!

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DIY: Printable Advent Calendar

diy advent calendar
I love advent calendars. I’m not sure if it’s the excitement that Christmas is near or the promise of a piece of chocolate every day, but each year I look forward to coming up with a new way to enjoy the countdown.

This year’s advent calendar is Scandinavian-inspired and comes ready for you to print and make at home. Get the free download after the jump…