DIY: Easy Classroom Valentines Ideas (With Treats!)

I love custom classroom valentines—my kids hand them out every year. Usually, I like to attach a special treat or prize to the card, which is why this year, I designed my “School of Fish” valentine with exactly this in mind. It pairs perfectly with a handful goldfish crackers or Swedish fish. Or, if your classroom doesn’t allow edibles, your kiddos can pass out dolphin temporary tattoos or fish-shaped pencils, instead.  —Jill Means

I also fell in love with the “King of the Jungle” classroom valentines by Bob Daly. My nephew Blake loves animals so they’re perfect—he’s going to pass his valentines out with a small animal toy, but you could also package them with animal crackers.

Classroom valentines (I used my “School of Fish” valentine and “King of the Jungle” by Bob Daly)
• Treats and prizes (we used Swedish fish, goldfish crackers, dolphin tattoos for “School of Fish;” animal crackers and toys for “King of the Jungle”)
• Small hole punch
• Baker’s twine
Cellophane treat bags

Fill each bag halfway with corresponding treats/toys. Punch a hole at the top of each valentine; take a length of baker’s twine and thread it through the hole and tie the bag closed. You could also use Minted’s glassine favor bags and seal them with a coordinating sticker or washi tape.

Jill Means is a designer at Minted and sometimes blogs at

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Treat Pouches

I’m not one to go over the top for Valentine’s Day but I do love any excuse to shower every friend, pal, buddy, and chum with chocolates and heart-shaped sweets. My delivery method this year is going to be these little paper pouches—they’re super easy to make and, best of all, you only need three simple supplies.

diy valentines

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Minted Real Wedding: Leah & Mike in Albuquerque, NM

Today’s stunning Minted Real Wedding takes place at Los Poblanos, a historic inn and lavender farm in Albuquerque, where San Francisco-based couple Leah and Mike (who first met as roommates via Craigslist!) hosted a stylish, black-tie destination wedding for their 135 guests.

Are you a Minted bride? If you’d like to submit your wedding for consideration, please email a brief description of your celebration and a link to your wedding photos to

Bride and groom: Leah and Mike
Based in: San Francisco
Wedding date: July 27, 2014
Location: Los Poblanos, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Number of guests: 135
Minted wedding invitation: “Charming Go Lightly” (letterpressed) by Cheree Berry Paper
Photographer: Pat Furey

How did you and Mike meet?
We were roommates in San Francisco—Craigslist!

Tell us about the proposal!
It happened in the garden at my parents’ house.

How did you find your wedding venue?
My family went to Los Poblanos on vacation and fell in love with it. We’re from California and New York, and decided to have a destination wedding there.

Click through to see more details from Leah and Mike’s beautiful wedding

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DIY: Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

We’re loving the simple-yet-modern look of black and white. And, of course, we can never resist a pop of gold! Minted’s new line of fabric includes so many gorgeous black-and-white patterns, which inspired this super simple pillow tutorial. I also had some gold fabric on hand and added a heart decal, which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Best of all: This sewing project is perfect for the beginner sewer—no zippers!

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

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Design to Dish: Painted Heart Sugar Cookies

I’ve fallen in love! While browsing Minted’s selection of classroom Valentines with my kids, I spotted these darling striped heart cards and fell head-over-heels. They’re cute enough for the classroom, but sophisticated enough to give to grown-up friends. In fact, I’m ordering some to tuck into little Valentine’s Day treats I’m sending to friends across the country.

minted classroom valentines heart sugar cookiesLayered Heart Classroom Valentines by Amber Barkley; Painted Heart Sugar Cookies (recipe below)

Sugar cookies are particularly addicting and heart-shaped ones are perfect for Valentine’s Day. When I saw these striped heart Valentines, I immediately wanted to make cookies that looked just like them. Painted sugar cookies look really beautiful and fun, and they’re surprisingly easy to make. The instructions may seem long but they’re detailed, not difficult. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to make these—there are a couple of steps that involve some waiting time.

Click through for the cookie recipe and directions on how to paint them


DIY: Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Cupcake Toppers

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with this simple and stylish DIY craft. Pipe cleaners are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, so the options are endless. Impress your dearest by topping off a little treat with these sweet tokens of affection.

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DIY: Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine’s Day Card

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways—with this convenient fill-in-the-blank card. It’s perfect for both Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day, or for any other time you’re feeling a little mushy.

printable valentine's day card

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DIY Wedding: Fresh Floral Table Runner

One of the most daunting tasks when you’re DIY-ing your wedding, in my opinion, is definitely the reception centerpieces. But if you start with a base that makes assembling foolproof, anyone can play florist for the day! There are tricks for vases (like taping the opening to create a grid or using floral foam), and for this fresh flower table runner, there is one unexpected supply that’ll make assembling a cinch. So grab your bridesmaids and test this tutorial out for your big day!

Wedding Flowers

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DIY: No-Sew Valentine Treat Bag

We crafted up this simple no-sew treat bag from using our favorite Valentine’s Day prints in our Minted fabric assortment to send some extra love when passing out classroom Valentines.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

• Fabric  (we used “Brushed Herringbone” by Loree Mayer, “Scattered Arrows” by Aimee Guzman, and “First Crush” by Katherine Roberts)
• Scissors
• Iron
Double-sided fusible tape
• Ribbon


1. Cut a piece 6″x15″ piece of fabric. Your finished treat bag will be 5″x7.5″.

2. Using double-sided fusible tape, place the tape along on long edge, folding it over a half inch to cover the tape and iron to secure.

3. Fold the fabric in half and iron along the bottom edge to find the center of the bag.

4. Starting at the center crease, use another strip of the doubled-sided fusible tape on both sides.

5. Fold your bag in half once more along the crease created in step 3 and iron to secure.

6. Fill with candy and tie closed with your favorite ribbon.

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Printable “Eye Candy” Party Favors

We’re thrilled to welcome Melissa Rose of the awesome blog  Design Eat Repeat to our talented roster of Julep contributors. She’ll be sharing all kinds of clever crafts and DIYs—welcome, Melissa!

Showing your love doesn’t have to be mushy, gushy, and time consuming and these “eye candy” party favors are here to prove it! This Valentine’s Day, throw the serious, sappy love letters out the door and opt for something a little more witty, sweet, and eye-catching. With this printable template, you can whip up some tasty treats using your home printer and a few materials you probably have laying around the house.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions