2010 Holiday Spectacular: Special Awards

We interrupt our countdown today to announce our four special category awards totaling $2,000 in prizes. These were incredibly difficult to decide upon… Our team has been deliberating over the choices all weekend long. But I think you’ll agree with us that each of these designs are quite special in their own, unique way. We’re, as always, so impressed by our community’s great creativity.

Our funniest/cheekiest award of $500 goes to Don’t tell Santa by Unless Someone Like You. What child doesn’t end up with marker on their face at least half a dozen times throughout childhood? I’m sure lots of families have pictures just like this one that they can’t wait to showcase (or I’m sure our talented design associates would be happy to do the mark-up as well!). This card made us laugh aloud, but not only that–it’s a really well-composed, spirited design with a fresh shade of green.

The best multi-photo award of $1,000 goes to Alex Elko for his brilliant Foursquare. Multi-photo cards are notoriously difficult to make look good, but doesn’t this look fresh, modern, and unique? Alex has really capitalized on the square size of the card; the big, block “Merry Christmas” lettering mirrors the square shape of the four images at the bottom making for a very nicely aligned card. I love how the family member’s names are tucked into that little square of white space. All in all, a very sharp design!

For our best religious $1,000 prize, it’s Madonna & Child by Paper Plains. Sarah Lenger has taken the traditional Madonna and Child and blended traditional with modern in a stunning gold halo and array of scintillating dots that spreads across the photo above. The font she has chosen is both soft and classic. What a gorgeous and truly unique way to celebrate Christmas!

And, finally, last but certainly not least, our newbie award of $500 goes to Robin Ott Design for Pear Family. Robin has so cleverly modernized the traditional ‘partridge in a pear tree.’ The tree is just so sweet! The pears and the leaves fit together so nicely in their varying shades of green. And has ‘love’ ever looked better? Isn’t the simply type treatment here just fantastic?

Robin hales from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a self-described “Owner + designer. Wife + mother. Addicted to paper, art, wine, cooking, anthropologie, trying to live organically and all things pretty.” We welcome her to the Minted community and look forward to seeing what she submits next!


2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 4

Now I know none of you will be surprised by No. 4… you’ve been waiting for it and here it is: The Greens by Stacey Day.

The various shades of green here are perfection! I especially love the light blue shade that Stacey has chosen for her text. And notice that brown modeling in the background of the wreath? It just hints at the branches buried below. The little dots are a great touch as well–they remind me of holly, but without using the conventional red. I also think the thick white circle, coupled with the double thin white circles, really helps to give the proper distance needed to accommodate a circular photograph. Of course, the black and white photo was a good choice here. The light text is also quite airy and classy at the same time. All in all, just very lovely.


2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 5

Are you ready for your heart to skip a beat? Wait no longer. Joyeux Noel by Potts Design our No. 5!

There is so much beauty and attention to detail here, it’s hard to even know where to start. So let’s start with the obvious: the hand lettering. It is incredible. Only a true artist can sketch such lovely and animated letters. I love how both ‘joyeux’ and ‘noel’ have slanted cross hatching, but that it isn’t the same pattern. And I think the banner wrapping around the ‘o’ is incredible. It ties in so perfectly with the looped borders on the top and bottom, which play so well off of the cut-out blue background and the shape of the photo, which is by itself an innovative idea. I love the little dotted border around the entire design, but I especially love how Emily has added little cream circles around the brown dots when it is not overlapping over the cream text shape. Also, I love the hand drawn underline under ‘Noel’. Oh and then there’s the umlaut over the ‘e’. Great touch that even references the colored in dotes on the end of the border swirls. Finally, I love the colors–light blue and burgundy have never looked better together. Emily–you are incredible! We will all be toasting your brilliance all weekend long!


Meet a Mintie: Sydney Newsom

Our Meet a Mintie today hails from Alabama and is known for her Southern charm, wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor and the lightness she injects into forum conversations, as well as her design style, which ranges from whimsical to preppy.  It’s no surprise then that Sydney has been overwhelmingly nominated by her fellow designers as our next Minted Mentor, a role she’ll share with Design Lotus. This is our way of giving Sydney a cyber-high five to recognize her leadership, friendliness, and overall awesomeness.  Congratulations Sydney!

How did your design career begin?

I began the job I have now as the marketing coordinator for an architecture and engineering firm (given to me with a giant leap of faith that my creativity would teach me everything I needed to know


2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 7

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen a multi-photo card and I don’t know if we’ve ever seen an image sequence card… certainly not one like No. 7: Holiday Set by Sara Westbrook.

This card is such a fun multi-photo image sequence card. The mini-type is adorable and I also really love the slate blue and white theme with the red accents. Sara has really made the absolute most of the long rectangle format. I am convinced that people are going to stage entire photo shoots around this card. And then it will be just so much fun to see what people decide to customize the captions to say. Do you have any fun ideas for image sequences or captions that you’d like to try with this lovely card?


2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 8

How about something really fun? No. 8: Be Merry by Chica Design.

First of all, I love seeing a holiday card that still says holiday, but incorporates some non-traditional, more lively colors– colors like turquoise, blueberry, and orange! Aren’t those little mistletoe dots adorable? The idea of doing a banner over the photo is great–I think this will work with a lot of photos–and the shape of the banner is just awesome. I also really like the white border on both the photo and on the banner. Angela, this is such a lively and energetic design! It just makes me happy.


Minted & Girls in Tech

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, make sure to go hear our founder and CEO Mariam Naficy speak to the fabulous organization Girls in Tech. Girls in Tech is a social network focused on engaging, education, and empowering women in technology. They work hard to foster collaboration, promotion, growth and the success of women generally in the technology sector. I know Mariam is really looking forward to this and we’re all excited to hear her pearls of wisdom!


2010 Holiday Spectacular: No. 9

You know, one thing we haven’t seen a lot of so far in the countdown is square designs… in fact, this is the very first one. And No. 9, Peaceful Wishes by Jennifer Postorino, really does makes excellent use of the unique shape.

This card absolutely embodies it’s message. I love all the white space–it’s so freeing! And the way the dove is overlapped on the text is just beautiful and such a smart idea to make it white as well. The small, lower-case names fits the whole concept, too–it’s almost like they’re minimizing themselves and instead emphasizing that the individual is part of the greater whole and greater good. Jennifer, this card is really a special one. Thanks for sharing it with us.