Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor
With NYC Fashion week going on I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful collections circling the internet and this red and pink dress from Honor caught my eye with the unexpected, bold combination of pink and red (not just for Valentines Day!). Apparently, Princess Diana was a fan of this color combo, and so is Sarah Jessica Parker.

The only question that remains:  Would you wear red lipstick or pink?

Have a bold, unexpectedly wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors


Modern Eclectic Mix

By Victoria, SF Girl by Bay
Hima is the blog behind Helsinki-based freelance writer Stella Harasek, who writes about all things interior design and everything that relates to the cozy concept called home. Stella’s own home is simply stunning. It’s an unexpected and eclectic mix of everything from classically traditional chandeliers, danish mid-century modern, to inexpensive flea market finds, all working in harmony to create a very comfortable, relaxed lived in look, but with a lot of sophistication enhanced but the subtle pastels and shades of gray she so wonderfully combines. This is my kind of modern eclectic mix…

Perfect Match Wedding Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Announcing the special prize winners of our Perfect Match Wedding Invitations Challenge! We look forward to our big, annual wedding invitation challenge every year and watch eagerly as more new, fresh designs show up every day. We’re always so surprised and thrilled with the incredible range of invitations we receive, from classic and traditional to wildly whimsical and contemporary. No matter what the style, all the winners and runner ups below stood out among the over 1,400 submissions we received. As befitting a wedding invitation challenge, we just fell head over heels in love with these designs! Congratulations, winners!

Classic Award for the best classic, timeless design

Classically Stacked” by Ann Gardner 

Every once in a while, we see a design that is so classically, simply beautiful that we know it will truly be timeless. Ann’s “Classically Stacked” is just that. Her traditional black and white color palette, minimalist type, and large, neatly stacked names will never go out of style. An instant classic!


DIY: Five-Minute Art Print Frame

By Rachael Smith, Penelope & Pip

diy frame

Minted has such a gorgeous selection of arts prints, especially for Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be fun to make an easy DIY frame to get your art print hanging in no time – no expensive framing required!

The structure of this frame also has a neat little trick that will let you swap out your art prints whenever you want to change around the theme of your home decor, and the best part is it takes only five minutes to make.


Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor

no sew hair bow tutorial (image)

As you can see from the posts this week, Valentine’s Day has arrived at Julep! I’ve got red glitter covering half of my house and serious damage has been done to the family size bag cinnamon hearts. I’ve loved spying all sorts of crafts and projects around the web to create something special for your valentine, but here are a few favorites I’ve seen to add a little touch of cupid to your wardrobe:

1. Cute no-sew bow project by one of our fantastic Julep writers, Alison (above image)

2. DIY red saddle shoes on A Beautiful Mess

3. Felted heart elbow patches on Honestly…WTF

4. Red tie dye leggings on Small Fry

5. Sequin no-sew heart sweater on Say Yes to Hoboken (my site)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors


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Valentines Day Party Ideas

By Alison, The Alison Show

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love with EVERYONE! Not just one special person. So I’ve found some fun, easy ideas that can easily turn your next play date, book club meeting, or The Bachelor watching session into a festive and awesome Valentine’s Day bash…
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Minted Design Grant Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

We’re so proud and excited to announce the winners of our first-ever Minted Design Grants! This year, we decided to offer three $4,000 grants to reward and nurture fresh, innovative design: two student scholarship grants and one open design grant for anybody and everybody.

First off, thank you so much to everyone who applied. We received hundreds of applications from very gifted artists with a wide array of talents and passions. It was truly inspiring to see such dedicated work. Awarding these grants was no easy task! So after a grueling process, we are thrilled to announce and congratulate the first-ever Minted Design Grant recipients!

Student Design Grant Winner: 

Angie Fu, University of California Los Angeles, Design Media Arts

We were thoroughly wowed by Angie Fu. We loved her passion for integrating technology and fine arts. Her innovative website sealed the deal. Clicking on each piece was like unwrapping a present. What an impressive and eclectic portfolio!