Design Inspiration: Daily Dishonesty

When I discovered the design blog, Daily Dishonesty, it was love at first sight. It combines so many of the things I love in a blog, great typography, illustration and is witty to boot! Graphic designer Lauren Hom chronicles the little white lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis and in such a fun, colorful way it almost makes you not feel bad about it.

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Decorating with Herbs

Herb Wedding Decor

They aren’t just for eating; herbs can be a great addition to your wedding day as well. Besides being a beautiful addition to your decor, they will make your space smell delicious, can serve two purposes (see below on favors!), and best of all they are very inexpensive.

Keep reading to see all of the ways you can incorporate herbs into your wedding day.

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DIY Easter Garland in an Egg Carton

DIY Egg Garland in a CartonDIY Egg Garland in a Carton

If you’re like me and don’t eat a lot of chocolate, or if you want your kids to have a cute activity to keep them busy Easter morning, than this DIY ‘Egg Garland in a Carton” is perfect.

It’s all the fun you need for the Easter weekend! Let’s get started with materials…

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Note from the Editor

easter eggs

Easter is just a week away! It’s time to break out the cartoon of eggs and all the creativity you can muster. Luckily with the internet there is so much inspiration for you to devour. For those of you not willing to roll up your sleeves for dye, here are a few favorite non-dying egg decorating ideas:

Black and white sharpie eggs (image above)
Tattoo calligraphy eggs
Gold leaf bunny eggs
Silk dyed eggs
Watercolor letter eggs
5 secrets to a perfect batch of boiled eggs


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors


A Pretty Spring Color Palette

Spring Wedding Colors

Spring is my favorite time of year for weddings! After a long, cold winter I always find myself going a little coo-coo for happy spring colors. This is one of my all-time favorite color palettes for a spring wedding. Pairing watermelon, peach, blush pink and mint the look is feminine without being girly, and festive while still feeling romantic.

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Feather Decal Candles

Instantly bring a modern design touch to your wedding day with these simple feather decal candles. They are a wonderful way to gussy up a selection of white taper candles and when lined up will make your reception tables, cocktail tables or ceremony beautifully lit (with flames or not!).


Easy Flower Pencil Toppers

Nothing says spring like flowers. And these fun and easy flower pencil toppers are just the thing for you and your little one to creatively welcome in spring.

To make these you will need…

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Washcloth bunnies

By Jeran McConnel, Oleander and Palm and a Minted Party Ambassador

Here’s a really cute and easy Easter craft that your kids will enjoy making with you.  My mom made these for my brothers and me when we were kids.  I’m making a bunch of them this year and giving them as gifts to my nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends. Read on to learn how to make them…


Easy and Easier Cupcake Liner DIY

Have you ever wanted to spruce up those plain and boring cupcake liners? These days they come in a variety of colors and patterns, but what if you can’t find exactly what you need? It’s really easy to dress up your cupcakes and I’m going to show you two ways that will make your treats stand out from the rest, just in time for Easter and spring celebrations.

Here are two versions of cupcake wrappers that can be made in a flash, an accordion style and a classic cupcake wrapper…

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