Note from the Editor

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We’re all about dusting off the BBQ and ushering in summer in simplistic style while honoring our troops with family and friends. Celebrations in either the backyard, the beach, or at a cozy campsite. Here’s to a carefree start to summer!

Here are a few fun Memorial Day ideas:

Patriotic printables for your BBQ

A grill themed party with mini grill cake pops!

Medallions to hang from your porch

Taking hot dogs to the next level with a full service hot dog stand


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors

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Getaway Dresses

playful and mod getaway dress by kate spade One of my favorite wedding traditions is definitely the getaway dress. While I’m not a huge fan of swapping dresses mid-celebration, I love the idea of donning a short shift for a couple’s big exit. Historically, the custom arose from necessity, as newlyweds would leave for a honeymoon immediately following the reception. Now, its less about tradition and more about a celebratory spirit and a stylish send-off.


Wedding Confetti Launchers

If you are looking for fun ways to encourage guests to say a festive good-bye at your wedding these push-up confetti launchers are the perfect fit. They are fun to use and simple to make with the use of old fashion ice cream pop-ups. Plus, they will leave behind great treats to enjoy all summer long.


Designer to Know: Eva Black

I always really love the clean and whimsical designs by LA based graphic designer Eva Black. Eva clearly spends a lot of time getting to know her clients because each project looks so organic and effortless, which as a designer I know is not easy to do. She also incorporates a lot of handmade details like hand-drawn type or watercolor backgrounds, which always gives a more personal feel to a design. Her work is a good example of how just a few simple elements are all you need for good design, so next time you need a little inspiration take a peek at her site or blog.


10 DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

Are you looking for a way to add some personalization to your wedding decor? Consider your wedding favors. This is a great area to throw something in the mix that is personal to you and your partner. You can incorporate anything from a hobby to just something you love to eat or drink. Here are just a few ways other couples have done just that…


DIY Painted Chargers

I’m crazy over chargers and making my place settings simple but beautiful. If you have ever looked for a pretty charger you know that your options are limited, unless you are willing to spend a bundle. I decided to take matters into my own hands and with cheap plastic chargers and a little craft paint, we have something unique, modern and colorful. This weekend is Memorial Day and kicks off the summer season, a time for BBQs, backyard feasts and family fun. This is the perfect addition to your summer table. These would even be gorgeous at a summer wedding or shower. You could even make spare sets for hostess gifts.


Simply Styled Cutlery Bundles

Pretty floral cutlery bundlesWhen warmer weather shows up, I find myself hosting casual dinners with one of two vibes: Polished and pretty or low-budget and laid-back. With this in mind, I’ve created two different types of cutlery bundles to style the table and complement each dinner.  I’ve avoided fussy folds or ornate presentation, and focused on easy assembly with special touches.

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mini button name tags

We’ve all been stuck in awkward situations at parties where we hardly know any other guests and end up talking about the weather. As a host it’s sometimes hard to insure that conversation stays lively but if you make these cheeky mini button name tags for your guests, you’ll automatically give them something to talk about.


The Boucherouite Trend

One of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to a room is with a few Moroccan Boucherouite rugs. These rugs are works of art – made from a variety of materials traditionally woven by hand for as long as a year in some cases. Boucherouite rugs are not your typical floor covering; I love the variety of patterns, colors, sizes and shapes these can come in. Take a peek at some of our favorite Boucherouite rugs and tell us which room you would add one in your own home.

Against my usual color palette of classic black and white, these rugs are two of my own that I added into my home. Aren’t the textures and bright pinks, blues and colors lovely?

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Wedding Trends: Escape to Tulum

We know that planning your big day can be time consuming and let’s admit it, maybe even a little stressful too, but hey – the actual day doesn’t have to be!

Make all of your efforts worth while by getting away from it all to exchange your vows. Plan your destination dream wedding surrounded by sandy beaches, warm ocean waves and beautiful Mayan ruins and don’t forget to pack a swim suit or three, you’ll need them in Tulum, Mexico.

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