How to: Moglea DIY Wedding Programs

Today we’re showcasing the how-to from Moglea, the grand prize winner of our DIY Wedding Program Challenge, plus her two other brilliant entries. I know you’ll all want to try this one at home! Getting your bridal party or girlfriends to pitch in for this is a great idea. Or have it be a project for your shower. Check out all the other DIY Wedding Program entries from our favorite bloggers here!

Meg’s grand-prize winning Charming Go Lightly wedding program entry:


How-to: A Subtle Revelry DIY Wedding Programs

If you haven’t checked out A Subtle Revelry yet, you really have to because you will just love all of Victoria’s detailed projects. She focuses on little projects–making DIY so much more managable and far less overwhelming than other blogs out there. Victoria’s brad program below was one of two runner-ups in our DIY Wedding Program Challenge. Check out all the other DIY Wedding Program entries from our favorite bloggers here!

For the Charming Go Lightly Wedding Program, Victoria turned brads into confetti.


How to: Orange Blossom Ink DIY Wedding Programs

I thought you might all be curious as to how some of the awesome entries in our DIY Wedding Program Challenge were created… brides, especially, might want to re-create their handiwork… so we’ll be posting about a few of them in the days to come. Also be sure to check out picture slide shows of all the entries on our wedding program how-to guide where you can also download wedding program templates for your DIY wedding programs.

Orange Blossom Ink‘s Cocktail Hour Wedding Program Entry was a runner-up.


Program Challenge: Winners Announced!

Remember just how excited we were about our new wedding programs? Well, we were equally excited about all of the great DIY wedding program entries. Now we know just how hard it is for all of our guest judges to choose their favorites! Thank goodness we do crowdsource almost all of our designs because the pressure is just too much for one person to handle. While we polled much of our office to come up with our final winners, you should definitely check out the other submissions for more wedding program ideas and inspiration! If you’re thinking of doing something fun and personal with your programs, be sure to check out our step by step DIY wedding program guide and download our wedding program templates.

So without further ado, our grand prize goes to Moglea, who also happens to be a minted designer (although that had no influence on her winning.) Congratulations Meg Gleason! We can’t wait to hear what you do with your $1,000 prize!


Minted invites you to the Royal Wedding!

Aren’t we all sitting around wishing the Queen had extended an invite to us for the Royal Wedding?

My new goal in life is to get invited to Harry’s!

Luckily I’m watching with six of my girlfriends and a little champers… like many a Minted customer!

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