Designer’s Workspace

By Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum

As a freelance designer who spends the majority of my time working from home, it’s important for me to create the most visually stimulating environment I can. Whether you work from home or not, your workspace can make a huge impact on your life, since, if you’re like me, you tend to spend a majority of your time at the office. So I thought I would round-up a few of my top picks for office supplies that serve double duty as beautifully designed objects to keep you inspired.

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Designer to Know: Eva Black

I always really love the clean and whimsical designs by LA based graphic designer Eva Black. Eva clearly spends a lot of time getting to know her clients because each project looks so organic and effortless, which as a designer I know is not easy to do. She also incorporates a lot of handmade details like hand-drawn type or watercolor backgrounds, which always gives a more personal feel to a design. Her work is a good example of how just a few simple elements are all you need for good design, so next time you need a little inspiration take a peek at her site or blog.


Design Inspiration: This & That

One of my favorite new tumblr’s to come around in awhile is This & That from the creative mind of Austin based photographer, Emily Blinco. I think the ampersand is one of the most beloved characters for most graphic designers and the way Emily recreates classic food combinations using it is so creative and fun. Check out all her creations on


Designer to Know: PTARMAK

Lately I’ve been loving the graphic design work of Austin based design collective PTARMAK. They do beautiful branding with great attention to detail and not at all pretentious. They also have a beautiful blog that offers endless inspiration that I highly recommend perusing.

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Design Inspiration: Daily Dishonesty

When I discovered the design blog, Daily Dishonesty, it was love at first sight. It combines so many of the things I love in a blog, great typography, illustration and is witty to boot! Graphic designer Lauren Hom chronicles the little white lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis and in such a fun, colorful way it almost makes you not feel bad about it.

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Graphic Design Book Round-up

As a designer I often get questions from bloggers or creative types about design. Whether it’s how I a chose a certain font? Who inspires me? Or what’s kerning? I find there are a lot of great blog resources for getting this type of advice but I always love an old fashioned book. So for anyone who is thinking of becoming a designer, or just a blogger who wants to know the basics I thought I would countdown a few of my favorites, old and new.

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Type Style: Strangelove

by Annie Clark, Creative Director

Inspired by the title sequence from the Stanley Kubrick film, Strangelove has become the go-to font to evoke a hip and indie feel. Strangelove would surely be found in a Brooklyn art gallery on a Friday night, rocking hip patterned silk pants dressed down with a tee from American Apparel.

Outfit via, and purchase Strangelove here


Modern Eclectic Mix

By Victoria, SF Girl by Bay
Hima is the blog behind Helsinki-based freelance writer Stella Harasek, who writes about all things interior design and everything that relates to the cozy concept called home. Stella’s own home is simply stunning. It’s an unexpected and eclectic mix of everything from classically traditional chandeliers, danish mid-century modern, to inexpensive flea market finds, all working in harmony to create a very comfortable, relaxed lived in look, but with a lot of sophistication enhanced but the subtle pastels and shades of gray she so wonderfully combines. This is my kind of modern eclectic mix…

Emerald: Pantone’s Color of the Year

By Celisse Muller, Customer Care Lead at Minted

Hi Beautiful Brides to Be!

My name is Celisse and I am on the Customer Care Team here at Minted. My passion for and dedication to people is comparable to my boundless passion for style, adventure and curation. I am constantly on the hunt for striking images and inspiration and can’t wait to share them with you.

I was delighted to hear that Pantone had named one of my all-time favorite colors, Emerald, the color of 2013. It goes without saying that this rich hue is destined to work its way onto your color palette and into your magical wedding day. Below you will find just a few carefully curated images inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald, that bring to life a fantastic tale of love and adventure in marriage.



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Interview with Type Designer Debi Sementelli

By Lauren Chism a member of the Minted design community

I am continuously in awe of hand lettering talent and feel so lucky that we are able to use gorgeous fonts created by best of the best. One of these talents is Debi Sementelli of Correspondence Ink. She was kind of enough to answer a few of my questions for Julep.

Q: I am a huge fan of Belluccia. How does it feel to see your work in so many designs?

A: Thanks so much. Belluccia was my first so she’ll always be special. Plus she was named after my mother, aunt and uncle (all Bellucci’s) who were the biggest encouragers of my art. They all passed away many years ago so it felt good to create something in their honor. It feels fabulous to see how someone has used my font! It’s like watching your child succeed in the real world! I’m always surprised and delighted at the creativity of the designers that use it. They are so talented!