Back-to-School Supplies: Gold, Stripes, Dots, and Neon!

By Amy Ehmann of  Design Lotus
back to school gold gear

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Nope, I’m not talking about Christmas, but Back to School (BTS)! Growing up in the 80s, Lisa Frank was the end-all, be-all for my back-to-school gear. But with the new-school crowd these days? Not so much. Instead, send your stylish kids to class with the Midas touch with these gilded BTS accessories. Better than any paper airplane—how adorable is this airplane charm necklace?! And gold foil-pressed mommy calling cards are perfect for play dates, carpools, and nonstop birthday parties.

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Rain or Shine Design

By Amy Ehmann of  Design Lotus

Rain or shine… Day or night…  Anytime is a good time to bring the sun, moon, stars, and clouds inside. From art and bedding to upholstery—we’re going all-out celestial crazy today.

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Alphabet Love

By Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus
Stationery Alphabet

The ABCs are not just for kids anymore. Designers love the alphabet! I have several alphabet posters in my home. My kids probably think it’s for them, but it’s really because mom has a affinity for letters and all it’s form…


The Lettersmiths : Jill De Haan, Simon Walker, & Andrew Frazer

By Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus

Handlettering is everywhere you look, from pinterest to home catalogs. I enjoy this vast trend from the subtle to drastic differences, each unique to each designer/artist. I want to share with you three of my favorite lettersmiths. The suffix, -smith connotes a meaning of specialized craftsmen and all three of these individuals are experts in the field of hand lettering.


Let’s Go for a Color Dip

By Amy Ehmann of  Design Lotus

Dip Baby Dip… I can’t seem to get that 90s song out of my mind – looking at all these fun color dipped projects. I don’t think there can be a more fun and easy way to add a pop of color to just about anything you own. Boring keychain? Drop it in some neon pink paint and you’re suddenly on trend. Ugly plain wood utensils? No problem. Let them go for a dip in your favorite shades and voila! Instant style.


Color Study: Yellow

By Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum

I’m a huge fan of yellow, it might be my favorite color. Yellow is always so cheerful and inviting I can’t help but be drawn to it. Its versatility is also one of the reasons I love to use it in my design work. A light buttery yellow can be sweet and romantic without being overly girly. Neon yellow is so fun and can make your design feel a little more modern. And mustard yellow adds depth and character. Whatever you use it for, yellow can be a great unexpected design choice that I highly recommend.


Moodboard: Wandering Outdoorsman

By Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum

When starting a project I always find it’s really helpful to create a mood board. It’s a key step that helps me brainstorm ideas visually and create a cohesive look. It can be especially helpful when planning for a wedding or event, it’s a visual guide that you can go back and reference so your event comes together seamlessly.

This week’s theme is all about woodsy ruggedness, drawing in elements of nature, camping, hand-drawn elements and moody photography. It would be a wonderful look for a casual mountain wedding or summertime dinner party outdoors.


Design Inspiration: Dana Tanamachi’s Chalkboard Art

By Maia McDonald of  Design Conundrum

I’m sure many of you have noticed there has been a huge hand drawn type trend in design the past several years and specifically chalkboard art has been very popular. I personally love the way chalkboard type looks and it can be the perfect way to add a very artistic and independent vibe to whatever it’s used for, I especially love it as installations at weddings and special events. And the queen of this type style, in my opinion is Dana Tanamachi. A Brooklyn based designer and artist, Dana creates some of the most stunning chalk installations for clients ranging from Google, West Elm and Adidas. Below are a few of my favorite works of hers…



5 Calligraphy styles for your envelopes

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer

main text script Script by Flourish and Whim

If an invitation is the first thing a guest will see, then an outer envelope, beautifully penned, is the very first signifier of what’s to come. There’s nothing more exciting than a glimpse of an artfully inked envelope shuffled between the bills. Calligraphy need not be stuffy, and a style can be found to match each event’s vibe. I’ve compiled calligraphy styles from amazing artists, along with info about what inspires their work (Each calligrapher is available for hire too). I’ve avoided all formal classifications and organized them by how the script works with an event. Check out all five styles…And if you’re up for trying your own hand at it, check out Joelle’s post from last week.