Interview with Type Designer Debi Sementelli

By Lauren Chism a member of the Minted design community

I am continuously in awe of hand lettering talent and feel so lucky that we are able to use gorgeous fonts created by best of the best. One of these talents is Debi Sementelli of Correspondence Ink. She was kind of enough to answer a few of my questions for Julep.

Q: I am a huge fan of Belluccia. How does it feel to see your work in so many designs?

A: Thanks so much. Belluccia was my first so she’ll always be special. Plus she was named after my mother, aunt and uncle (all Bellucci’s) who were the biggest encouragers of my art. They all passed away many years ago so it felt good to create something in their honor. It feels fabulous to see how someone has used my font! It’s like watching your child succeed in the real world! I’m always surprised and delighted at the creativity of the designers that use it. They are so talented!