We are very excited to announce the guest judge awards from the ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge. We were honored to work with such wonderfully talented luminaries and our designers should be elated to have such talent handpick their work from the thousands of submissions.

Michael Boodro chose Wonderful Merry by chica design, out of Atlanta. Says Michael of his selection: “Like the holidays themselves, this card is a great mix of the nostalgic—that charming black and white photo—and the fresh—the vibrant red script.Boodro has been the editor in chief of ELLE DECOR since August 2010. He has also served as editor in chief of Martha Stewart Living, was the launch editor of Culture and Travel, was an editor in the Style Department of The New York Times Magazine and served as the editor in chief of Garden Design. He worked as features editor at Vogue for 11 years. He is the author of Stephen Sills and James Huniford’s design book Dwellings.

Vanessa Holden, Senior Vice President and Creative Director of West Elm, chose Ticket to Joy by San Francisco designer Spotted Whale Design. “Combining seasonal sentiment with great graphics and a slew of family fun facts, I love how this design allows the sender to truly personalize their holiday message – right down to including their family motto for 2013! Oh what fun indeed!” said Holden.

Victoria Smith of SF Girl By Bay chose Georgia designer Kelli Hall‘s Jingle Brights. “I like the nostalgic feeling of the vintage framed photograph,” says Smith. “It reminds me of my old family photographs. And I like it combined with the fun, bold typeface. It just stands out to me, and it’s a card I’d be likely to post on my fridge!”

Leila Lewis of Inspired by This selected So Much Merry by San Francisco-based Lizzy McGinn. “While the design is a little more simple, that’s why I fell in love with it,” says Lewis. “The focus is left to the image. It’s not an in-your-face holiday card, which means it can stay on someone’s fridge long past New Years!”

Huge congratulations to Angela Vellino, Elliot, Kelli Hall and Lizzy McGinn! This is really big! We hope you take a minute to enjoy this epic nod.



‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Today we’re very excited to announce the Special Prize winners from the ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge. Our annual holiday challenge is the biggest, most anticipated challenge of the year and this year’s broke all sorts of records! Out of a staggering 3,348 submissions, the designs below stood out to us in the following special categories. Congratulations, winners!

Simply Minimalist Award for the best holiday card that is simple, edited, and clean, with a greater emphasis on photos and less on design elements that can detract from photos

Modern Shimmer” by b.wise papers

Alston proves that less can truly be more. The term “simply minimalist” describes this design exactly. Alston’s chic, structured stripes are perfectly balanced around a large customer photo. Her faux-glitter (also available in real foil here) adds just the right touch of shimmering elegance.

Runners Up (clockwise from top left): “Brushed Gold” by kelli hall | “Frenchie” by Stacey Meacham | “All You Need, Nothing You Don’t” by HUNT GATHER | “The Newlyweds” by Lauren Chism


Salt Lake City Minted Meetup and Holiday Winner’s Surprise

By Hope Tammany, Community Relations Team

Last Thursday, I traveled to Utah to host a Minted Meetup with local designers at Bambara in downtown Salt Lake City. I brought our signature banners, bunting and gift bags – and this time, we also had Mariam Naficy, our founder and CEO, on her way with one giant surprise. That night we announced the unsuspecting first place winner of our “Oh What Fun!” Holiday Card Challenge: Jill De Haan! (If you haven’t seen our video of the grand reveal yet, be sure to watch it all happen here.)  Jill’s “Hand-Lettered Christmas Wishes” was voted the #1 design by designers, customers, ,and fans out of a record-breaking 3,348 submissions. Jill came for a fun, relaxing evening with other Minted designers, and was presented with the $8,000 grand prize, a trip to San Francisco, and an enormous hug from Mariam.

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A Sneak Peek at Jill De Haan’s 1st Place Win Surprise

Last night, Mariam, our Founder & CEO, made a surprise appearance at the Salt Lake City Minted Meetup to officially announce that SLC Minted Designer Jill De Haan won 1st place out of 3,348 incredible submissions in our ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge. Jill and the other Salt Lake City Minties had no idea Mariam would be there or that they’d be a part of our biggest announcement of the year!

More details about the meetup and the surprise to come soon. Take a look this sneak peek:

Congratulations, Jill!


Top 10 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners!

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

This is the final moment that truly makes September feel like the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ Today, as we reveal the top results of our 6th annual holiday card challenge, we honor not only the ten individuals featured here, but also all of the designers who contributed to the success of these designs with comments, critiques, and encouragement.

I am always thrilled to see designers who are new to our community rise to the top of the charts. Likewise, I find it immensely gratifying to watch familiar faces grow over time by participating in our design challenges. There are even a few designers in this year’s top 10 who submitted to the very first holiday challenge!

We truly celebrate designers at every stage and are very grateful to have you all in our community. With that, I give you the top 10 ranked designs. Congratulations, designers!

1st Place Winner: “Hand Lettered Christmas Wishes” by Jill De Haan

We were absolutely thrilled to see Jill De Haan’s “Hand Lettered Christmas Wishes” land in first place. Jill is fairly new to the Minted Community, but has made a huge splash with this design. The sweeps and curves of her hand-lettering make for such a beautiful layout. It takes incredible skill to make this artwork look so effortless. We love the flow of the watercolor and the unusual pairing of red and pinky-cream for a holiday card.

I was able to surprise Jill with the news last night at a Minted Meetup in her hometown of Salt Lake City, UT.  It was so much fun getting to know the SLC Minties and getting to tell Jill in person about her first place win! We’ll be posting all about the meetup and the surprise very soon.


Top 11-20 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

Today, we keep the holiday ball rolling with the announcement of the 11th-20th ranked designs from our ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge. Looking at the designs below, it’s easy to see why they were so loved by designers and consumers alike. Congratulations to the exceptional talents behind these stunning designs!

11th Place: “Merry Holly” by Fig and Cotton Paperie

Oh what fun this design is! We love Erin’s quirky font choice; those playful swashes and alternate letterforms add so much personality to “Merry Holly.” The sweet little sprig and berry provide just the right amount of color against the bright white type.


Top 21-40 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

Even though the phrase makes most people think of winter, here at Minted we think that September is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Summer was a whirlwind of submissions, critiquing, voting, and file requests, and now we have arrived at the very best part: announcing the winners. Today we begin our ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge announcements with the winning designs that came in ranked at 21st-40th place, as voted on by the community of customers, designers, fans, and friends.

In this, our sixth annual holiday challenge, we received a record-breaking 3,348 submissions from 470 independent designers. Over the five and a half weeks of submission and voting, designs received a staggering 58,876 ‘likes.’ I think it’s safe to say that this was one of our best (and most competitive) challenges yet, which speaks even more highly of the incredible talent demonstrated in the designs listed below.

I want to thank each and every designer who submitted a design, provided feedback, voted in a design poll, or simply cheered on fellow community members. The design community is what makes Minted special and is what allows us to continue to provide customers with the most beautiful and unique designs in the world. So, without further ado, I give you the top 21st-40th place winners. Congratulations to our first batch of holiday winners!


Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

We’re very pleased to announce the special prize winners from our Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge! In this challenge, we asked the Minted Community to design cards that would send goodwill and cheer in a universally celebratory way, sure to appeal to every client, customer, and friend. The Community really (Santa) suited up for this one and got down to business – so leave a comment of congratulations for our winners! You can check out our entire collection of business holiday cards at

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most original design that you wouldn’t find on other sites

Trading Good Cheer” by Stacey Hill

We love this very clever take on a corporate card! Stacey not only came up with a very cute, unusual idea of “trading good cheer,” but she also created a lovely design. Her simple type, minimal design elements, and subdued colors are the perfect complement to her concept.

Runners Up (from left): “Sustainable Season” by Rebecca Bowen | “Real Characters” by Susan | “Bright Season” by Chloe and Fanny | “Vote Santa” by Stacey Hill


‘Tis the Season Holiday Non-Photo Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

The holidays are in full swing over here at Minted HQ! Our non-photo holiday card category is near and dear to our hearts because it allows designers to put their talent at the forefront of their holiday greetings. In the ’Tis the Season: Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create unique non-photo holiday cards to delight our customers and spread good cheer to their friends and family. We’re thrilled with the results, and we’re very happy to announce the special prize winners below. Congratulations, everyone!

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most unique non-photo holiday card in the challenge that breaks new ground and takes design risks but still conveys the cheer and spirit of the holiday season

Tapestry” by Maddy Nye

What a cunning concept! We were immediately struck by Maddy’s minimal design. The North Star reads as traditional and contemporary at once, resembling both a color-blocked tapestry and a neatly pixelated icon. No card like this for sure!

Runners Up: “Herbs and Vegetable Wreath” by Becky Nimoy | “Vintage Library Card Year in Review” by Four Wet Feet Design | “Resounding Joy” by Oscar & Emma


Kid’s Birthday Party Invites and Décor Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer and Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

Start the party! In our Come Join the Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation Challenge and the Icing on the Cake Kid’s Birthday Party Décor Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to design fresh party invitations and décor that would make children’s birthday parties exciting and fun. We sought lots of diversity in design for all age ranges. We were so excited by the results – there’s something here for every little reveler (and we think you’ll find yourself joining in the fun). We’re very pleased to announce the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations everyone!

Come Join the Fun! Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation Challenge

Snapshot Award for the best photo party invite featuring the birthday boy or girl

Mod Shout Out” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

We love that Oma’s design is at once both simple and playful. Her organic speech bubbles give the birthday kid a real voice, complete with asking for regrets “to my mom.” This design doesn’t just complement the photo, but adds depth and humor to it.

Runners Up: “The Big One” by design market | “Sparklers” by Melanie Severin | “Comic Book Superhero” by Monica Tuazon