‘Tis the season for Minted at Target: Artists celebrate rollout of Minted holiday cards and gift packaging

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy posted this photo at a Target store in Minneapolis with Brady Wood, SVP of Artists and Partnerships, on her Instagram.

The 2018 holiday season will go down in history as yet another major Minted milestone. We’ve expanded our Target partnership by rolling out 49 holiday products in phases, beginning in November with 16 sets of boxed holiday cards, followed by single greeting cards and holiday gift packaging items. And with Minted-branded endcaps in nearly all Target locations, it’ll be difficult for guests to not take notice.

The launch marks the debut of Minted wrapping paper rolls, paper gift bags, stickers, and gift tags with ribbons—an exciting moment for the company, says Deborah Baltodano Tilson, Minted’s Director of Business Development. “We had so much fun working on this project and love showcasing an array of artists’ designs. The community should be proud—Target is a big deal,” Deborah says.

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy led the creative direction of the Minted Holiday collection for Target. “Mariam wanted to showcase the products and brand in the best way possible, and she put a lot of thought into every detail, from the manufacturing to the packaging, displays, and product placement,” Deborah says.

Minted artist Carrie O’Neal posted this shot on her Instagram showing herself (wearing the “TOUCHDOWN shirt”) and friends holding rolls of Carrie’s “Little LaLa” wrapping paper in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What’s it like for Minted artists to see their designs for sale in their local Target stores? For Joyce Pinheiro of Travel and Tart, it was a bit surreal—in the best possible sense. “I always dreamed of seeing my designs in big retail,” she says of seeing her “Presents” design on a gift bag and stickers in a San Bruno, California, store. “The best part was seeing a Target guest walk up to the display and gush about how beautiful the Minted products are. It makes me proud to be part of an amazing community with such talented designers.”

Minted artist Kim Morgan took this photo of Minted wrapping paper rolls at a Target store in Gilbert, Arizona. Featured from left: “Multicultural Santas” by Melanie Mikecz; “Plum Flowers” by Katharine Watson; “Little LaLa” by Carrie O’Neal; “Indigo Wave” by Yaling Hou Suzuki; “A Merry Little Christmas” by Sandy Gervais; and “Bohemian Border” by Susanne Kasielke.

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Minted Artists In The Press December 2018

Congratulations to Minted artists who are featured on Draper James’s Instagram, The View, Forbes Online, The Knot, and Jillian Harris’ InstagramJoin the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Draper James Instagram (December 4, 2018), featuring “A Very Plaid Christmas” by Erika Firm

The View (November 30, 2018), “1st Birthday Giveaway” featuring “Pastel Palace” Playtent including fabric from “The City Fabric” by Jeanna Casper and “Diamond Black” by Olive and Me Studios, “Friyay” by Jackie Crawford, “Baby Animal Llama” by Cass Loh, and “Cheeky” by Angela Garrick.

The Knot (November 2018) “35 Elegant Invitations for a Winter Wonderland Wedding” Featuring “Poinsettia Garden” wedding invitations by Oma N. Ramkhelawan, “Frosted Branches” foil-pressed wedding invitations by AK Graphics, “Winter Dream” wedding invitations by Karidy Walker, “Holiday Wedding” all-in-one wedding invitations by Nazia Hyder, “Frosty Chic” all-in-one wedding invitations by Creo Study, “Aspen” foil-pressed wedding invitations by Kristie Kern, “Winter Berry” and “Winter Wreath” foil-pressed wedding invitations by Kelly Nasuta, “Gilded Branches” foil-pressed wedding invitations by Laura Hankins, “Feather Flurry” all-in-one wedding invitations by AK Graphics, “On the Slopes” all-in-one wedding invitations by Mere Paper, and “Winter Birch” wedding invitations by Kelly Schmidt.

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Minted Artists Are Thinking Bigger After Successful Wall Murals Launch

Written by Daryl Lindsey

Sometimes bigger is better. Minted dove deeper into the world of large-scale art when we launched Wall Murals — adhesive, removable wall panels that can be scaled to any size from 6’w x 8.25’h to 15’w x 12.25’h — in September, followed quickly by an October launch for Children’s and Nursery Wall Murals.

“Painted Midnight Garden” Removable Minted Wall Mural by Teo, a Minted artist based in Ploiesti, Romania.

Since launching, the murals have been met with resounding enthusiasm, featured in publications including Architectural Digest and LonnyMag, picking up steam on Pinterest, and earning high engagement on social media. “One of our top-performing posts on Instagram featured our new Children’s murals, garnering over five times our average engagement. Our followers are excited about these murals,” said a Minted social media representative. Wall murals are an aspirational product—they’re trendy, fun, and visually striking. Murals are a big trend in interior design, especially for children’s nursery rooms.

Wall Murals Expand Minted’s Product Offerings and Create New Opportunities for Artists

With typical sizing for Minted’s art prints ranging from 5” by 7” to 40” by 54”, the much-larger murals provide artists an opportunity to think on a much bigger sale and imagine their art as truly larger-than-life. “This is the biggest we’ve ever printed out art. It’s exciting for an artist to see their work take up an entire wall,” a Minted art merchant says.

Murals also provide a chance to reach an entirely new set of customers. “It’s completely new territory for us,” Minted’s art merchant adds. “We’re expanding our options for customers and growing our customer base. We’ve talked about launching other types of wall coverings, so this is our first step into that land.”

“Peek A Boo” Removable Minted Wall Mural by Helen H. Wu of Des Moines, Iowa

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Minted Design Trade Program Promotes Minted Art to Interior Design Industry Pros

“Hmmm…this doesn’t look like commercial art,” said Jan, an interior designer who approached the Minted Art exhibit at Chicago’s NeoCon in June. “This—this is great.” Jan’s sentiment mirrored a number of fellow designers and industry folks who attended the 50th edition of one of the most respected commercial tradeshows in the interior design industry. Jan went on to describe what she views as typical in the commercial art industry: “mass-produced, ugly florals, generic.” In other words, the opposite of Minted Art, which is precisely what we’re going for.

A dramatic gallery wall featuring Minted Art at High Point Market 2018

Minted Art above: MA Allen Interiors, an interior design firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, curated this scene in Minted’s booth at the fall 2018 edition of High Point Market, the world’s largest furnishings industry trade show. Read Architectural Digest’s preview story highlighting Minted.
LEFT SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Top photograph: “Pool Illumination” by Georgia Tankard; “Sandworm 1” by Jaime Derringer; “Sunset” by Jen Chen; “Last Tuesday” by Jennifer Daily; “Zebraba Tile” by 2birdstone; “Free” by Kristi Kohut; and “Geometric Tides” by King Richard IX.
CENTER SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: “Edges” by Bethania Lima; “Shes Blooming” by Theresa Bear; and “Jane Gallagher” by Amy Carroll.
RIGHT SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: “Paris Street Shop 3” by Phrosné Ras; “Abstract Orchids” by Michelle S; “Amour” by Morgan Kendall; “History Repeats” by Jennifer Daily; “Pink Foliage” by Fernanda Martinez; and “Pansy Painting – Mirrored” by Oana Prints.

NeoCon is one of the many events that Minted exhibits at to promote the Minted Design Trade Program and feature the work of Minted’s community of fine artists. Tradeshow exposure is well worth the many hours on their feet, and, thankfully, for Minted Design Trade Program Manager Sarah Greenwood, it’s one of her favorite aspects of the job. “We’ll often hear from interior designers who say, ‘I love looking at Minted Art on your site, but seeing it in person is a whole different experience,’” Sarah says. “Designers appreciate the tactile experience of seeing art at trade shows.” Sarah formerly worked for One Kings Lane and Guildery, a company Minted acquired in 2015.

A Minted art wall at High Point Market in North Carolina, featuring (left) “Lyrical” wall art print by Sarah McInroe and “Abstract Seascape Pt Reyes California” by Caryn Owen.


Minted’s Top 9 Design Tips for Creating Irresistible Greeting Cards

Now that Minted Greeting Cards are gracing the shelves of our national retail partners, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a design stand out. Because every card needs to pull its own weight, we keep a close eye on sales of every Minted design and have identified common characteristics among top-sellers. From broad appeal to content positioning, we’re excited to share some of our top learnings and merchandising tips with you.

1. Use eye-catching colors and design elements.

Bold color palettes, striking fonts, and visually appealing design elements definitely help a card stand out. Keeping in mind that much of our advice stems from putting yourself in the card-buyers’ shoes, we do encourage a bit of experimentation. For example, some designers might assume that all cards given to men should employ darker, masculine colors, but that’s not always the case. We welcome thinking outside the “color standards” box.

“Wild Prairie Rose” Minted Greeting Card by Holly Whitcomb is an example of a bold, bright design.

Minted Greeting Card Display photo by Erin Wilson

2. Think carefully about the top third of the card.

The top one-third portion of a greeting card is valuable real estate because it’s the most visible area of cards when they’re placed on displays with overlapping rows. For that reason, we recommend taking advantage of the entire front of a greeting card. Even if a design element is only partially visible at the top of the card, it still helps improve sales potential. Please take this advice with a grain of salt—we’re not necessarily saying “don’t be minimalist” or “you must fill every pica of space,” but we are saying that small visual elements tend to go unnoticed.

In the above example of a Minted Greeting Card, we increased the size of and shifted up the artwork to hit the top one-third of the card titled “Lucky Us” by Carrie O’Neal.

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Minted Artists in the Press November 2018

Congratulations to Minted artists who are featured on The TODAY Show, Buzzfeed, HGTV Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, and The Dallas Observer. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Buzzfeed (October 31, 2018)
15 Of The Best Places To Order Holiday Cards” featuring “Lush Winter Foliage” Holiday Card by Hooray Creative, “Because Tacos” Holiday Card by Erin L. Wilson, “Doodle Snowflake” Ornament Card by Shiny Penny Studio, and “Christmas Trees” Holiday Card by Roopali.

The TODAY Show (November 8, 2018)
13 of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Favorite Things for the Holiday Season” featuring “Simple Sentiment” Holiday Card by Annie Clark, “Color Bar” Holiday Card by Dozi, “Holiday Garden” All in One by Angela Marzuki, “Graphic Joy Vellum” Overlay by Kristie Kern, “Merry Christmas Sparkle Snow” Vellum Overlay by Alethea and Ruth, “Joyful Plaid” Holiday Card by Carrie ONeal, “Buffalo Check” All in One by Julie Murray, “Peppermint Cheer” Letterpress card by Lagniappe Paper, “Painted Holiday” Holiday Card by Kelly Schmidt, “Reindeer Patrol” Vellum Overlay by Laura Hankins, “A Very Merry” Holiday Card by Kbecca, “Simplicite” Holiday Card by Annie Clark, “Directional” Fabric by Kelsey Mcnatt, “Seeing Stars” Pinboard (Simple Starburst Fabric by Erica Krystek), and “Printemps” Pinboard (Minty Chevron fabric by Vanessa Rossi).
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Minted’s Top 7 Tips for Writing Compelling Greeting Cards

The art attracts and the verse sells. That saying in the greeting cards biz definitely rings true—shoppers are initially hooked by compelling design, but it’s oftentimes the copywriting that seals the deal. By combining high-quality writing with Minted’s signature design-forward aesthetic, we believe sky’s the limit for innovating the greeting card market.

Keeping in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to successful copywriting, here are seven of Minted’s top tips for crafting fresh, original copy.

1. Keep it brief

Save the lengthy novels for, well, your novel. In today’s attention-deficit world, many people appreciate cards that quickly get to the point. In fact, we recommend a max word count of 30 for greeting cards.

2. Pack a punchline

Humor appeals to a large segment of shoppers. I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh? Funny copy is just about always popular, and interior punchlines can help win over the customer. Don’t be afraid to use humor in unexpected places — even on a sympathy card.

“Again and Again” Minted x Target Greeting Card copy by Hannah Wilson; design by Up Up Creative

“Birthday Tacos” copy and design by Olivia Herrick

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What is truly unique? Sound advice for ensuring your work is original

“Something to Say” Minted art print by Sara Hicks Malone

Written by Kelly Hird

In an age of constant exposure to art and design, inspiration is everywhere. Experimenting with new styles and techniques is a great way to keep your designs fresh, but it’s important to distinguish between inspiration and imitation. Whether you’re a writer, designer, or photographer, you’ve likely had questions about copyright at some point. In addition to being respectful of others’ work, it’s important to understand originality and copyright guidelines to avoid legal issues. Although we’re unable to provide personal legal advice, this article will give you a brief overview to help empower you to do your own investigating moving forward.

Since Minted holds the exclusive license to challenge-winning Fine Art work, and the rights to all submissions during the 90-day Trial Period, we protect your work on your behalf. Minted is all about surfacing fresh, unique artwork, and the creativity and innovation within our artist community is what makes Minted great. We have utmost respect for creative integrity and take issues of copyright and infringement very seriously. If you ever see an artist’s work being used improperly, please use the Designs to Flag for Review form to let us know so that we can take appropriate action.

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Award-Winning Minted Artists Share 3 Tips for Making a Good Illustrator File Great

Written by Kelly Schmidt, Sarah Baumgardner, and Carolyn Doogan

After announcing that Kelly Schmidt won the first Minted File Prep Award during Minted’s 10th Anniversary Awards at Camp Minted 2018, a number of fellow Minted artists wanted to know: What exactly makes a good file great?

Thanks for asking, BTW. Kelly and File Prep Award nominees Sarah Baumgardner and Carolyn Doogan of Baumbirdy were happy to share their top file prep tips for customizable stationery and art products, using Adobe Illustrator. The twist? We asked them to mention tips that weren’t already surfaced in the Top 10 File Prep Tips for Minted Artists post (psst psst: another good resource).

Here are Kelly and Baumbirdy’s top tips for making Minted files great. Armed with these best practices, you’ll be better prepared to submit organized files that allow Minted’s Production Team to launch products to the site as quickly as possible.  —Minted Artist Relations Team

The Best File Prep Award was one of 11 accolades that we announced at Camp Minted 2018. Click to read more in “Minted’s 10th Anniversary Community Awards Recognize Artist Leadership.”

1. Complete your first colorway before starting other colorways

Baumbirdy: Double- and triple-check that all design, type, foil, and photos are in their appropriate layers and that text spacing, leading, kerning, and sizing all look good—and save. Then, give yourself some space from the first colorway. Walk away from it for a bit, come back and give it a fresh look to see if you are happy with everything added to the design. Make sure all your ducks are in row in the first colorway, which will save many frustrating hours in going back and making changes to, sometimes, six colorways!

Kelly Schmidt: Each file in each colorway must be exactly the same—as in, the order of the elements in each layer from front to back, the details in each file, etc. I learned this the hard way after using Minted’s Custom Self-Launch tool in 2016, and having issues with my files where one colorway would look wrong. I often noticed mistakes after I’d finished my various colorways; I would go back to fix the errors in each individual file, and inadvertently made edits that were causing glitches, such as the items on the background layer were no longer in the same order because I brought something to the front, or sent something to the back in one file only. I now make sure that any updates are changed exactly the same way, in all of my files, with hopes that this creates clean files for the Minted files team, that are easy to launch. 

I recommend using the Recolor tool mentioned in Tip #3 in the Top 10 File Prep Tips for Minted Artists post—it’s amazing and saves so much time.

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Minted Artists in the Press September 2018

Congratulations to Minted artists who are featured in Martha Stewart Living, New York Family, The Knot (Regional Editions), and TODAY. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Martha Stewart Living (September 2018), “Finishing School: Geek Chic” featuring “Elemental” art print by Marabou Design

New York Family (August 2018), “Learn In Color” featuring “Buffalo Plaid” Custom Name Labels by Karidy Walker

The Today Show (August 28th, 2018) “Tips to Get Your Family Organized Before the Start of School” featuring children’s name labels, “Dinomite” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan, “Favorite Colors” by Abby Munn, “Fire Engine Name” by Dea and Bean, “Joyful Rainbow” by Hooray Creative, “Alligator” by Jessica Ogden, “Llama Fun” by Karidy Walker, “My Deer” by Laura Hankins, “Kitty” and “Pop of Color” by Lori Wemple. Also featuring custom pinboards displaying “River Rocks” fabric by Carrie ONeal, “Shibori Lines” fabric by Sweta Modi, and “Moroccan Ikat” fabric by Oma N. Ramkhelawan.

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