Time to Party: Pre-Wedding Celebrations Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners of our Time to Party: Pre-Wedding Celebrations Challenge! In this challenge, we asked our talented Minted community to design invitations for pre-wedding party celebrations such as Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and Bachelorette Party. We’re also excited to add a new category: “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” cards. Congratulations, winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most daring, innovative Wedding party invitation.
Geo Elegance by Petra Kern

Runner-up: Fancy Foiled Marble by Phrosne Ras

All You Can Eat Award
For the party invitation that highlights food and drink themed gatherings, like brunches, tea parties, BBQs, and beyond!
Let’s Each Brunch by Merry Mack Creative

Runners-up: Macaron Parlor by Jennifer Lew and Tropical Celebration by Paper Sun Studio

Shower the Bride Award
For the most unique bridal shower design that is festive and fun (think fresh colors, playful text, and group activities for the gals!).
Parfumerie by Smudge Design

Runners-up: tropical border by Baumbirdy and Azalea by Iron Range Artery

Clean & Classic Award
For the best design that would complement a classic or elegant Wedding party that still feels fresh.
Simply Classic by Roxy

Runners-up: Simple Marble by Phrosne Ras and Spumoni by Chocomocacino

Destination Award
For the most unique, destination-themed rehearsal dinner invitation that celebrates travel to popular locations.
aquatic glimmer by Sweta Modi

Runner-up: Tropical Pair by Lulu and Isabelle

Join The Party Award
For the most creative design for “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” cards.
Bridesmaid Hanger by Cass Loh

Runner-up: par avion by Jennifer Lew

Say Anything Award
Our customers often fall in love with a design just because of its unique copy. This award is for the card that best leverages clever or playful wording.
There will be coffee by Lea Delaveris

Runner-up: Hoppy Couple by Laura Moyer

Bold Love Award
For the design that incorporates eye-catching colors or bold type.
Charmed by Baumbirdy

Shimmer and Shine Award
For the design that features foil in an exciting way.
Gilded Rose Garden by Baumbirdy

Curvilinear Award
For the best design that puts the couple’s names or other customizable text on a curvilinear path.
Lovely by Leah Bisch

Runner-up: Monogramed Bridesmaid by Susan Moyal

Capture The Moment Award
For the best engagement party design that features a photo.
Downtown by Eric Clegg

Originality Award
For the best design that incorporates an original hand-drawn illustration or hand lettering. This award was selected from designs that were nominated by our community!
Fantasy Floral Bride by Phrosne Ras

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How we surprised the first-place winner of the Minted 2017 Holiday Photo Card Challenge

Written by Amy Schroeder and Easter Kim

Thanyaluck (Tanya) Niphatkosalsilp of IAmTanya is extremely humble about her success—especially considering she’s the first-place winner in one of the most competitive design contests in the entire stationery industry.I feel very grateful to anybody who likes my work and voted for my design, ‘Holy Night,’” she says. “It was unexpected that ‘Holy Night’ received the highest score because designs from over 5,000 submissions were entered. Many showed great potential, so the chance to win the first place was very slim.”

Holy Night” Minted Holiday Photo Card by IAmTanya

In the 10th year of Minted’s coveted Holiday Photo Card Challenge, independent artists from around the world submitted a total of 5,461 entries. Among many of Minted’s community of designers and artists, the Holiday Photo Card Challenge is often considered the most critically acclaimed competition. The first-place winner receives $10,000 in cash, a trip to San Francisco and commission on every sale of their winning card design.

How was Tanya’s card selected as the top choice among thousands? Through Minted’s unique crowdsourcing model. This year, Minted’s community of consumers, fans and the artists themselves cast a total of 2.5 million votes in the 2017 It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holiday Photo Card Challenge — that’s an additional 425,000 votes compared to 2016’s Holiday Photo Card Challenge. In other words, the stakes are high.

How we surprised Tanya for her first-place win

Coincidentally, around the same time that Minted finished tallying votes for the Photo Card Challenge, Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy was beginning to plan a three-city Follow Your Passion Tour to showcase Minted artists’ original artwork and Minted Art prints. The tour’s final stop on August 25 was Miami—and guess where Tanya lives? Yep, Miami. (Read about the Follow Your Passion Tour here.)

It made logical sense to start crafting a plan to surprise Tanya during the Follow Your Passion event at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami. Prior to the event, we had many ideas on how to surprise Tanya in Miami — but we experienced a few hiccups along the way. We asked Tanya to be a featured artist at the Miami art event and, through emails and phone calls, managed to feature her in our “Florida Minted Artists to Watch” story, which helped promote the event. Our initial scheme was for Tanya, and fellow Minted artist Jonathan Brooks, to give Mariam and the Minted team a daytime tour of the Miami art scene, which was an important component of the Follow Your Passion Tour. Unfortunately, Tanya was unavailable during the daytime, so we scratched our idea of throwing the surprise during the city tour.

Our second “master” plan was to shoot a video interview of Tanya shortly before the art event in the outdoor courtyard. During the middle of the interview, we were going to make a big splash and interrupt the interview by blasting holiday music in a large LED truck featuring Tanya’s holiday winning card design. But again, the prank gods were not on our side. On the day of the event, a huge thunderstorm hit Miami, forcing us to cancel our outdoor plan. We had to tell Tanya our third change in plans — we were just going to conduct a video interview during the event. Tanya, at this point, probably grew very suspicious of our continuous demands.

Mariam, a veteran at surprising our holiday winners, was unfazed by the hiccups and came up with the brilliant idea of incorporating Tanya in her private talk with Minted artists right before the public art event. The main discussion topic was how Minted artists can better market and promote themselves. Luckily, we had Tanya’s self-shot video of her prepping her holiday designs for an unrelated holiday PR opportunity. Mariam asked all of the unsuspecting Minted artists to follow her inside the gallery to watch the marketing video together. At this point, Tanya was completely embarrassed at the thought of the entire group watching the video, but she soldiered through the entire video. At the end of the video, she was in for an even larger shock — Mariam revealed that Tanya was the first-place winner of Minted’s Holiday Photo Card Challenge. Thankfully her husband, Saksun Niphatkosalsilp, was there for moral support and to wipe her tears of joy.

Although the surprise didn’t go according to plan, it was more than worth it when Tanya said, “I didn’t have a clue about winning the grand prize,” when we followed up with her a few days later. How do you think the surprise turned out? Watch this video to find out.

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Written by Simone Monrad

As we near the end of the 2017 Holiday Photo Card Challenge, we can’t help but reflect on all the hard work and skill Minted artists have brought to the table. This year has been full of exquisite design and our global community of artists has displayed an abundance of talent.

Today we announce the well-deserved 2nd place winner of the 2017 It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holiday Photo Card Challenge.



Written by Annie Shapiro

Let’s jump right into it. We’re thrilled to announce the third-place winner, as determined by voters, of Minted’s It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holiday Photo Card Challenge. We are grateful to the winner—this artist has given so much to the Minted Artist community over the years.



Written by Easter Kim

We’re happy to continue the countdown of winners for the It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holiday Photo Card Challenge. Every year, the Artist Relations team brainstorms fun ways to get artists engaged and excited about our annual holiday photo card challenge. This year we had new team members join the festivities to celebrate the artists who never cease to amaze us with their beautiful holiday designs. Your talent and wild holiday spirit during spring and summer months keep our work interesting and worthwhile.

Congratulations to the 4th to 20th-place winners of our tenth annual holiday photo card challenge!



Written by Katherine Philpot

On April 12, we kicked off The It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holiday Photo Card Challenge, our 10th annual Holiday Photo Card Challenge. We asked the Minted artist community to push the boundaries of holiday card design. Because our customers count on Minted to find fresh, innovative designs, we look to our independent artists to think outside the box, and craft a card that they would be proud to send to their own friends and family. Minted artists did just that, and today we’re thrilled to begin counting down the top winners, as determined by voters, for this esteemed Minted Design Challenge, one of our biggest competitions of the year.

This year, our international artist community submitted 5,461 designs, and our consumers and community of voters generated a whopping 2,447,005 votes — that’s an additional 425,000 votes compared to last year.

Please help me congratulate the following artists on their remarkable work!



Written by Christiane Pendarvis

When we kicked off the Do You Hear What I Hear? Religious Christmas Photo Card Challenge, our second faith-based design challenge, our goal was to showcase spiritual aspects of the holiday season — from scripture greetings to faith-centric images — in a fresh and innovative way. We asked Minted artists to create religious designs across a broad range of styles, from traditional and classic to modern and edgy. As usual, Minted’s global community of artists surpassed our expectations. I’m delighted to present the 10th through 1st place winners!


  1. Cat Caudillo’s holiday sprigs embrace the word “Noel” abundantly in her design.
  1. Framed with elegant white space, Jamie Schultz Designs’ message of “Hallelujah” bursts in foil.
  1. Kristie Kern’s fresh winter greens adorn the family photo, in her signature style of clean design with exquisite detail.
  1. Lori Wemple’s minimalist design draws the eye to the photo, with a playful tiding of joy.


Written by Leah Conroy

While the rest of the world gets into the holiday spirit in late November, at Minted, we start the process in the spring. That’s when we invited Minted artists to submit designs to the Do You Hear What I Hear? Religious Christmas Photo Card Challenge, our second faith-based design challenge. We developed this competition to produce cards for people who are specifically looking for religious or spiritual Christmas greetings and designs.

Since the spring, Minted artists have been heads-down, focused on creating the most beautiful, unique holiday card designs in the world. They’ve also been anxiously awaiting this blog post — the kickoff of our annual winner announcements for some of our most anticipated and celebrated Minted Design Challenges of the year.

For our 10th annual holiday card season, we’re thrilled with the creativity of designs that artists submitted. The Minted Artist community continues to surpass our expectations in design for the most unique, cutting-edge holiday cards. We appreciate every artist who submitted a design, gave a critique, voted in a design poll, and shared festive posts in the Minted Community Facebook group to help fellow community members get in the holiday spirit. At the end of the day, the heart and soul of who Minted is centers around our global community of independent artists.

Here’s the start of our winner countdown, as determined by voters, for the Do You Hear What I Hear Religious Christmas Photo Card. Heartfelt congrats to our first group of holiday winners!


Minted’s Follow Your Passion Tour an action-packed art adventure

Written by Amy Schroeder & Easter Kim

Three days. Three cities. Dozens of artists. One huge surprise. That’s the condensed version of our Follow Your Passion Tour, in which Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy and her team traveled from California to celebrate the art and design worlds of Austin, Nashville, and Miami, August 23–25. During our action-packed 24 hours in each city, we explored art hot spots, enjoyed discussions with local Minted artists, and celebrated in the evenings with gallery events showcasing artists’ original work and Minted Art prints.

Now that we’ve returned from the whirlwind tour, our feelings are a mix of inspiration and compassion. We loved talking with the artists who create Minted art and design, and we learned so much by experiencing their cities firsthand. But shortly after we returned to our San Francisco headquarters, Hurricane Harvey reared its head in south Texas, touching too close to home for a number of Minted artists. 

“The Minted team and I are saddened by the grave impact of Hurricane Harvey on Texas,” says Mariam. “We are thinking of our friends there. In honor of our visit to Texas for the Follow Your Passion Tour, we donated $5,000 to American Red Cross and we encourage everyone to donate. You can find a list of places to donate here.”

Minted artists Erin Hodges of Fig and Cotton and Megan Davis of Toast & Laurel gave Mariam Naficy and team a tour of the Austin art + design scene, including the Hope Outdoor Gallery pictured above.

(Above) Mariam Naficy talks with Austin area Minted artists at Hotel Saint Cecilia on August 23, before the art gallery event. (Below) We showcased works by Texas Minted artists at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin.

Luckily for Maja Cunningham, a Minted artist who traveled from her home in Ft. Worth for the Austin event at Hotel Saint Cecilia on August 23, her town merely experienced more rainfall than usual. “It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening in the south,” Maja said. As for the Austin art event, Maja found it inspiring, informative and “simply beautiful,” saying that she enjoyed talking with Texas Minted artists and meeting Minted team members in person. “The future of Minted looks bright, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together. This unique community of independent artists is an incredible source of inspiration.”

Blogger Camille Styles (@camillestyles) attended the Austin Follow Your Passion gallery event and posted this Instagram shot, writing “Art + wine at @hotelsaintcecilia with my @minted friends tonight.”


Minted 2016 Holiday Challenge Winners Visit San Francisco

Written by Simone Monrad

Every year, the top three winners of one of Minted’s largest challenges of the year, the Holiday Photo Card Challenge, win a two-day trip to visit Minted in San Francisco. On August 14 and 15, we welcomed Susan Moyal, Ann Gardner and Angela Marzuki—the top three winners of Minted’s 2016 Making Spirits Bright Holiday Photo Card Challenge—to our hometown.

It was a typical foggy day in the city, but this didn’t take away from the excitement of finally meeting these very talented women in person. The two-day trip was a whirlwind of activities, including attending a new product development meeting with Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy, a Q&A session with members of the Merchandising and Engineering teams, and a tour of the office. “The Minted office is like nothing I imagined,” said Susan Moyal, the first-place winner in the challenge. “It is amazing to see how many people are working behind the scenes and gain more insight on how the company runs.”

The 2016 Holiday Photo Card Challenge winners in some fun spaces in the San Francisco Minted office, the Printshop, and the Pillow Room. From left: Angela Marzuki, Susan Moyal, and Ann Gardner

During the trip, we got some tips on visiting their home cities (Toronto, Chicago, and Dallas) and gained valuable feedback on their experience as a Minted artist. “I work the best under pressure,” laughed Angela Marzuki. “I’m not one to plan much before challenges are posted. I focus on what I enjoy creating and getting it in before the deadline.” Each artist has been working with Minted for quite some time and we chatted about how Minted has grown over the years and exciting new developments, like our new wedding products and greeting cards. They all agreed that the submission process, especially for Holiday cards, can be overwhelming, but noted that file preparation has become easier and more streamlined. Something we were very happy to hear!


The winning designs of 2016 Making Spirits Bright Holiday Card Challenge, from left: “Christmas Sprigs” by Susan Moyal, “Winter Window” by Ann Gardner, and “Freshly Framed by Angela Marzuki

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