Top 21-40 ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Challenge Winners

By Mariam Naficy, Minted Founder & CEO

Even though the phrase makes most people think of winter, here at Minted we think that September is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Summer was a whirlwind of submissions, critiquing, voting, and file requests, and now we have arrived at the very best part: announcing the winners. Today we begin our ‘Oh What Fun’ Holiday Card Challenge announcements with the winning designs that came in ranked at 21st-40th place, as voted on by the community of customers, designers, fans, and friends.

In this, our sixth annual holiday challenge, we received a record-breaking 3,348 submissions from 470 independent designers. Over the five and a half weeks of submission and voting, designs received a staggering 58,876 ‘likes.’ I think it’s safe to say that this was one of our best (and most competitive) challenges yet, which speaks even more highly of the incredible talent demonstrated in the designs listed below.

I want to thank each and every designer who submitted a design, provided feedback, voted in a design poll, or simply cheered on fellow community members. The design community is what makes Minted special and is what allows us to continue to provide customers with the most beautiful and unique designs in the world. So, without further ado, I give you the top 21st-40th place winners. Congratulations to our first batch of holiday winners!


Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

We’re very pleased to announce the special prize winners from our Corporate Cheer Business Holiday Card Challenge! In this challenge, we asked the Minted Community to design cards that would send goodwill and cheer in a universally celebratory way, sure to appeal to every client, customer, and friend. The Community really (Santa) suited up for this one and got down to business – so leave a comment of congratulations for our winners! You can check out our entire collection of business holiday cards at

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most original design that you wouldn’t find on other sites

Trading Good Cheer” by Stacey Hill

We love this very clever take on a corporate card! Stacey not only came up with a very cute, unusual idea of “trading good cheer,” but she also created a lovely design. Her simple type, minimal design elements, and subdued colors are the perfect complement to her concept.

Runners Up (from left): “Sustainable Season” by Rebecca Bowen | “Real Characters” by Susan | “Bright Season” by Chloe and Fanny | “Vote Santa” by Stacey Hill


‘Tis the Season Holiday Non-Photo Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

The holidays are in full swing over here at Minted HQ! Our non-photo holiday card category is near and dear to our hearts because it allows designers to put their talent at the forefront of their holiday greetings. In the ’Tis the Season: Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create unique non-photo holiday cards to delight our customers and spread good cheer to their friends and family. We’re thrilled with the results, and we’re very happy to announce the special prize winners below. Congratulations, everyone!

There’s No Card Like This for the Holidays Award for the most unique non-photo holiday card in the challenge that breaks new ground and takes design risks but still conveys the cheer and spirit of the holiday season

Tapestry” by Maddy Nye

What a cunning concept! We were immediately struck by Maddy’s minimal design. The North Star reads as traditional and contemporary at once, resembling both a color-blocked tapestry and a neatly pixelated icon. No card like this for sure!

Runners Up: “Herbs and Vegetable Wreath” by Becky Nimoy | “Vintage Library Card Year in Review” by Four Wet Feet Design | “Resounding Joy” by Oscar & Emma


Kid’s Birthday Party Invites and Décor Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer and Hope Tammany, Minted Community Team

Start the party! In our Come Join the Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation Challenge and the Icing on the Cake Kid’s Birthday Party Décor Challenge, we asked the Minted Community to design fresh party invitations and décor that would make children’s birthday parties exciting and fun. We sought lots of diversity in design for all age ranges. We were so excited by the results – there’s something here for every little reveler (and we think you’ll find yourself joining in the fun). We’re very pleased to announce the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations everyone!

Come Join the Fun! Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation Challenge

Snapshot Award for the best photo party invite featuring the birthday boy or girl

Mod Shout Out” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

We love that Oma’s design is at once both simple and playful. Her organic speech bubbles give the birthday kid a real voice, complete with asking for regrets “to my mom.” This design doesn’t just complement the photo, but adds depth and humor to it.

Runners Up: “The Big One” by design market | “Sparklers” by Melanie Severin | “Comic Book Superhero” by Monica Tuazon


Holiday Minibook Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Hope Tammany, Community Relations Team

Customers love the chic, unique format of our Minibook cards, and they’re always a holiday favorite for sending season’s greetings and family updates. In the Quickfire Holiday Minibook Card Challenge, we asked the Minted Community for fresh, festive designs with a seasonal stamp. The Community never fails to thrill us, and we’re so excited to announce the winners of our Special Prizes below. Congratulations, everyone!

Sweet Simplicity Award for the best clean, simple Minibook card

Modern Cheer” by Paper Dahlia

Our Sweet Simplicity award winner is understated with a punch! Kerry’s clean design and kicky colors create a cheery card with modern appeal. The off-kilter cover photo is the perfect touch.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “J-O-Y” by Up Up Creative | “Tiny Tag” by Petite Papier | “Celebratory Star” by Spotted Whale Design | “Fresh Classic Frame” by Kimberly FitzSimons


So Special Greeting Card Challenge Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Our So Special Greeting Card Challenge marked a monumental step in Minted Community history—our official entry into the greeting card world! We asked the Minted Community to create all styles of designs for all types of customers. We encouraged them to take risks and have fun. As usual, we were completely amazed by the creativity of the Community. Now we’re very pleased to announce the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations, everyone!

Child’s Age in Lights Award for the design that highlights a child’s age in a special way

Celebrate Our Favorite” by Alethea and Ruth

What kid wouldn’t love this design? Rachel’s “Celebrate Our Favorite” is full of fun and energy (just like the birthday girl, we bet!). Her lively mix of colors, type, hearts, and dots is sure to thrill. The best part is that even with so many strong design elements, the photograph and age still jump out.

Runner Ups: “Little Spy” by Kayla King | “onederful” by Sara Hicks Malone | “Super Stack” by Jessie Steury


Minted + West Elm Art Challenge Special Prizes

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

We are delighted by the work that was submitted for the Minted + West Elm Art Challenge—and we are delighted by our partnership as well—look for Minted in West Elm stores and starting in September.

One of my favorite elements about this challenge was the influx of new artists and the variety of new styles from our existing artists. It’s exciting to see work from well-established graphic artists like Rose Lindo delve into new territory for our collection (see her lovely piece, The Rapids). It’s equally exciting to meet new Minted artists, such as Holly Royval and Samantha French, and have the privilege to welcome them, and the other new artists, into our community.

I keep returning again and again to view these pieces and can’t wait for them to be available for sale—I’m holding spots for a few of these prints in my own home.

Unexpected Organic Award

Sun Drop” by Holly Royval

A mosaic of natural shapes hints at a variety of influences—sunflowers, a spiral of seashells, fossils embedded in the terrain. The syncopation of shapes, both long and short, are presented in a myriad of cascading colors on top of a white background. While the choice of materials suggests a reference to the design interest of the 1970’s in the natural world, the selection of colors in this piece is entirely modern.


Minted Community Winner’s Certificates

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Today we are very excited to introduce you to our brand new winner’s certificates! The Minted Community is an incredibly talented and driven group. Every challenge welcomes new artists and invites new styles and ideas. We are constantly in awe of the quality (and quantity) of submissions and by the supportive and constructive feedback that artists offer to each other to make every design better. The result is always an outstanding group of top-voted designs.

These brand new winner’s certificates were created with love to recognize the incredible accomplishment of the designers whose work is voted into the top 3 of each Minted challenge. It is truly a remarkable and amazing feat and is certainly something to be celebrated! Each one includes the winning design’s name, designer, and challenge details and is personally signed by Mariam Naficy, our CEO & Founder. We think they are really something special (if we do say so ourselves)!

Over the next few weeks, we will start mailing these certificates to every top 3 winner for all challenges in 2013. We’re also happy to send certificates by request for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place wins in earlier challenges whose submission occurred before 2013. Just fill out this quick and easy form. We hope that each certificate will be a great reminder of an incredible achievement!


Modern Sensibilities Special Prize Winners

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

We are playing a bit of catch up here at Minted art – and are so happy to (finally!) announce the special picks for the Modern Sensibilities Art Challenge. Each challenge tends to have its own flavor and this one stood out for strong graphics, the elevation of common objects and beautiful photographs.

Congratulations, winners!

Urban Chic Award for the best art print suited to a modern, urban home

Rings” by 2birdstone

A grid of thickly drawn black circles is interspersed in a pattern variation with varying colors of yellow and red. Stark in its simplicity, it’s the ultimate urban accessory – chic, modern and versatile. Mix with one of the other pieces from artist Ashley of 2birdstone for a larger wall. Perfect for a New York loft or Los Angeles apartment.

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Minted at NSS

By Natasha, Julep Editor

We had such a great time at the National Stationery Show! It really is our favorite time of the year… we get to see many of our designers in person, walk through football fields of paper, party in the Big Apple, and talk about the merits of one font over another for hours on end with others who care about design as much as we do. Read on to check out our booth, our party and Oh So Beautiful Paper’s Paper Party.

Keep reading for lots more pictures!

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