2 Artists Join Minted and Every Mother Counts in Guatemala

Written by Easter Kim

Pictured above (left to right): María José Gómez, Mariam Naficy, Jessica Ballouli, Norra Onder, Deborah Baltodano Tilson, Briana Nielson, and Karly Depew

Minted’s charitable partner, Every Mother Counts (EMC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Back in 2017, two Minted artists, Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma and Briana Nielson, won a Minted contest to join Minted Founder and CEO, Mariam Naficy, and EMC Founder Christy Turlington Burns on a trip to Guatemala. The purpose of the trip was for attendees to experience firsthand the work that EMC grantees are doing to provide skilled and compassionate care to mothers throughout their pregnancies.

On November 3, the winning artists embarked on a week-long trip in Guatemala along with two Minted customers and team members from Minted and EMC. During the trip, they visited EMC’s grantee organization Asociación de las Comadronas del Area Mam (ACAM), a traditional midwife clinic, and participated in a graduation ceremony for Corazón del Agua midwives at Universidad Galileo. They also collaborated with a local Guatemalan artist to paint a mural at the Luna Zorro Studio. 

Mural at Luna Zorro Studio

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy sparked the idea of utilizing the artistic talents of our Minted artists to paint a mural in Guatemala during the trip. The Minted team partnered with local Guatemalan artist, Guermillo Durán and Molly Berry of Luna Zorro studio to paint a mural on the wall of her studio. Luna Zorro is a textile line and lifestyle brand based in Guatemala. They work with local artisans and weavers and combine old world weaving traditions with contemporary designs to create beautiful culturally rich textile products.

The process of creating the mural was very collaborative. Minted artist Karly Depew shared, “Molly Berry of Luna Zorro, sent the most beautiful and thorough creative brief. I was initially a little concerned that it would be challenging project… fusing 3 different artist’s own unique style.” Their fears dissipated when the artists kicked off the project. Brianna added, “Karly and Guillermo quickly proved to be warm and collaborative and we instantly hit a synergistic stride. Additionally, Molly was a dream client to work for with her incredible eye for naturally beautiful aesthetics.” 

The result speaks for itself. Karly said, “I am very proud of this collaboration that brought us together to honor Guatemalan women and their traditions.” Brianna added, “ In the end, I love how it came together and I feel so honored to have been able to collaborate with such incredible and talented artists.”

Pictured above: Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma, Briana Nielson, Mariam Naficy, Molly Berry, and Guermillo Durán.

Asociación de las Comadronas del Area Mam

The highlight of the trip was learning about the impactful work of Asociación de las Comadronas del Area Mam (ACAM), which is a collective of 40 Mayan midwives who educate and provide maternal healthcare for women in the region. In 2003, ACAM built a Midwifery and Birth Center in Concepción Chiquirichapa with support from Maya Midwifery International (MMI), a group of North American donors and volunteers who act as a fundraising and advisory board for the Guatemalan group.

The team toured the facilities to see the equipment that EMC donated, such as solar panels and medical supplies and equipment. They also met the comadronas, volunteers, and Mam-speaking mothers who gave birth at ACAM. Since EMC began supporting the organization in 2016, ACAM has served over 2,500 women and trained over 50 comadronas, or traditional midwives.

Karly was humbled through this experience. “These women have made an incredibly selfless choice to help keep childbirth safe in their communities where there is often a lack of services and respect for indigenous mothers and their traditions around pregnancy and birth.” Brianna added that “she was struck with the power that comes from women helping, serving, supporting and empowering each other. I loved the clinic’s focus on the mother and supporting her individual preferences and cultural decisions in a safe and loving way.”

Corazón del Agua midwives at Universidad Galileo

Karly, Brianna, and the Minted team had the honor of participating in the graduation ceremony for Corazón del Agua midwives at Universidad Galileo, a grantee partner of EMC. Corazón del Agua works with the University of Galileo in Guatemala City to offer Guatemala’s first university-supported accredited School of Professional Midwifery in Guatemala.

In addition to supporting the education and training of professional midwives, Corazón del Agua connects students with traditional birth attendants and comadronas in their hometowns, facilitating cross-learning between the two groups. Corazón is also developing the first national Association of Midwives in the country, which will provide a platform for networking and advocacy.

Pictured above: Christy Turlington Burns and the latest graduates of Corazón del Agua at Universidad Galileo

Pictured on right: Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy and EMC Founder Christy Turlington Burns.

A memorable trip with a lasting impact

The EMC Guatemala trip has left a lasting impact on our Minted artists. Karly and Brianna hope to take what they’ve learned to make a positive impact on their local communities. Karly plans to continue to “use the Charity Miles app to help raise money through my daily fitness and someday hopes to run a half marathon on behalf of EMC.” 

The beautiful culture and landscapes of Guatemala have also inspired our artists and their work. “Guatemala is an incredibly beautiful country and hidden gem. From the festive colors of the architecture or the bougainvillea that drapes the doorways to the majestic volcanoes that rise in the distance, there is beauty at every corner. My love for photography has been reinvigorated by this trip and I hope to submit more work into the art category for 2020,” Karly says. Brianna shares, “it is simply impossible to leave Guatemala without coming away inspired artistically when you are completely immersed in beauty, both natural and man made, that compliment each other perfectly,” Brianna said. “Going on this trip was definitely the jump start I needed to focus more on design in the coming year.”

Pictured above: (Back Row from Left to Right): Deborah Baltodano Tilson, Norra Onder, Jessica Ballouli, Mariam Naficy, Maria McManus, Briana Nielson, Annie Clark, Melissa Berger, Elizabeth Turlington, Christy Turlington Burns (Front Row from Left to Right): Karly Depew, Emily Zimmerman, Tina Johnston, Kat Grimes, Grace Kellum

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5 Minted Artists announced winners at the 30th annual LOUIE awards

The LOUIE Awards. Photo by The Greeting Card Association. 

Written by Julie Black

In Brooklyn, New York, four Minted designs were selected as winners in the Greeting Card Association’s esteemed LOUIE Awards. The 30th annual awards ceremony took place in on May 19 to honor “the best cards of the year”.

Four Minted designers and one copywriter received top honors at this prestigious event. Olivia Herrick Designs’ “Birthday Tacos”, Julie Murray’s “Bride to Be”, and Lori Wemple’s “Woodland” also reached the final round. View the finalists.

For the first time, a Minted copywriter was nominated for and received a LOUIE award

Take a peek at the winners and their amazing work.


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Minted gives a first look at innovative designs at NSS 2019

Minted was pretty in pink and pampas grass for the annual Community Cocktail Party, at Mercantile 37, located at 517 W. 37th Street in New York. “Mountain Range” removable wall mural by Sadie Holden.

Styling by Natasha M. Lawler of NML PR. Photos by Sara Wight

If 2018 was a yearlong celebration of Minted’s 10th anniversary, 2019 has already ignited a celebration of Minted’s decade ahead. At least, that was one of the underlying themes of Minted events at this year’s National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York, held February 3–6 at the Javits Center.

Like years past, Minted artists traveled near and far to attend the four-day tradeshow described as “the place for all things paper.” Petra Kern and Maria Murphy of Lulaloo flew thousands of miles from their respective homes in Slovenia and Switzerland, Afton Harding of Clara Jean Design and her mother Shauna Little traveled from Utah, and Mansi Verma made a jaunt from New Jersey.

What made this year’s NSS different compared to previous years? Firstly, the date change—from the traditional May to February, which brought surprisingly warm temperatures for New York. For Minted artist Kim Dietrich Elam, who’s attended NSS five times, the 2019 show seemed smaller in comparison, but just as entertaining and exhilarating. “Minted’s booth featured beautiful fabric swatches by the artist community and was super Instagram-able, as always,” she says. “And the free wine tasting throughout Javits was a fun addition.” Kim said one of the trends among show vendors that “spoke most to her” was the use of witty and irreverent sayings on a wide range of stationery and gift products.

During the Minted Community Cocktail party on February 4, Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy reflected on 2018 highlights, such as the transition to monthly artist commission payments and the development of All-In-One cards. She also shared exciting news about 2019; namely, that plans are in the works for the second Camp Minted, scheduled to take place July 29–31, 2019, in Las Vegas.

Here’s a recap of our whirlwind, action-packed NSS 2019 experience of exhibiting at the show, hosting artists Jordan Sondler and Aspacia Kusulas at the Minted booth, and celebrating with artists at the annual Community Cocktail party.

The Minted Booth at National Stationery Show 2019

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2 Minted Artists Win Top Honors in 2017 LOUIE Awards

Written by Kelly Hird

We’re proud to announce that two Minted designs, “Party Sloth” by Melissa Egan and “Adagio” by Meg Gleason, were chosen as winners in the 2017 LOUIE Awards. One of the most esteemed awards ceremonies in the stationery world, the LOUIE Awards are hosted by the National Greeting Card Association and took place during the National Stationery Show in New York in May. Kelli Hall’s striking holiday photo card “Statement Joy” also made it to the final round, and all three designs were exhibited prominently in the trade show’s entrance at the Javits Center.

This year’s finalists in the 2017 LOUIE Awards on display at the entry to the Javits Center at the National Stationery Show.

While the three finalists weren’t able to attend this year’s annual award gala, Meg Gleason attended NSS and was thrilled to receive the good news. Her design, “Adagio,” features hand-painted backgrounds, with an original painting created for each colorway.

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Minted greeting cards, children’s apparel, and nursery decor make shining debut at NSS 2017

Photos by Charlie Juliet Photography

Greeting cards, children’s apparel, and nursery decor were Minted’s headlining acts at our National Stationery Show (NSS) booth this year. All three product categories made a shining debut at the paper goods tradeshow and were well-received by both independent and large national retailers. The new products were right at home alongside our new home décor textile patterns and Minted’s longtime claim to fame: custom cards and invitations, including our wedding suite.

After introducing Minted Wholesale at NSS 2016, the program continues to grow. Last year, we showed NSS attendees our custom invitation offerings along with a handful of limited edition art prints, home decor products such as pillows and table linens, and packaged stationery products. Now Minted Wholesale is even better than ever. Our new line of wholesale greeting cards are sourced from The Better Together Greeting Card Challenge, our first competition that shines an extra-bright spotlight on excellence in writing and design. Since last year, we’ve made our wholesale pricing more competitive and also made improvements in our customer service,” says Dan Garblik, Minted’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re excited to grow this new and exciting side of our business.”

We showcased some of our new greeting cards against a copper wall, spotlighting a rotation of Minted artists. Here we show Stacey Meacham of Atlanta, Georgia; Shonda Rhimes, the TV producer extraordinaire who contributed copywriting to the first part of the Better Together Minted Greeting Card Challenge; and Carrie O’Neal of Fairfield, Ohio.

As Minted Wholesale has expanded, we’ve been careful to select retail partners who agree to support our artist-friendly terms. “We seek partners who are excited about the Minted artist community and want to help us tell our crowdsourcing story,” says Brady Wood, VP External Relations. “We’ve seen wonderful examples – with West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids, for example – of our retail partners telling stories about the artist behind the product.”

Just as Minted has come a long way since Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy started the company in 2008, so too has our presence at NSS. In the early days, Minted products were exclusive to minted.com. Now with Minted Wholesale and the opening of Minted’s San Francisco retail store, Minted’s footprint extends to brick and mortar and beyond. “It’s truly exciting to see the progression — I think Minted is definitely steering to the right market that will generate more exposure and revenue,” says Nam Bourassa, a Canadian Minted artist who joined the community in December 2008. As one of the early designers to enter Minted’s Design Challenges, she represents a thriving community of independent artists who create the designs for the many products that Minted produces and sells.

Nam says she’s a fan of Minted Wholesale because the program allows artists to see their designs in additional commercial markets. “It certainly gives bragging rights to recognize a product that was designed by you,” she says. “The wholesale products are high-quality with fabulous design styles.”

As part of the tradition that’s developed over the years at NSS, we hosted a cocktail party for Minted artists who traveled from around the U.S. and beyond, in addition to a breakfast meeting for some of our top-performing artists in the CMYK program. Enjoy the gallery of photos.

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Perfect Match Award Roundup: Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners for our Perfect Match Awards! Our customers love that they can choose matching Minted Envelope designs that carry the theme of the invitation through to the envelope. These awards are for the most creative envelope designs that add something extra special to the invitations they accompany. A huge congrats to all the winners and runners-up!

The Most Wonderful Time 2015 Holiday Card Challenge
Merrily Matching Award

Everlasting Love Save the Date Challenge
Perfect Match Award

Suite Love Wedding Invitation Challenge
Perfect Match Award

Great Expectations Baby Shower Invitation Challenge
Perfect Match Award

Sweet Celebrations Kids’ Birthday Party Invitation Challenge
Perfect Match Award

Imagery created by Leah Conroy
Perfect Match Awards will be announced as a roundup twice a year. 
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Minted x Pottery Barn Art Challenge: Special Prizes

We were thrilled to partner with two of the most widely recognized and largest brands in the children and teens home decor space: PotteryBarn Kids and PBteen. Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen share Minted’s dedication to producing high quality and well-designed products, and we can’t wait to introduce unique artwork from Minted’s community of independent artists into their assortments. Congratulations to all the special prize winners!

Minted Editor’s Choice Award
For the artwork that is chosen as most innovative by the Minted Team
Anim-Alphabet by Sarah York

From the Heart –Teen Award
For the best piece of art displaying an inspirational or unique quote for a teen room
Stay Awesome by Hannah Williams

From the Heart – Children’s Award
For the best piece of art displaying an inspirational or unique quote for a child’s room
You are so Loved by Alethea and Ruth

Click through for more special prize winners

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Kids’ Birthday Party Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our Sweet Celebration Quickfire Kids’ Birthday Party Invitation Challenge! It’s time to party! Each year, parents come to Minted to find the perfect invitation celebrate another year in their child’s life. We invited you, our talented Minted community, to design fun and unique invitations that would inspire parents and set the tone for a party that their children will remember for years to come. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the most design-forward, innovative kid’s birthday party 
invitation that you would only find at Minted
Cherry on Top by Oscar & Emma

Runners-up: Party Sloth by Pistols | Dotted by roxy | Tutti Frutti by Karidy Walker

For the best design for a boy
Pirate’s Map by Alethea and Ruth

Runners-up: SK8 by robin ott design | Captain Laser by Bob Daly | Truck Time by Oodles of Color

For the best party invite featuring one or more
 photos of the birthday boy or girl 
Birthday Shades by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: Patterned Fun by Maria Hilas Louie | Let’s Celebrate a Birthday by Christine Taylor
Space Cadet by Jennifer Lew

For the best party invitation for a 1 year old girl or boy
feather wild one by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: and the clock struck 1 by Frooted Design | Wild by Jessie Steury
Dotted One by Jennifer Wick

For the best design specifically created for one
 of the unique shapes Minted offers 
Tri Birthday by Itsy Belle Studio

Runners-up: Birthday Brunch by Kelly Nasuta
Grrreat Lion by Katie Zimpel | Game night by Anupama

For the best design that celebrates a fall or winter birthday
Ice Castle by Jessica Ogden

Runners-up: Scout by Marabou Design | Snow Much Fun for Everyone by Laura Bolter Design

For the best design that puts customizable text on a curvilinear path
Banner Takeoff by Haley Warner

Runners-up: Joyful Rainbow by Hooray Creative
Roger That by 24th and Dune | Truck Party by Alethea and Ruth

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Timber! by Paper Sun Studio


Images created by Leah Conroy

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Art on Your Sleeve T-shirt Challenge Special Prizes

For our first fun quickfire challenge of the year, we resurrected a community tradition from the Minted days of yore. We held our last Minted T-shirt design challenge in 2012 and we looked to our community to design fresh new t-shirts for us! We gifted these t-shirts to our community at the 2016 National Stationery Show. We’re looking forward to giving out more shirts to our community at some of the upcoming meetups this year!

Congratulations to our special prize winners! These designs will be repurposed as desktop wallpapers.

Employees’ Choice Award
For the design that captures the hearts of our Minted employees and of Minted’s founder, Mariam Naficy
Artsy by Stacy Kron

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative T-shirt design
Where Creativity Soars by Zhay Smith

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Minted Launches Minted Local (Our First Retail Store!)

Last week, Minted opened the doors to its first-ever brick-and-mortar store Minted Local, situated in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square neighborhood. The shop brings the e-commerce company’s products to life and features art, home goods, and stationery from Minted’s community of independent artists and designers. The boutique also emphasizes the work of California-based artists and offers original art and one-of-a-kind items (which we’ve never done before!).

We kicked things off last Thursday with an opening party featuring pressman Matt Kelsey operating an old-school letterpress in the shop window (he made art prints for guests to take home!), delicious bites from Taste Catering, and a flower bar where guests could create their own bouquet (and have it wrapped by yours truly!). During the first week, 50 percent of all sales will benefit Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns that is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers around the world.

Minted Local also will feature workshops, artists-in-residence programs, styling services, as well as interactive crafts and complimentary mementos to keep children entertained while you’re shopping. Come by to see it in real life and say hello! Minted Local is located at 222 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108; we’re open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Minted Local store, San Francisco

Minted Local store, San Francisco

Minted Local, San Francisco

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