Easter Photo Booth Masks

By Trendy Peas a member of the Minted design community

What kind of bunny ears are you? Girly? Smarty maybe? Perhaps a little droopy? I am always looking for some fun pictures of my kids to use on our annual photo books, and I thought having them wearing cute bunny ears would make great Eater photos. What do you think? Ready to get crafty? Print these bunny ears out, dress it up, and get ready to snap some fun pictures this Easter with your family. I guarantee you will feel like a kid again.


Shamrock Cookie Cutter for St Patricks Day

Shamrock Cookie Cutter St Patricks Day DIY

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and this year I really wanted to make some shamrock cookies. It’s not often you get to make green goodies to eat!

I couldn’t find a shamrock cookie cutter in any of my local stores, so I decided to make my own and discovered with a few items from around the kitchen, a fun cookie cutter is really easy to make. The kids will really love helping you make these for a St Patrick’s Day morning tea.

Let’s get started with materials…


Green and Gold St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day is easily overlooked when it comes to crafts, baked goods, and DIY’s. Personally I don’t feel the need to have any St. Patrick’s Day decor, but you know me, I love to party. So in case you need a reason to celebrate or just eat some really yummy sweets, here are some fun green and gold ideas to get you in the mood. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy some shamrock-shaped macaroons with Bailey’s chocolate ganache? This pregnant lady is not saying, “no.”

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Valentines Day Party Ideas

By Alison, The Alison Show

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love with EVERYONE! Not just one special person. So I’ve found some fun, easy ideas that can easily turn your next play date, book club meeting, or The Bachelor watching session into a festive and awesome Valentine’s Day bash…
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DIY: “Eyes for You” Classroom Valentines

By Jenny, Hank and Hunt
When I was shopping the valentine selection on Minted, Henry was peeking over my shoulder. We have a thing for monsters and aliens here at casa H+H and pretty much anything NOT PINK for valentines. This cute card seemed like the perfect choice. I had the idea to add something extra to the card and a little white lollipop that looked like an eyeball was dubbed AWESOME by my favorite 6 year old…