Recipe: Peanut-Butter Pretzel Popcorn Balls

When I think about classic, homemade Halloween treats, popcorn balls are the first thing that come to mind. I wanted to make some this year but instead of regular versions, I decided to make really over-the-top popcorn balls loaded with all kinds of delicious treats! Peanut-butter cups and pretzels have the perfect salty-sweet flavor combination that I love, and they happen to go great with popcorn. These popcorn balls are chocolatey, peanut buttery, salty, and chewy—perfect for little kids but so yummy that adults won’t be able to resist!

These yummy peanut butter pretzel popcorn balls will be irresistible to kids and adults alike!

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Horror Movie-Inspired Cocktails: The Spider Bite

Next up in our horror movie-inspired series of Halloween cocktails: The Spider Bite. It’s an Arachnophobia-themed libation that’s a fitting homage to the deadly arachnid nest in the film. In the spirit of the film, the drink is infested with an oozing overflow of gelatinous spider eggs, threatening to burst open and release a torrent of tiny hatchlings. But don’t let its sinister look fool you—this cocktail is actually silk sweet and full of rich coffee flavors (the spider eggs are simply tapioca pearls with flecks of vanilla bean!).

More Horror Movie-Inspired Cocktails:
• The Spider Bite (inspired by Arachnophobia)
The Eel Charmer (inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) 

halloween horror inspired cocktails by kelli hall: Spider bite black russian with tapioca pearl spider sac garnish
A shallow glass like a coupe will help the “spider eggs” float to the top when filled with ice.

halloween horror inspired cocktails by kelli hall: Spider bite black russian with tapioca pearl spider sac garnishTapioca pearls with flecks of vanilla bean shine like spider sacs, ready to hatch.

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Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffins

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is bake. While I love baking year-round, the flavors this time of the year are the best—pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate, spices. These classic pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins combine all of my favorite fall flavors into one tasty treat. And not only do they taste yummy, but they also make the whole house smell amazing while they bake.

Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffins

These pumpkin muffins are perfect for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or alongside soup or chili for dinner. They make great treats to take to friends and neighbors and are delicious with a big mug of coffee or hot apple cider.

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Recipe: Banoffee Pie

When my husband and I were first married, I found an intriguing recipe in the back of a cooking magazine for something called “banoffee” pie. It started with a regular pastry crust filled with toffee (caramelized sweetened condensed milk, essentially dulce de leche), topped with banana slices and whipped cream. Good, right? I made it and we liked it well enough, but I didn’t make it again in the ensuing dozen years. For some reason, though, banoffee pie has been on my mind so much lately and I started wondering how I could make the recipe unforgettable—a dessert that I’d want to make again and again.

Banoffee Pie

When I started doing a little digging, I learned that there are a couple of different ways you can go about banoffee pie. You can use a pastry crust like I did, or you can use a crust made of crushed cookies or graham crackers. Hmmmmmm. I also found lots of different recipes for the toffee layer. The one I ended up trying combined sweetened condensed milk with butter and brown sugar. Not only did it take less time to prepare than the other method, but also butter and brown sugar, c’mon! It took me a couple of delicious tries to get the recipe just right, but the end result is definitely a dessert worth remembering!

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Recipe: Peach Crumb Muffins

Summer may be nearly over, but my heart is still craving fresh, juicy peaches! They’re one of my favorite fruits to eat fresh and to bake with. We got a huge box of beautiful peaches earlier this week (probably the last good peaches we’ll see this year) and have had a grand time making all the delicious, peachy baked goods we can think of: pies, cobblers, galettes, kolaches, and these yummy peach crumb muffins.

The last time I made my favorite blueberry muffin recipe, it occurred to me that it would taste even better with peaches. I had a hunch that the sweet, cakey muffin batter and cinnamon-sugar crumb topping would be perfect partners for that delicious peach flavor, and I was right! With just a hint of brown sugar and spice, these peach crumb muffins would be amazing served at breakfast, brunch, or tea time.

Recipe: Peach Crumb Muffins Make these delicious peach crumb muffins for breakfast, brunch, or afternoon tea!

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“Dadmosa” Beer Cocktail for Father’s Day

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes and Cutlery

Skip the BBQ this Father’s Day and host a family brunch instead. And just because you’re hosting a morning event doesn’t mean you can’t include Dad’s favorite brew. Serve up some Dadmosas, the perfect beer-based brunch cocktail (that even non-beer lovers will enjoy!). Move over mimosas, there’s a new brunch beverage in town.

Brunch cocktail idea with beer for Father's Day.

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Printable: Father’s Day Beer Labels

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day by surprising him with his favorite brew repackaged with these festive “World’s Greatest” labels. It’s the perfect way to make your pops feel extra special this Father’s Day. Looking for more easy Father’s Day ideas? Check out our homemade salsa recipe with label printable and BBQ sauce printable.

Free Printable Father's Day Beer Label Free Printable Father's Day Beer Bottle Label

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Recipe: Delicious Lavender-Roasted Almonds

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes and Cutlery

There’s nothing like a good snack to help get you through the day. While plain almonds are always a quick and easy—not to mention heart-healthy!—snack, sometimes you need something a little more special. These lavender-infused roasted almonds are sweet, lightly salty, and very crunchy—so delicious! They make a great afternoon treat but are also perfect to serve at your next party or gathering. Pair them with some iced tea or a glass of rosé and you’ll certainly be the hostess with the mostess!

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DIY: Watercolor-Heart Cupcake Toppers

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

Today we’re sharing the quickest (and cutest!) way to decorate just in time for Valentine’s Day. These simple cupcake toppers will add the perfect amount of flair to your festivities, whether you’re planning a party for your kiddo or will be sharing a treat at home with your sweetie. Try these watercolor-heart toppers on mini cupcakes, brownies, or even donuts!

DIY Valentine Watercolor Heart Cupcake Topper | alice & lois for minted

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Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Roses are red, violets are blue, we LOVE this Valentine party and hope you do too!

Valentine’s Day is one of Happy Wish Company‘s favorite holidays and when we saw Minted’s adorable Conversation Heart Valentine Party Décor and coordinating invitation, we just knew it was begging for a celebration.

The peach, light pink, dark pink and white color scheme is such a sweet twist on the traditional red and white, and gives this party a fresh, creamsicle-like feel.