Dried Fruit Bouquet

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry
Tis the season for centerpieces, hostess gifts and a million reasons to purchase a bouquet of flowers. It is also the season with the least inspiring floral selection. Instead of settling for a ho-hum bouquet make this dried fruit bouquet for your table, or to bring along as a lovely “Thank you” gift. It comes together in a snap, is more affordable than flowers and will last the entire season long!

I found a great stash of dried pomegranates to use, but you could create the same look with any dried fruits. They can be found often at thrift stores, dollar stores and craft stores.
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Modern Cornucopia

By Melanie of  You Are My Fav

A cornucopia is one of the traditional symbols of Thanksgiving but have you ever really see one used as a centerpiece?
cornucopia1 To me they look outdated and bottom of the bin. Plus, putting one out might conjure up some images from the Hunger Games which wouldn’t be all that appetizing. So I decided to try a modern take with this simple, harvest centerpiece.
cornucopia7 Here’s how I made it…


DIY: Thanksgiving Acorn Centerpiece

By Alison of The Alison Show

Acorns are one of fall’s perfect little understated details. I thought, why not make them larger than life and add some glitz? Can’t hurt, right? You can do this craft an easy way, or an even easier way. Or both!


With some tacky glue and glitter you have glam acorns, and for an even easier version of this craft you can simply paint your acorn with chalkboard spray paint. These acorns dress up your table nicely, and the chalkboard versions would also work well as place
cards or gift tags.

I liked the juxtaposition of the more synthetic glitter and chalkboard paint with the natural-looking yarn, but obviously you could do these in a wide variety of colors and combinations.

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