DIY: Polka-Dot Party Favor Bags

By Sara Albers & Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

P0lka dots are always a great party theme—they’re colorful and playful, and most of all, just plain fun! Today, we’re sharing a simple polka-dot treat bag DIY that involves decorating muslin bags with a simple stamping technique. It’s a fun way to get your kiddo involved and helping with the party prep, and the bags are perfect for stuffing with small treats. Best of all, the little polka-dot pouches are a goody bag guests can use at home, too.

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DIY: Four Easy Cake-Decorating Ideas

I’m not going to be starring in a cake-decorating reality show anytime soon, but I can take a plain, frosted cake and make it ready for a party in just a few minutes—no fancy frosting tips required! Here are four easy ideas to try the next time you have an occasion that calls for something sweet.

kid's birthday cakes Idea #1: Lollipops
Dum Dum suckers can easily be poked into the cake and then easily removed before serving. I love the variety of colors they come in and the finished look.

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DIY: Birthday Candle Lip Balm Printables

They say you’re not supposed to let children play with fire, but no one ever said you couldn’t let them play with paper in the shape of fire, now did they? When it comes to party favors, I’m all about ease and simplicity. So today I’m going to show you how to turn your favorite lip balm into birthday candle party favors. Slip one in each goody bag and watch your guests faces light up!

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DIY: Hand-Painted Paper Lanterns

I’ve had these plain paper lanterns in my party supply for ages but have never used them because they were a little boring. I decided to change all that and pulled out my trusty acrylic paints to do the job. Ten minutes later, I had three completely custom lanterns. It couldn’t be simpler.

easy party decorations

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DIY: Knotted Fabric-Wrapped Favor Boxes

Written by Olivia Kanaley

Take some cues from the soft textures and subtle hues of springtime and package up favors for your next event using this wrapping technique. Mismatched florals and tidy knots create a look that is feminine, tailored, and oh-so-sweet.

• 3″ or 4″ square favor box
• Fabric (these prints and more here)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Double-stick tape (optional)


1. Measure and cut a 15″ square from fabric (cut a 20″ square if you are using 4″ boxes).

2. Place fabric face down on work surface with the favor box on top. Pull opposite corners of the fabric around the box and cut away corners, leaving just enough material to meet at the top of the box. If desired, you can use a piece of double stick tape to secure the fabric here as you keep working.

3. Fold fabric over the sides of the box, just as you would wrap a gift with paper. Pinch with index finger and thumb where shown, pulling fabric taut around the sides of the box.

4. Working with one side at a time, continue to pinch fabric taut, while bringing the fabric “tail” up over the top of the box.

5. Cross the tails around each other as shown, creating 90 degree angles.

6. Tuck each tail under the knot once more as shown, and pull taut. For a tidy look, gently conceal the unfinished ends under the gathered fabric.



DIY: Quick and Easy Heart-Shaped Brooches

If you’re scrambling to find a simple Valentine’s Day craft that you can pull off by Saturday, then this is the project for you. These easy-to-make heart brooches are crafted from wool-blend felt, which is one of my favorite fabrics to work with since it won’t unravel when cut. Whip up a bunch of these heart brooches, then play Cupid this weekend and pass them out to all your sweeties.

DIY: Quick and Easy Heart-Shaped Brooches

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Succulent Party Favors (with printable)

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

When I throw parties, I love to come up with a favor that the guests can actually use and enjoy at home. This Valentine’s Day, we came up with a sweet idea using succulents (if you can’t find succulents at your nursery or hardware store, any flowers would do). Then, all you need is our free “Love Grows Here” printable (get it below) and you’ve got a special valentine for friends or a cute favor to send home with party guests (it’d also make a great DIY wedding favor, don’t you think?).

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DIY: Cookie Valentine (with free printable!)

Valentine’s Day is just five days away and if you’re scrambling for a valentine idea that’s edible but (most importantly!) easy, then we’ve got the one for you. All you need: this free treat-bag printable (get it below) and a batch of fresh-baked cookies. Or let’s be honest, a box of Chips Ahoy.

free valentines

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DIY: Valentine’s Day Paper Flowers (with Smarties Candy!)

Your child’s grade school class will be coming up roses with this easy Valentine’s Day craft! All you need are Smarties candies, coffee filters, and a bit of craft masking tape and you’ll have a sweet bloom for each little friend.

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