DIY Back-to-School Duct Tape Pencil Holders

This time of year is always so exciting for us, we love back-to-school! The new backpacks, bottles of glue, notebooks, and loads and load of markers and pencils galore! So we thought it only fitting that we make a few duct tape supply holders to house our colorful new supplies—they make homework time that much more exciting! The best part: This is a project you can easily make together with your kid. Get the DIY instructions after the jump.


DIY Baby Memory Box and Printable Keepsake Tags

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

Our baby girl is turning two in October and this upcoming milestone has got me itching to finally buckle down and gather together her baby mementos in a fun and cute way. I decided to create a memory box filled with meaningful items and added hand-written tags to each piece that listed sweet memories and details. Read on for the downloadable keepsake tags and the baby memory box instructions.


DIY Animal Envelopes

By: Merrilee Liddiard, of Mer Mag

These simple little animal envelopes are just the thing to drop your friend, teacher, (or Valentine!) a little note in! And the best part, they are super easy to make.


  • envelopes (the ones with the “V” shape closure works best for these)
  • paint, markers, or whatever decorative art supplies you like
  • Colorful or patterned paper for the ears
  • glue stick (or an adhesive of sorts)

  1. Begin with an blank envelope, closure side facing you
  2. Paint on features, using point of envelope as your animal’s nose
  3. Paint on additional features such as cheeks, or whiskers, freckles, etc.
  4. From your colored or patterned paper, cut out ear shapes. Here w went with triangles for a cat or fox look. Glue them to the underside of the envelope.
  5. Fill your animal envelope with a special note and even candies for a friend or teacher.
  6. Make more! These are so easy and fun to make, you’ll love coming up with different animals such as our little doggie friend below!


Eraser Stamp Christmas Tree Cards

By: Merrilee Liddiard, of Mer Mag

We love to make handmade Christmas cards for teachers, friends and neighbors and this simple eraser stamp Christmas Tree card is just the thing to bring handmade merry cheer to all!

Step one: Download the Christmas Tree Card template and print it out on card stock or paper. It also works perfectly on 5″ x 6.5″ white blank cards (found at your local craft store). Fold and trim card as needed.
Step two: Using a pencil eraser and stamp pad, begin stamping ornaments, lights or boughs of evergreen onto the card.
Step three and four: Continue until you are satisfied with your stamped tree. Have fun with different colors (think twinkle lights on evergreen boughs) or go monochromatic with reds like we did here.
Step five: The front of your card is complete! Just don’t forget to write tidings of good cheer for all inside.

Enjoy sharing your custom card for friends and family!


Paper Strip Pumpkin Art

By Merrilee of Mer Mag

There has been a bit of a chill in the air and a few leaves are beginning to change colors, which can only mean one thing…we’re on the brink of FALL!  We are big fans of Autumn around here and I relish the chance to break out the pumpkin, harvest and Halloween crafts this time of year.

To celebrate this sweater loving, pumpkin patchin’ time of year, we thought we’d share a variation of our Paper Strip Easter Egg Art only this time with pumpkins!