The Minted Blog Lives!

Window Seats for All!
trying to get twice as much done.

Hi minted designers, fans, and users,

We’ve had such wonderful things said about us on the blogosphere in recent months that it is about time that we get serious about our blog. With that, we’ve made investments in a new WordPress blog, a shiny new theme, and will be making time to keep you up to date with the goings on here at minted. We’ve also set up a forum for everyone, so you will have a place to go to ask questions and talk to each other about all things minted. As always please let us know how we can make minted a better place for you, good luck in our design challenges, and I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you.


P.s. Lunch is great around the new office.
Molinari's Meatball Madness
Molinari’s Meatball Madness

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