5 Calligraphy styles for your envelopes

By Kelli Hall, a Minted Community Designer

main text script Script by Flourish and Whim

If an invitation is the first thing a guest will see, then an outer envelope, beautifully penned, is the very first signifier of what’s to come. There’s nothing more exciting than a glimpse of an artfully inked envelope shuffled between the bills. Calligraphy need not be stuffy, and a style can be found to match each event’s vibe. I’ve compiled calligraphy styles from amazing artists, along with info about what inspires their work (Each calligrapher is available for hire too). I’ve avoided all formal classifications and organized them by how the script works with an event. Check out all five styles…And if you’re up for trying your own hand at it, check out Joelle’s post from last week.


Getaway Dresses

playful and mod getaway dress by kate spade One of my favorite wedding traditions is definitely the getaway dress. While I’m not a huge fan of swapping dresses mid-celebration, I love the idea of donning a short shift for a couple’s big exit. Historically, the custom arose from necessity, as newlyweds would leave for a honeymoon immediately following the reception. Now, its less about tradition and more about a celebratory spirit and a stylish send-off.


Simply Styled Cutlery Bundles

Pretty floral cutlery bundles When warmer weather shows up, I find myself hosting casual dinners with one of two vibes: Polished and pretty or low-budget and laid-back. With this in mind, I’ve created two different types of cutlery bundles to style the table and complement each dinner.  I’ve avoided fussy folds or ornate presentation, and focused on easy assembly with special touches.

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Mini Herb Pots for Mothers Day


Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I decided to make our moms a colorful trio of fresh and fragrant pots inspired by a recent trip to Provence. These little pots can be given as a group to each mom, or even used separately at a place setting for a Mother’s day brunch. The best part is, these mini pots will blossom into the summer months.