6 Tips for Success in Minted Challenges

You’ve set up your artist profile and you’re ready to enter your first Minted Design Challenge. This is an exciting and scary time. Where do you start? How do you stand out? What are you supposed to do after you submit your design? We have answers.

1. Read the Challenge Kit Closely

Every challenge has a submission kit with prize information, details about the type of work we’re looking for, creative notes, templates, submission and file guidelines. “Read the challenge notes—all of them—and then use those to help guide your design decisions,” says Julie Green, who joined the Minted community in 2010 and has 116 wins under her belt.

Within challenge notes, Minted’s merchandising team provides clues about what they’re looking for, and the files team includes info about the things you can and can’t do from a technical standpoint. “The more attention you pay to the challenge notes, the better your chances are of getting an editor’s pick,” Julie says.

Minted artist Kamala Nahas agrees. “I know it’s not always exciting, but there’s lots of useful information in the challenge kit. It tells you everything from how to set up files for submission to the special prizes Minted will be awarding.”

Julie Green of Up Up Creative’s Paper Crane wedding invitation

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Holiday Photo Card Challenge: Top 16-20 Winners

We continue to bring on the cheer with the announcement of the 16th-20th ranked designs from our ‘The Most Wonderful Time’ Holiday Card Challenge. Congratulations to all the winners!

16. This delightful design by Rachel of Alethea and Ruth is full of festive details. From the sprigs of holly to the soft hues and classic font this card will turn even the biggest Scrooge jolly!

17. Jennifer’s expert use of bold font and bright color makes this design pop with joy. We love her daring use of this block font that just emanates cheer.

18. We are completely delighted by FatFatin’s retro tree design made modern with touches of pastel and gold foil. The unique photo placements will provide endless opportunities for families to show off their silly side.

19. Jennifer brings a fresh take on a traditional chevron with this award winning design. The perfect angles and design clusters are reminiscent of snowflakes with just a hint of art deco. We’re swooning over this modern beauty.

20. Kristy’s opulent design captures the beauty of the season. Her perfect font selection and delicate wreath details combine seamlessly to create a sweet handmade feel to this timeless card.

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