Holiday Photo Card Challenge: 3rd Place Winner

Each year Minted hosts our highly anticipated holiday photo card competition in search of the best and freshest holiday card designs. This year Minted’s community of independent designers produced breathtaking and exceptionally creative designs — we received an incredible 4,661 submissions. The votes have been tallied and the Top 50 winners have been chosen, see them all right here.

Kristie takes two of the hottest aesthetic trends – foil texture and ambre watercolor – and brings them together to create a card that literally radiates joy. The ever-softening shades of red pull you into their soft glow. The tiny smattering of gold and vertical dashes burst onto the page like laughter or an uncontrollable smile. This card captures how the best of the holidays feel. Well done Kristie!


Holiday Photo Card Challenge: Top 11-15 Winners

Today we are pleased to announce the 11th-15th ranked designs from our ‘The Most Wonderful Time’ Holiday Card Challenge. Congratulations to all the winners!

11. Lehan combines a multitude of traditional elements to create a decidedly modern composition. The texture and pastel color make her snowflakes float and the mix of fonts add visual interest without compromising the card’s elegance. Hats off!

12. The juxtaposition of classic botanicals, tangled through a thin inline font is unexpected and breathtaking. Kelli ups the elegant factor by adding foil. I love how she leads the eye to dangle from the last berry before gently landing on the name.

13. Lori channeled the painter within for this bold beauty. We love how this card hints at so many creative techniques we adore: sun prints, watercolor, and just the right amount of gold.

14. Bethan’s discreet composition does an incredible job of being nurturing while still maintaining a fresh, modern edge.  The delicate lines and organic asymmetry of the branches draw you in and create a sweet sense of intimacy. Spellbinding.

15. The flourishes and twirls of Mandy’s hand-lettered greeting are reminiscent of curled ribbons on a carefully wrapped package. She adds just enough variety in type to be whimsical, but not overdone and the white is a classic choice. A fabulous card for any new couple!


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