Recreate This Room: Plant-Filled Reading Nook

By Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

Chances are the reading nook is where you find yourself curling up with a good book or having long, leisurely conversations with your best gal pal over a glass of wine. The coziest spot in your home doesn’t need a ton to feel lived-in and utterly inspired—here are my picks for creating an intimate room within a room that’s meant to be snuggled in to (especially when Karl the Fog is taking over my city).

Recreate This Room: Earthy Nook Recreate This Room: Earthy Nook

1. “Intertwined” art print by Josh McClendon for Minted
Sometimes, the best part of reading is wandering off mid-sentence to stare into space, so decorate your nook with something interesting to look at.

2. Fiddle fig tree in terra cotta planter; image via See and Savour
Bring the outdoors in with a grouping of interesting-looking plants.

3. Nickel and leather ottoman
You’re definitely going to need a place to rest your feet.

4. Nickel and leather chair
A comfy chair that only gets better with age is an absolute must.

5. Sheepskin wool rug
No one likes cold feet, so warm your toes with a soft, cozy rug.

6. Brass table lamp
Because good lighting is an essential element for a comfy reading nook.

7. Wool kilim rug
Add more texture and visual interest to the intimate space by mixing-and-matching your rugs.

8. Reclaimed wood & zinc coffee table
The perfect place to rest your cup of coffee.

Photo (top): Jaclyn Campanaro

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Recreate This Room: Pastel Living Room

By Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

This serene living room instantly evokes a sense of calm, like a tranquil oasis. I can only imagine the inspirations that would abound after spending ten minutes lounging on that couch. You can recreate this look in your own home by incorporating soft, muted tones while letting accessories like blankets, poufs, and art take center stage. Surround yourself with the most luxuriously soft textiles and let the good vibes take over the whole room.

Recreate This Room: Pastel Living Room Recreate This Room: Pastel Living Room

1. “Morning Dew” art print by Simona Cavallaro for Minted

2. Dark gray industrial floor lamp

3. Marble silk pillow

4. Cashmere throw

5. Gray wool sofa

6. Moroccan leather pouf

7. Sea green glass bottle

8. Coffee table

Photo (top): Jeroen van der Spek


Recreate This Room: Sunlit Bedroom

By Annie Montgomery of  MontgomeryFest

It’s magical, that time of day when sunlight pours through the windows, casting a soft glow over everything. This cozy, inviting bedroom captures it perfectly, with its open windows, rumpled bed sheets, and dark wood floors. To recreate the look in your own home, outfit your bed with soft, comfy linens juxtaposed against furniture and fixtures in wood, leather, and deep, saturated tones.

Ideas for decorating your bedroom with art

1. Emerald-green pendant light

2. “Indigold” art print by Stephanie Ryan for Minted

3. Gold throw blanket

4. Washed linen duvet covers

5. Brass task lamp

6. Washed wood dresser

7. Turkish patchwork rug

Photo (top): Derek Swalwell